56 Ed Louis Cole Quotes on Overcoming A Prodigal Lifestyle

56 Ed Louis Cole Quotes on Overcoming A Prodigal Lifestyle

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Ed Louis Cole was a famous men’s minister in the 20th century. He was a preacher at different churches for years until God called him to full time ministry to men. Ed was raised by his mother as a young boy without his father around in his life.

He knew all too well what it means to not have a father and helped men reconcile with their fathers. At one point he lived a rebellious life but his mother’s prayers brought him to a relationship with God.

After living like a prodigal child for a long time Ed gave his life to the Lord. One of his books speaks about the prodigal lifestyle and how you can be restored to righteousness.

Here are 56 of his quotes from the book, Absolute Answers to Prodigal Problems:

  1. “He is intrepid who has no fear when the fearless might tremble. He is undaunted whose spirit not discouraged by that which makes the stoutest heart yield.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  2. “Indifference is a form of rebellion, as are denial and rejection.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  3. “Little forgiven, little love. Much forgiven, much love.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  4. “Pride is sin’s strength because it will not allow us to humble ourselves to admit need.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  5. “The pattern of the prodigal is rebellion, ruin, repentance, reconciliation and restoration. Repentance is the pivotal point between ruin and reconciliation.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  6. “The more we live by principle, the straighter our course will be.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  7. “You’re young only once, but you can live immature for a lifetime.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  8. “Recognition of a prodigal problem is vital to a man and his manhood.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole

  9. “All of us, without God, are prodigals to one extent or another.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  10. “Beyond forgiveness there is cleansing.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  11. “God is providing a solution for the loss of morality brought on by our society’s fatherlessness.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  12. “That solution is the current men’s movement, which is turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the children to their fathers.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  13. “Pleasure lasts for a moment, but the consequences can last for a lifetime.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  14. “The Gospel is in your trust. Your family is in your trust, too. Your talents, your job, your friendships- you’re a trustee, a steward of them all.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  15. “The government was given to you as a trust- you govern it by your vote.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  16. “Life-enhancement Christians want the material benefits of Christianity- the promise of a better way of living and the enjoyment of the self-improvement process- but they’re unfamiliar with genuine repentance.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  17. “We are to love our wives as Christ loves the Church. He loves the Church unconditionally, sacrificially and redemptively.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  18. “Jesus came in His righteousness and became identified with our sin that we might come to Him in our sin and become identified with His righteousness.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  19. “God’s Word is the sole source of our faith and the absolute rule of our conduct.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole

  20. “The price of relationships is not measured in dollars, but in the willingness to pay what is owed at the cost of self.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  21. “Relationships are the treasure of Heaven. There are none in Hell.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  22. “A thoughtless person will suffer in every area of his life, especially if he’s thoughtless with his wife.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  23. “Trust is basic to a covenant, including marriage.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  24. “Real love is not all warmth and excitement, enthusiasm and desire, but is about the welfare of the other- looking after each other’s interests.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  25. “Forgiveness is essential to longevity in marriage.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  26. “Don’t do it all over again, just start doing it differently now.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  27. “When mercy comes in, judgment has to leave.” ~ Edwin Cole
  28. “If you’re suffering from judgment brought on by a wrong decision you’ve made or the failure to make a decision, there’s mercy for you.” ~ Edwin Cole
  29. “We have no second chance to live today. Today, this moment, is all we have, and we get to live it just one time.” ~ Edwin Cole
  30. “Procrastination, like disorganization, shows disrespect for time, self and others.” ~ Edwin Cole

  31. “Not every word spoken to us deserves to be retained. Not every demand is worthy of our time.” ~ Edwin Cole
  32. “The use of money has eternity to it.” ~ Edwin Cole
  33. “No matter how slight or powerful the temptation, the test of character is always based on the ability to resist temptation.” ~ Edwin Cole
  34. “Rationalization is the form of deception that allows men to justify their unconscionable acts.” ~ Edwin Cole
  35. “Conversion is necessary to cure perversion.” ~ Edwin Cole
  36. “It’s easier to come out of the closet than to clean the closet.” ~ Edwin Cole
  37. “There is no sin that God cannot forgive it. There is no debt so large that God cannot pay it.” ~ Edwin Cole
  38. “Satan never comes as the devil but as an angel of light.” ~ Edwin Cole
  39. “When Jesus overcame temptation, He changed the very nature of temptation from an occasion of defeat to an opportunity for victory.” ~ Edwin Cole
  40. “Adam desired to have what God had forbidden, to know what God had not revealed and to be what God had not created him to be. Those are still man’s three biggest desires when tempted.” ~ Edwin Cole
  41. “Satan didn’t attack Adam or Eve, but he attacked God’s Word in which they believed, creating confusion in their minds.” ~ Edwin Cole
  42. “Every prodigal problem takes root in the heart but is created in thought. The mind is the battlefield of the heart.” ~ Edwin Cole

  43. “Fatherless men are searching for fathers today.” ~ Edwin Cole
  44. “To be a good father, you must first learn to be a good son.” ~ Edwin Cole
  45. “If you have not proved faithful in that which belongs to another, who will give you that which is your own?” ~ Edwin Cole
  46. “You have only one thing to give one time to one person in one lifetime- the glory of your virginity!” ~ Edwin Cole
  47. “When Christians descend to the unbelievers’ level, the world castigates and condemns Christianity.” ~ Edwin Cole
  48. “If doing the will of God does not mean more than personal life or death, then it doesn’t mean enough.” ~ Edwin Cole
  49. “To confess Jesus publicly before men is to have your identity swallowed up in His.” ~ Edwin Cole
  50. “Every prodigal must come home to the Father by way of the Cross.” ~ Edwin Cole
  51. “The greatest antidote to failure is success.” ~ Edwin Cole
  52. “We are all prodigals in need of someone to save us from ourselves, as well as from sin.” ~ Edwin Cole
  53. “The externals in life always begin with the internals.” ~ Edwin Cole
  54. “Without change old patterns will destroy new life in Christ.” ~ Edwin Cole
  55. “The more our old patterns and ways drop off of us, the closer we are to being where God wants us to be.” ~ Edwin Cole
  56. “When we walk in princely power, following patterns set by our Heavenly Father, life becomes sweet.” ~ Edwin Cole

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