51 Quotes on the Uniqueness of Woman by Dr Ed & Nancy Cole

51 Quotes on the Uniqueness of Woman by Dr Ed & Nancy Cole

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Dr Edwin Cole spent the latter years of his life building men in Christlike manhood. Most of his books dealt with the core issues that kept men from being maximized in their potential.

Of all the books he wrote there’s one he co-authored with his wife Nancy Corbett Cole. Dr Cole saw it fit to write exclusively about how men ought to relate to their female counterparts called Unique Woman.

With the benefit of his wife Nancy’s insight this is a good read for both men and women. It will help any marriage to blossom as God intended.

Here are 51 insightful Dr Cole and Nancy Cole quotes from their book Unique Woman:

  1. “Both men and women have a God-given uniqueness, and each is a complement to the other.”
  2. “Everyone, single or married, man or woman, has a recognition hunger that needs to be fed, a thirst for affection that needs to be quenched, a desire for attention that seeks satisfaction.”
  3. “A woman’s uniqueness is basically satisfied by personal attention and affection.”
  4. “One problem in marriage is that men and women generally do not appreciate each other’s individuality or uniqueness.”
  5. “Women dream of the ideal, and marry the real.”
  6. “Disappointments are not based on what you find, but on what you expect to find.”
  7. “The great danger in marriage is when either the husband or wife begin to demand satisfaction from the other.”
  8. “Today’s society puts a heavy burden on both men and women. Men feel the pressure to perform; women feel the pressure to conform.”

  9. “There is a rest in the eternal that frees us from the burden of the temporal.”
  10. “A life without value is worthless.”
  11. “When it comes to Christianity, identification is the basic issue.”
  12. “Christlikeness and womanhood are synonymous.”
  13. “A strong woman can make a man morally lazy.”
  14. “A man who has a strong and assertive wife can do very well, as long as the man retains the authority of leadership.”
  15. “Gifts and anointings are no substitute for obedience.”
  16. “Femininity is the basic quality of womanhood.”
  17. “Submission is God’ plan for restoration.”
  18. “Submission, which was part of the curse in the Old Testament, became God’s method of restoring woman to a joint-heirship with her husband in the New Testament.”
  19. “A woman’s submission before Christ was involuntary as the result of the curse. Now, after Christ, her submission is a voluntary expression of faith.”

  20. “If a husband does not treat his wife as a joint-heir, his prayers won’t get ready answers.”
  21. “Often, rebellion has caused some husbands to resort to ruling not leading.”
  22. “When you submit to God’s love, you are healed to love others and forgive past hurts, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching toward those things which are ahead.”
  23. “Christianity is not built on suppression or repression, but on confession.”
  24. “Forgiveness is the essence of mercy; mercy is the essence of grace; grace is the essence of love; and love is the essence of holiness.”
  25. “Sex is an expression of, not a means to achieve intimacy.”
  26. “Woman was created to be the completer of a man.”
  27. “Time management in industrialized nations is not something for large corporations only but for the running of a household.”
  28. “When a woman marries, she marries the character of the man, not his personality. That’s why whatever a man is before marriage, he will be more of after marriage.”

  29. “I have some misgivings, but it’s dangerous to go against your better judgment.”
  30. “Husbands are not given to women as construction projects.”
  31. “If a woman tries to change a man, she will be met with resentment, bitterness, and arguments that will never be resolved.”
  32. “Facing reality is the only way to live.”
  33. “When a woman marries a man, she ‘merges’ herself into him and into an identity with him in marriage.”
  34. “Marriage is an art in which you draw your own portrait.”
  35. “Even in a godly marriage, crisis is normal to life.”
  36. “Women who put all the responsibility on their husband’s shoulders are actually involved in a form of hiding not submission.”
  37. “One of the hardest things for a woman to do is to allow her man to fail.”
  38. “Husbands are stewards of their marriages. Women are stewards of their husband’s love.”
  39. “To make changes, women must have faith in both God and their husbands.”

  40. “Peace is brought into the home through righteous living.”
  41. “When things do not fit our plans, we either have to make adjustments, fall apart, or go to our knees.”
  42. “When a woman tries to change a man’s nature, she takes the place of God.”
  43. “Sin basically is a denial of God’s right of possession.”
  44. “Wisdom is the greatest need you have in your life.”
  45. “Exterior beauty cannot compare with internal loveliness.”
  46. “Modern society sees ‘self as God.’ That philosophy is the core of humanism and began in the Garden of Eden when Eve saw that the fruit of the tree was ‘good’.”
  47. “Today’s family is the womb of tomorrow’s society and today’s parents are those who impregnate with the seeds of the future.”
  48. “Never, never, never disagree with your wife in front of the children, for when you do, you lose authority over them.”
  49. “Absolutely vital element in parenting is the unity and agreement between parents.”
  50. “Intercession is a form of dying to self, which is why so few seem to practice it. Prayer is ministry.”
  51. “We go through seasons of life as we grow older, and each season has a glory of its own.”

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