52 G Craige Lewis Quotes to Help You be Real in Your Faith

52 G Craige Lewis Quotes to Help You be Real in Your Faith

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G. Craige Lewis is an American pastor at Adamant Believers Council in North Richland Hills. He is also a life coach, author, public speaker and evangelist of the Word of God.

Through EX Ministries he educates people about the evil nature of hip hop music. He’s very outspoken about some of today’s artists that lead the masses astray.

Many people are lukewarm believers today and he challenges us to be aware of the devil’s deception.

Here are 52 challenging quotes that will give you something to think about:

  1. “Did you ever think you would see the day when a church would actually do yoga during their service? This is truly the last days. Choose ye this day who you will serve!” ~ G Craige Lewis
  2. “Jesus was meek and lowly. If we are to be like Him, we should be meek as well.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  3. “Why is the color of Christ so important to some black folks? He came to save all colors, creeds, and nations that believe on Him. Stop trying to make His doctrine shallow and racists like yours!” ~ G Craige Lewis
  4. “Church hurt is a serious issue these days.  Many have been hurt by their experiences with various pastors, members, etc.  But this is no cause to hate church or vacate the church.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  5. “Truly the last days. The vision God have me that I posted online 20 years ago has come to pass. Hip hop and devil worship are one and the same. You cannot listen to secular music today.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  6. “You would think that Christians would avoid celebrating Halloween at all costs. But today Christians try to ignore the spiritual for the sake of the natural.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  7. “The wrong people in your life can load you down and make your race harder and longer.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  8. “We all have regrets and things we are ashamed of. Many times these things are manifested in the natural and keep reminded us of past mistakes.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  9. “God created man as the head of the home, but the devil wants to change God’s order so he can ultimately destroy our world.” ~ G. Craige Lewis

  10. “One of the hardest things to do in this life is to remain consistent.  The cares of this life will tempt you, try you, and exhaust you! But no matter what comes, a good soldier never quits. He remains constant.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  11. “When we give thanks we lighten our load.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  12. “In order to lighten our load, we must exercise patience.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  13. “The EX Ministries message is not from man but it’s Gods standard of holiness! What we teach and what was stand for is God’s wills for us all.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  14. “If biology is no longer proof of gender then it shouldn’t be used to prove ethnicity or age.  Either make it all subjective or base it on physical attributes.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  15. “People ask me all the time why I do not listen to secular music. Well because of the things that are done behind the scenes by these satanic artists.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  16. “What’s important to God must be important to us. Our homes, our families, our relationships with one another is what builds a strong church. Not money, not fame, and not a mega membership.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  17. “In order to correct the things that are wrong we must do things His way!” ~ G Craige Lewis
  18. “God ordained men to be the leaders, providers, protectors and priests of their homes; however, women are being led astray by the devil to seek after these positions for themselves. Without God’s divine order in the home, the entire family suffers.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  19. “When we plan our lives with the devil in the details, we will eventually have to compromise.” ~ G Craige Lewis

  20. “There are many that profess to be Christian today but only a few have truly made Jesus Christ their Lord.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  21. “Fibroids, pelvic cancer, cysts, unbearable cycles, etc. usually develop in women that are not functioning in God’s creation plan for them.  Men, step up and take care of your woman before her body breaks down!” ~ G Craige Lewis
  22. “The Remnant of God is comprised of those that truly believe God’s way is the right way. But just because we know the way, does not make us better than those that have not yet found the way.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  23. “Don’t let all this pagan false god worship sway you.  What they promote on TV and in the media is antichrist and against Gods word.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  24. “Remember the story of the Pied Piper! How he was able to lure the town’s children away from their parents with his music? Well, the same thing has happened in our communities.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  25. “Our society is trying hard to stop people from going to church. But the church itself is making things worse by teaching erroneous doctrines and following ambitious leaders.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  26. “Pastors are important. Fellowship is important. But finding the right pastor and fellowship can be difficult in certain regions because so many have fallen in love with the world.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  27. “God takes His time so things can be done the right way. Keep waiting, keep believing, and keep trusting that things will get better.  It takes time!” ~ G Craige Lewis
  28. “Fathers are necessary! Pray for our world and all of our unprotected children.” ~ G Craige Lewis

