5 Ways Successful People Fuel Their Desire

5 Ways Successful People Fuel Their Desire

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For any vehicle to get to its destination it needs the right fuel and a sufficient amount of it as well. For successful people they understand that their fuel is the desire God birthed inside of them. They are people that love what they do and that love and nothing else is what keeps them going. You have your desires that God has put inside of you and the following are ways that you can keep fueling them to fulfil your destiny.

1. Encourage yourself

It’s important to understand that you don’t accomplish great things only when you feel inspired to act on them. Feelings are fragile and that’s something that I have come to understand over time. If you act only when you feel good about yourself you won’t reap a meaningful harvest in the long run.

Successful people understand that they have the power to affect their environment and cause it to bring forth the results they desire to see in their lives. As a follower of Jesus Christ you have authority here on earth to command it to bring forth to you what you need to accomplish God’s purpose for your life.

Some days are more difficult, but if you believe in your mission, you will keep pushing forward.” ~ Cheri Derryberry

When life beats you down take a time out if you need to but pick yourself up and remind yourself why you started the journey in the first place. Remember that you can change the way you feel by changing your actions. When you understand that you have authority on earth you’re on the path to becoming a successful person.

So like King David encourage yourself to keep going even when it seems like you’ve lost everything because you’re stronger than you think.

2. Listen to success stories

At a business seminar I learned that one of the best ways to lead a prospect to buy your product is by sharing your testimony or other people’s testimonies of their experiences with the product. In summary the lesson was that facts tell and stories sell. Facts are the theory behind why something should work when certain things are done but that’s not what appeals to people when they need to make a decision.

To achieve success in sales or in any other field you need to learn how to be a good storyteller because stories resonate with people. People can easily relate to stories because they are real life experiences that they can relate to themselves. One of the things that goes through your head when you hear success stories is that, “if they can do it so can I.

Where can you find success stories you may be asking. There are so many places today with the growth of the Internet. Subscribe to podcasts, watch documentaries, read biographies, watch inspirational movies based on real life experiences and more. There’s a lot of options so you just have to find what suits you best.

3. Pray over your goals daily

Communication with God is not only good but it’s necessary to see the dreams He has put in your heart come to pass. Your life purpose comes from Him after all and He has the blueprint for how you must accomplish it. Prayer is also not complicated as some people would think. You can talk to God as you would talk to a friend.

Take scriptures from the Word of God and apply them to what God has placed in your heart and have a real conversation with Him. Tell God the struggles you’re going through and ask Him to help you overcome them by reminding Him what His word says about your situation and concerns you may have.

God’s purpose for your life is more important to Him than it may be to you because He created you to bring Him glory as you fulfil that purpose. The growth of any relationship is dependent on the amount of time invested into it and the same applies to your relationship with God.

This is one of the critical success factors for accomplishing anything meaningful in life. Think about the early church and how they turned the world upside down through prayer. The same power they conjured up in those days is available to you too as long as you seek God with all your heart.

4. Focus on your strengths

One of the reasons why successful people are where they are is because they focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses. Some of them run successful empires but they are not proficient at every aspect of their business. Where they are not good they hire the right people to carry out certain tasks to free them up so they can build on their own strengths for the good of the company.

It’s amazing what an organization can accomplish when everyone is operating in the right place where they can add the most value to their team. Doing what you’re good at and what you love keeps the flame of desire burning to do greater and greater things.

You win games with your strengths, not your weaknesses.” ~ Bear Bryant

John C Maxwell speaks about this in his book, “The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork where he speaks about the The Law of the Niche where he’s saying in essence that when you have the right team member in the right place, everyone benefits.

If you spend too much time trying to improve your weakness it will soon snuff out the fire inside of you to be significant. Therefore focus more on your strengths.

5. Keep the end in mind

Being successful will require that you learn to keep your eyes on the prize. Doing this will help you persevere through the difficult times and not be deterred from pursuing God’s purpose for your life. You have a real enemy the devil who’s not going to watch you waltz to your destiny so you must remember to keep your focus on the end goal.

I like Hebrews 11 in the Bible that speaks about successful people i.e. the heroes of the faith. They were some of the most successful people the world has ever known, men and women described as the world not being worthy of them.

They all saw the end goal in mind which was more important than their present suffering. You can take encouragement from their lives in that if you hold on long enough God will bring to pass what He birthed in your spirit.

Some of them never saw the promises come to pass in their lifetime but God still remained faithful and fulfilled those promises. Much like Martin Luther King Jnr. who never saw his dream come to pass but we get to see it in the present day.

Which of these points resonates with you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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