51 Passionate Elictia Hart Quotes about Winning with God

51 Passionate Elictia Hart Quotes about Winning with God

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Elictia Hart is a pastor alongside her husband James of Eagle’s Nest Worship Centre in Omaha, Nebraska. They lead a multi-cultural congregation and Elictia is also an author and international speaker.

I’ve had the opportunity of seeing her speak live and she brings so much passion and energy when she does.

Here are 51 of her best quotes to inspire you to live for God:

  1. “The Lord may want to zap you with a miracle faster than a microwave makes popcorn.” ~ Elictia Hart
  2. “Fear is real. So when the red light signifying fear comes on, Redefine Red by turning it into a green light, claiming victory over fear!” ~ Elictia Hart
  3. “Redefining red transforms those moments of crisis into unexpected blessings.” ~ Elictia Hart
  4. “Have you ever felt lost? It can be paralyzing. How can you Redefine this red light moment and find a green light of victory?” ~ Elictia Hart
  5. “We think we must wait on God when He’s waiting on us!” ~ Elictia Hart
  6. “When life’s red light moments paralyze you, respond in BOLDNESS! Think outside the box.” ~ Elictia Hart
  7. “Do life’s red-light moments seem to constantly interrupt your dreams? Well, Redefine that red light with a green light filled with DREAMS!” ~ Elictia Hart
  8. “Time is our most valuable asset, and once it is gone, we can never get it back.” ~ Elictia Hart
  9. “When we choose to put on the garment of praise, we’re saying to the enemy that we know the truth.” ~ Elictia Hart

  10. “When life doesn’t go as planned how do you respond? It truly matters!” ~ Elictia Hart
  11. “Who is Jesus to you?? He is my EVERYTHING and more!” ~ Elictia Hart
  12. “Keep walking! If God be for you who can be against you!” ~ Elictia Hart
  13. “He splits seas, He closes lions’ mouths, He raises the dead, He walks in fiery furnaces, He is the great I AM… Keep walking.” ~ Elictia Hart
  14. “What are you thankful for? In everything give thanks the Bible says!” ~ Elictia Hart
  15. “The gospel is the only story where the hero dies for the villain.” ~ Elictia Hart
  16. “Who has the final say? It’s important to know, it could change your life!” ~ Elictia Hart
  17. “Stop comparing your behind-the-scenes to someone’s highlight reel.” ~ Elictia Hart
  18. “Be free of comparisons! Specifically, one’s that are not even real! Let Him mold you!” ~ Elictia Hart

  19. “His Splendor is in every part of His creation! How great is our God!” ~ Elictia Hart
  20. “Count the rainbows in your life… not the storms.” ~ Elictia Hart
  21. “The God of the impossible makes beauty out of ashes!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  22. “Until God opens a door praise Him in the hallway!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  23. “Isn’t it like God to use something sour for our good?” ~ Elictia_Hart
  24. “Feeling like you have not seen the fulfillment of a promise? Take heart! Focus on Him and what He HAS done, being mindful that nothing is impossible for Him! He is the God that moves mountains so don’t despise small beginnings!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  25. “What clothes did you choose to put on today? Believe it or not, IT MATTERS!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  26. “Go to bed with dreams. Wake up with plans.” ~ Elictia_Hart
  27. “It takes nothing for God to do everything!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  28. “When the favor of God goes in front of you, there’s nothing anyone can say or do to hinder it.” ~ Elictia_Hart
  29. “Life is not about the pursuit of happiness. It is about joy in the pursuit of God.” ~ Elictia_Hart

  30. “Ever feel like God isn’t present when you need Him? Think again, He is, always has been!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  31. “He is the eternal God. There’s never been a time that He wasn’t.” ~ Elictia_Hart
  32. “Getting caught up in your ‘feelings’ can make life harder than it should be! But guess what, God hears our situation when we ask according to His will!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  33. “Feeling overwhelmed? Take control of your “think tank” and see what might just happen!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  34. “Perspective is everything! How do you view things and why? The right perspective could change your life! Seriously.” ~ Elictia_Hart
  35. “As surely as the season change, our Heavenly Father changes the season in our life.” ~ Elictia_Hart
  36. “Does it seem like your situation isn’t going to change? I know the ‘One’ who is a game-changer.” ~ Elictia_Hart
  37. “Life happens and we believe what we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.” ~ Elictia_Hart
  38. “But hang on, there’s another option!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  39. “His word lights the way…I’m never in darkness or alone!” ~ Elictia_Hart

  40. “What does ‘expectancy’ mean to you? How do you anticipate God’s will for your life?” ~ Elictia_Hart
  41. “I’m in agreement with what God says concerning my life! I believe!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  42. “Feeling overwhelmed by life? Take courage, the God of all grace is fighting for you!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  43. “I’m so glad our Heavenly Father has the master key to ALL doors!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  44. “This year make a decision to be planted in God’s word. Let him water you with knowledge and understanding.” ~ Elictia_Hart
  45. “I’m so glad that my Heavenly Father is for me and will never leave me. We are inseparable!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  46. “Amidst the hustle and bustle of life today remember, there’s none like our Heavenly Father who knows all things.” ~ Elictia_Hart
  47. “When we dwell in the secret place of our Lord and Savior we will also abide under His shadow. Shadows are place of miracles!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  48. “Keeping God’s word in my heart at all times! His word is ALIVE and sharper than any two-edged sword!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  49. “There are principles in the Word of God that require us to be a participant in them before they are activated.” ~ Elictia_Hart
  50. “Did you know ‘you’ can hinder your own destiny; that’s why it’s important to stay connected to Jesus!” ~ Elictia_Hart
  51. “Are you aware that the enemy believes everything written in God’s Word concerning you? Question is; do you believe it?” ~ Elictia_Hart

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