  29. “The devil knows that if we tempt God with unreasonable demands against His plan for us, he himself can answer us and make us think it was God that answered us. This causes people to pray and believe in the wrong god for the rest of their lives in most cases.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  30. “Make sure you are praying the will of God.  Stop praying for excess, houses, cars, riches, fame, etc. Pray only for the things in His will for you and you will receive them.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  31. “Why are Christians like Kirk Franklin and Lecrae making appearances on Wild N Out when the host, Nick Cannon, makes Jesus jokes, changes the Bible at will, and doubts the validity of the Bible?” ~ G Craige Lewis
  32. “The whole law can be summed up with one commandment, love your neighbor as yourself.  This is why we cannot “do what thy wilt” because what we wilt will hurt someone else.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  33. “So, are you going to continue to fret over it, let it fester, and allow it to control your present state? As long as you hold on to it, you will not progress.  Let it go and let God have it.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  34. “More people view your online profiles and social media platforms than will ever physically meet you. You are supposed to be the light of the world and salt of the earth.  If Christ is in you then it will show.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  35. “Take a break from the negative and absorb the “good news” of the Gospel! The Bible has the answers and you can have victory in your situation.  But you must think on the good things that Phil 4:8 mentions.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  36. “Though my appearance has varied down thru the years the message has NEVER changed. At EX Ministries the truth of God’s word will be preached without variance or compromise.” ~ G Craige Lewis

  37. “At the beginning of 2019 God showed me that this would be the year of drawing the line.  God sent strong delusion to divide His remnant from those that are serving their own ambitions.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  38. “So, if you sell your soul to the devil for fame and fortune, then take your soul back and give it to Christ, will the devil let you keep everything?” ~ G Craige Lewis
  39. “Worldly fame is not kingdom transferable.  The disciples and apostles followed Jesus’ example in the word of teaching all nations and all people that they encountered.” ~ G Craige Lewis
  40. “Pastors are afraid to call out sin and secularism for fear of losing members or their following.  But if you are not teaching God’s standard then you have lost more than a following. You have lost Gods anointing!” ~ G Craige Lewis
  41. “So many modern day Christians claim Jesus but reject His word. Don’t you know He is His Word?  You can’t separate the two!” ~ G Craige Lewis
  42. “The wrath of God is coming upon the children of disobedience. We are at the end people.  I saw this happening 25 years ago. I traveled the globe warning the church. This is spiritual warfare. If you want your children you better fight for them!” ~ G Craige Lewis
  43. “Pastors told their congregants to ignore this message for selfish ambition. Said I was extreme and to eat the meat and spit out the bones. Well say goodbye to the youth in your churches and in your homes. The devil has come to collect! You were warned!” ~ G. Lewis
  44. “If you depend on emotions, feelings, music, entertainment, or any other carnal ideology to fill your churches, judgment has come.  The devil is using celebs to show people real entertainment and emotional crowd luring.  If the word didn’t draw them, they are leaving!” ~ G. Lewis
  45. “If you are pastoring for prestige, for money, for accolades, or for approval of man, judgment has come! Time’s up! Your selfish ambition is at an end. You must repent and do the first works.  He’s coming quickly!” ~ G. Lewis

  46. “An ‘out of order’ church cannot defend itself against a strategic attack of the enemy.   A church built on societal relevance has no power to fight with.  The devil strategically disabled the men and empowered the women in the church, just like in the garden.” ~ G. Lewis
  47. “The devil doesn’t like Gods order but he has to adhere to it.  When a strongman armed keeps his palace, his goods are at peace.  In order to spoil those goods the strongman must be bound! Where the strong men at? Time to do work!” ~ G. Lewis
  48. “I do not stand in arrogance proclaiming these truths, but I stand in authority as one that God called to fight this end time battle.  You that are called to be strongmen in your homes, women that watch and pray, children that obey, it’s time to walk out God’s truth!” ~ G. Lewis
  49. “The Romans and Jews that crucified Jesus put ‘Jesus is King’ above the cross to mock Him. The devil is mocking him afresh through Kanye’s Antichrist actions.  These people are making merchandise of a savior they do not know.” ~ G. Lewis
  50. “Just want to encourage pastors everywhere to stand strong for your family and congregation.  Your wives and children first! God uses men to lead His people and He’s not changing that anytime soon! So get your home in order and Gods church will reflect it!” ~ G. Lewis
  51. “The word for the day is TOLERANCE!  The one world religion that is spoken of in the Bible is going to be TOLERANCE.  It’s not going to be a separate belief, but it’s going to be TOLERANCE for any and all beliefs.” ~ G. Lewis
  52. “Gospel recording artists trying to exploit secular artists for fame will pay dearly. Using Snoop and Kanye to help boost your career is heartless and cruel. You know the truth!! Blood is on your hands!” ~ G. Lewis

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