5 Ways You Get Imprisoned in Your Mind and How to Break Free

5 Ways You Get Imprisoned in Your Mind and How to Break Free

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how to break free from chains of bondage
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Prisoners locked behind bars for committing various crimes are easy to identify because the uniform sort of gives it away. They are subjected to a life where their freedoms are taken away; and can’t break free until they fully serve their jail sentence.

However, most people live as prisoners in life and they don’t put on the uniform like ordinary prisoners. Instead of being prisoners behind bars for committing crimes many of them are good people who do the right things. Why then are they prisoners you may be asking?

Find out how this is so and see if you’re not suffering the same fate. You’ll also learn how you can break free:

1. Being told authorities are always right

This starts from a young age and grows with you all the way into adulthood. Most people don’t even realize it because it’s done in such a subtle way. Before you know it you become a zombie and just think that everything said by an authority figure is correct. I’m not at all saying you shouldn’t honor authorities but bringing awareness that they are not always right.

As you go through kindergarten you are taught to listen to whatever the teacher tells you to do. As an innocent child you want to get in your teacher’s good books; so there’s a tendency to do almost everything the teacher tells you to do. Disagreeing with your teacher can result in getting into trouble for not being like other well behaved kids.

The greatest weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” ~ Steve Biko

After school you get into the corporate world and the pattern continues. To keep your job in some organizations you have to do what your boss tells you to do; even though you may not agree or are happy with some things. Failure to comply results in written warnings or in a worst case scenario getting fired.

All this does is make you a robot or mindless zombie that can easily be manipulated. The devil attacks your mind through even the most well-meaning authority figures in your life but that can also be wrong.

How to break free: the key to success for breaking out of it is to question everything. Use your mind to think for yourself and not accept things at face value.

2. Intimidation (fear)

Fear is one of the devil’s most potent weapons in keeping you from launching out in faith. Fear is often used as an acronym that says False Evidence Appearing Real and that’s the truth. What you see with your natural eyes is not always the truth. Don’t allow yourself to be moved by what you see except by what the Word of God says about you.

Closely related to the first point where you are subject to an authority figure’s thinking you become susceptible to manipulation. It keeps you from doing what God intended for you to do. Someone once said that in the corporate environment there’s employers that pay their employees just enough so they don’t quit. They do so knowing that there’s not many other options they can turn to.

You may or may not be subjected to such but God has greater plans for you than you can imagine. The plans may not necessarily be for you to strike out on your own and start a business. He may even use you where you are employed and promote you so that you can use your influence for His glory.

Fear tactics are based on lies and that’s all there is to it. Finding your purpose is a serious responsibility and doing so helps dispel the fear that the enemy uses against you.

What to do: get clarity on God’s purpose for your life and meditate on His promises. You’ll be convinced of His faithfulness as you take care of His business.

3. The media

Some of the most powerful people in the world are those that have control of state media. Every day we are bombarded with information through TV, radio, the internet, print and other various information sources. Since we are programmed to listen to authority figures there’s a tendency to believe everything that’s said through these channels.

If you ask God for discernment you will quickly realize that there’s an agenda by some people to control and manipulate the masses to accomplish their selfish desires. It’s unfortunate that’s how life is but it was never a part of God’s plan for man to dominate or subdue another. God commanded that we subdue the earth instead of other people.

Most of the messages that the media tries to force on the masses is contrary to God’s standard and it’s easy to miss because it’s done in a subtle manner. Politicians often use media for propaganda, the entertainment through music and films to make things like premarital sex seem normal yet they are in direct violation of the Word of God.

These mixed messages tend to leave believers confused not knowing what’s right or wrong and may result in unnecessary heartache.

How to break free: Be aware of this agenda and minimize the negative influence it has on you by being selective of what you allow into your brain.

4. Hanging around the wrong people

The people that you surround yourself with the most can and will determine your destiny. If you hang around people that are always prophesying doom and gloom you’re going to become depressed and see no hope of doing anything meaningful with your life. Everyone carries a type of energy and it’s easily rubbed off on other people by association.

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” ~ Proverbs 13:20

I have seen it in my own life. When I hang around negative people the world all of a sudden looks like is coming to an end but when I am with people with the right attitude and mindset I begin to see the possibilities of a brighter future. The only difference is in the energy I got from the different groups of people.

If you’re really plugged in to God the devil will try by all means to get the wrong people around you to get you off track. You shouldn’t be surprised when you see that happening but know that ultimately he can’t stop you as long as you don’t allow him to.

Since most of the world is corrupted you’ll find that to be successful in your God-given assignment you’re not going to have many close friends around you. The few that you will have will nonetheless be what you need to fulfil God’s purpose for your life.

What to do: success in life will be dependent on your close associations so narrow them down to the most progressive.

5. Wanting to be like everyone else

Comparison tends to be a big problem for the majority of people who put themselves through peer pressure for not measuring up to certain standards. I used to think that it was a problem with young people for the most part but even with seemingly mature people too.

You are different in your own special way and intentionally so. God did not make a mistake when He formed. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

How to break free: Be happy with you are and realize that you’re unique.

Do you agree with these points? Let us know in the comments below.

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