5 Tips for Effective Energy Management and Getting More Done

5 Tips for Effective Energy Management and Getting More Done

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In a world that is getting busier all the time how best do you make use of the limited time that you have? It is challenging, isn’t it. Effective energy management is key if you want to make the best use of your time.

Careers are more demanding and there is also family responsibilities to think about more so if you are married and have children to look after.

What you need to do is intentionally take a back seat to decide to manage your energy so that you can get more done with the limited time you have.

In this post let us look at some ways of effective energy management:

1. Prayer

For the most part we don’t turn to God when we face challenging situations yet He should be the one we turn to when they arise. Taking the time to pray allows you to be refreshed and get new insights from the Lord. Spending time seeking God will strengthen your relationship with Him.

Through His grace you can receive revelation that can transform your situation and take you to another level. Put God first in your life and all other things will begin to align.

2. Sufficient rest

The mind and body need time to recover after working. High ambition drives a lot of people to deprive themselves of sleep. From time to time to achieve something significant will require going the extra mile for a season of your life. For the most part, however, it is good to give your mind and body time to recover.

When you take time to rest your mind and body get refreshed giving you much needed energy to take on the challenges of each day. I read an article recently after googling what causes a lack of ambition when a person ages. Most of the articles I read pointed to the fact that it’s not that people lose ‘ambition’ per se as most people define it but they choose to go at a more reasonable pace.

I discovered that this is particularly true when you turn 30 whereas in your 20s you will be focused more on advancing your career and pay little to no attention to anything else including important relationships in your life. Turning 30 makes you realize there are more important things that also need your attention, including taking care of your health.

3. Physical exercise

You can avoid illness and disease through regular physical exercise. Doing so burns off negative energy and allows new energy to flow through your body. Stress and anxiety can be dealt with through exercise. After exercising you will have clarity of thought which will help you find ways of dealing and overcoming stress related issues in your life.

4. Eating the right food

Your body becomes what you eat just as your mind becomes what you allow into it. Eating healthy food fuels your body with the right nutrients and give you sufficient energy to work at optimum levels. Junk food while delicious tends to have the opposite effect of draining energy from your body.

Do your research to identify foods that will be good for you but as a general guideline the best foods are organic. Processed foods tend to have long-term negative effects so it is safer to eat more organic food than non-organic food.

5. Focusing on one task a time

Doing this allows you to complete tasks and effectively make good use of your mind. The mind cannot process too many things at once and trying do so makes it tire easily. Focusing on one thing at a time gives you the joy of completing a task and keeping the mind fresh to do another task.

Some people believe in multitasking but it is not the most effective use of the mind. It may take some time to develop the habit but it pays great dividends once you do.

Any other tips for good energy management? Comment below.

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