50 Jimmy Evans Quotes for Having a Successful Marriage

50 Jimmy Evans Quotes for Having a Successful Marriage

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Jimmy Evans is the senior Pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas in the United States. He’s also the founder of Marriage Today, a ministry that is devoted to helping couples build strong and fulfilling marriages.

Together with his wife Karen they’ve helped numerous couples through the teaching he shares. He’s also authored some books such as Marriage on the Rock and Strengths Based Marriage.

Here are 50 Jimmy Evans quotes that will help you build your marriage:

  1. “People with godly character use advantage to help the disadvantaged. Ungodly people use advantage to take advantage.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  2. “The Bible isn’t good advice – it is eternal truth. It will never change or be changed. It is 100% trustworthy in every area of life.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  3. “Rebellion is the hardest way to live. You can never rest & you are always striving against someone. The blessing of submission is rest.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  4. “The greatest marriage is where two servants are in love. A servant spirit is the key to success in marriage & every important relationship.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  5. “Taking responsibility to build our spouses self-esteem is essential in keeping our love alive & keeping a critical spirit from developing.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  6. “Romance is meeting an unspoken need or desire in your spouse. Romance says to them, “You are on my heart. I desire you.” Super important!” ~ Jimmy Evans
  7. “Unbelief is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We don’t believe God will & He doesn’t. Faith is a God-fulfilled prophecy. We believe & He does it!” ~ Jimmy Evans
  8. “Romance is speaking love in your spouse’s language – not your own. Women need conversation, affection, etc. Men need praise, sex, etc.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  9. “Romance is coming out of our world into our spouse’s world to demonstrate how much we value them and our relationship.” ~ Jimmy Evans

  10. “When we are motivated by fear we cannot build healthy relationships. Fear causes control, insecurity & jealousy. We must have faith in God.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  11. “Satan constantly attacks our minds in order to defeat us. But we can beat him every time as we replace bad thoughts with God’s Word.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  12. “Adam & Eve forfeited a relationship with God for a piece of fruit. That is what the devil wants — for us to exchange someone for something!” ~ Jimmy Evans
  13. “You can waste time, money, energy and a lot of things. But you can’t waste love because it never fails.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  14. “Faith is only necessary the first time or two you step out & trust God in an area. After that you know He is faithful & faith becomes trust.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  15. “Your friends are your future – good or bad. Our success in any area of life is greatly determined by the quality of the people around us.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  16. “Disobedience to God is like swimming upstream. Difficult & unproductive. Obedience is swimming downstream. Peaceful & productive.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  17. “Basing love on emotions is fickle & unpredictable. Who knows how we will feel at any time? Basing love on commitment is 100% predictable.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  18. “A problem that turns into a prayer becomes a promise. A problem that turns into worry becomes a bigger problem.” ~ Jimmy Evans

  19. “Fear based decisions seem logical to solve a problem – but they only increase the problem & delay the inevitable consequences of unbelief.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  20. “Women are totally equal with men. God did make them a little weaker physically – probably so they wouldn’t take over the universe. Go women.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  21. “Regret thrives in a mind focused on the past and self. Hope thrives in a mind focused on the future and God.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  22. “Romance is speaking love in your spouse’s language. We must come out of our world & go into our spouse’s world to keep the passion alive.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  23. “Controlling people don’t trust God. That is why they control. And that is why we shouldn’t allow them to control us.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  24. “Praise is a critical discipline with God & our spouses because it reminds us of our blessings & what it good. What we forget we forfeit.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  25. “Friendship is the foundation of all good marriages. And the foundation of friendship is having fun & enjoying life together.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  26. “God designed marriage to be a win-win deal. A sacrificial husband loves an honoring wife as his equal. Everyone wins with God’s plan.” ~ Jimmy Evans
  27. “Love without sacrifice is empty sentiment. True love is demonstrated by selfless, sacrificial behavior. Settle for nothing less.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  28. “When disaster strikes faith & family are most precious. They are always most precious, but sometimes we forget until difficulty reminds us.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  29. “Every husband has what his wife needs. And every wife has what her husband needs. But we have to give & serve for marriage to work.” ~ Jimmy_Evans

  30. “Marriage is brutal on selfish people. In fact, it is a death chamber for a selfish spirit. Once selfishness dies, marriage thrives.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  31. “True love desires positive emotion but doesn’t depend upon it. False love is ruled by emotion & collapses when good feelings end.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  32. “Regardless of how attracted you are to a person, in the long run the relationship will be controlled more by character than anything else.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  33. “You can tell everything about a man by how he treats the women in his life.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  34. “Performance based relationships are the worst of all. You can only love or be loved based on merit. It is bondage & always ends badly.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  35. “Grace based relationships are beautiful. We love out of the abundance of God’s grace flowing through us & are not limited by merit.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  36. “True love cannot be expressed or measured until sacrifice is required. And only to the level of sacrifice can true love be claimed.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  37. “Getting what we want doesn’t make us happy. Getting what we need doesn’t make us happy. Contentment makes us happy regardless of getting.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  38. “Ignore reality and she will get your attention. Escape reality and she will surely find you. Face reality and she will smile at you.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  39. “Marriage requires that we come out of our world and enter into our spouse’s world. Every time we do that we grow and so does our marriage.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  40. “When romance fades in a marriage it means we have replaced our spouse as the focus of our hearts. When romance is alive they are still first.” ~ Jimmy_Evans

  41. “Soul mates aren’t born – they are made. When you stay in the trenches of life with your spouse and don’t give up you become soul mates.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  42. “Marriage wasn’t intended to be dull or ordinary, but fulfilling & purposeful!” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  43. “Marriage forges godly character – patience, forgiveness, sacrifice, humility, etc. That is why God created it and why the devil hates it.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  44. “Your marriage will never rise above the level of your words. Every good marriage contains good words and bad marriages have bad words.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  45. “Selfishness is the greatest enemy of any relationship and servanthood is its best friend.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  46. “Marriage is work but loneliness is worse. Marriage is hard but divorce is hell. Success in marriage requires keeping the right perspective.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  47. “Just because our feelings are real doesn’t mean they are right. We must submit our feelings to Jesus and act above them to be mature.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  48. “Biblical marriage kills a spirit of self and then delivers the greatest demonstration of sacrificial love known to man.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  49. “Humanistic marriage exalts a spirit of self and then delivers the most pathetic demonstration of immaturity and disloyalty known to man.” ~ Jimmy_Evans
  50. “Godly character preserves and promotes healthy relationships.  Ungodly character always damages and inhibits relationships.” ~ Jimmy_Evans

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