5 Things that Can Compromise Your Personal Conviction

5 Things that Can Compromise Your Personal Conviction

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There are people who choose to honor God above their own personal comfort. They live for the glory of God because of their personal conviction. Examples from the Bible include Daniel and his three friends who refused to worship idols in Babylon.

In modern day history there are also people like Desmond Doss. His personal conviction was to never carry a gun because God’s word says thou shall not kill. He was tormented by his commanding officers but God showed Himself mighty on his behalf in the end.

If you’re not careful, your personal conviction can be compromised by the following:

1. Bad associations

The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 15:33, “Do not be deceived: ‘Evil company corrupts good habits.’” It’s amazing how you can tell a person’s character from the company he keeps. While God created you in a unique way you can be influenced to do otherwise by the people around you.

That’s why some say birds of the same feather flock together. We naturally want to follow other people as human beings. The problem comes when you begin to follow people that lead you away from the path God has for you. This was how King Jehoshaphat nearly died in battle by playing with the king of Israel who entertained false prophets.

The king of Israel sought counsel from a false prophet who spoke things that he wanted to hear. The prophet told him God would prosper him if he went out to fight against his enemies. He rejected the counsel of a true prophet that told him that God would not be with him.

King Jehoshaphat knowing the truth passively proceeded to battle alongside the king of Israel. He was mistaken by his enemies for the king of Israel who were ready to kill him. When King Jehoshaphat cried out and they realized he wasn’t the king of Israel they spared his life.

So the lesson here is that even if your heart is set on serving God your associations matter. You have to hang around people who share the same values as you do. Without the right associations you’ll start drifting away without even realizing it until you get in a mess.

2. Music

We must remember that the devil was in charge of music before he was cast out of heaven by God. Much of the music today is openly against God but even worse is the music disguised as Christian music. In a subtle way the devil has infiltrated the church in many ways including music.

One of the most important lessons I learned from the teachings of Dr. Edwin Cole was understanding authentic communication. Communication is through word, gesture and spirit. Communication that is authentic will align in all three forms. That’s why you know someone is lying to you when they say one thing and do another.

Another deception is when a person says and does the same thing but you can feel something is not right with the spirit. This is what tends to happen with some of the music in today’s world. Artists will mention Jesus and other Christian terms as a cover yet they are worshiping the devil himself.

Music speaks directly to the soul and has the power to alter your behavior. Ask yourself if the music you listen to influences you to do what’s righteous or contrary to God’s word. 1 John 4:1 says, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Bonnie Deuschle has a great book that teaches about the true essence and purpose of music called, The Great Connection. Get yourself a copy to learn more about the subject.

3. Fake news

Most news channels are controlled by unseen higher powers with an agenda to bring fear and misinform the masses. The main agenda is to maintain control over the masses and never letting them get to know the truth. When you’re fearful you tend to seek security at all costs and do whatever the news tell you to do.

The Bible on the other hand says that anything done not of faith is sin. Acting out of fear is a trap that will keep you bound and limit your potential in the process. It’s easy to get deceived by false news and so it’s good to not put trust in the news you read. Your trust should be in the Word of God.

Since bad news travels fast someone you know will likely tell you about it. So it’s better to focus more on studying the Word of God that empowers you to overcome obstacles. Whatever else you read be sure that it’s from a reliable source so that you’re not led astray and become depressed.

4. Fake education

There’s an agenda in the traditional education system to keep you enslaved and never realize your full potential. The problem is that it’s not so apparent to the naked eye. It’s only when you dig deeper that you realize that the system was designed to make you fail.

From a young age when you first start school you’re told that the teacher is always right. This programming remains with you throughout your schooling life and continues into employment when you’re older. The problem with that thinking is that it’s not always true.

Indirectly you’re trained to follow orders and not question anything your superiors do even if it’s wrong. That is how dictators and other world powers get away with murder because they go unopposed for the most part. For more understanding on this subject I have a book I recommend called, ‘Weapons of Mass Instruction.

As you read it you may find yourself starting to question some of the things you’ve believed to this point. It’s not meant to scare but rather to help you make life changing decisions to set you up for a better future.

It’s interesting to note that the wealthy don’t go through the same type of education that the masses do. That alone should raise some eye brows and cause you to ask why. What is your personal conviction about the education system?

5. TV programming

Much of the TV programming today is targeted at destroying family structures and create chaos in society. The major target group is young children. When you get children young it’s easy to train them to think and adopt certain ideas as they grow up.

The Bible says train up children while young and they will not depart from those ways when they’re older. Wise parents don’t allow the TV to be their children’s baby sitter because they will grow up misinformed. They are vigilant to teach them the ways of the Lord.

Besides children watching the wrong programs affects your faith as an adult. So many things like violence, pornography, foul language, etc. will draw you away from God.

You must guard your heart with all diligence so that you remain strong in your Christian faith.

What other things can compromise your personal conviction? Comment below:

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