56 Robert Henderson Quotes on the Power of Prayer

56 Robert Henderson Quotes on the Power of Prayer

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Robert Henderson is widely known for his teaching about praying in the Courts of Heaven. He has a great understanding of the type of prayers you should make to get verdicts in your favor.

Robert travels around the world with this message and has helped numerous people experience more fulfiling lives. He has authored many books on the subject of prayer so it would be good to check them out.

His book, “Operating in the Courtroom of Heaven” is among the best sellers.

In this post we share 56 of some his best quotes that can help you be more strategic in prayer:

  1. “Once we maneuver our ways through the courts of Heaven and get legal things arranged, God can freely then grant to us the passion of His heart.” ~ Robert Henderson
  2. “Our repentance grants God the legal right to display and show His mercy. Otherwise we live far below what Jesus purchased at the cross. Even though it is legally ours, we can only get it when we execute into place the verdicts of the cross.” ~ Robert Henderson
  3. “Restoration is always a result of legal activity in the courts of Heaven. God decreed a double portion restoration for all Job had suffered. Job had to first pray for the friends who had accused him during his troubles rather than stand with him.” ~ Robert Henderson
  4. “It is interesting that when Job prayed for his friends; it granted the courts of Heaven the legal right to restore his fortunes. How often are we not getting our restoration because we will not forgive and release?” ~ Robert Henderson
  5. “We have to recognize the need for legal precedents to be set before we run to the battle. We are in a conflict, but it is a legal one. Remember that Jesus never pictures prayer in a battlefield context.” ~ Robert Henderson

  6. “The blood of Jesus speaks forgiveness: it gives God the legal right to forgive sins.” ~ Robert Henderson
  7. “I am convinced that prayer is an activity that takes place in the courtroom of Heaven.” ~ Robert Henderson
  8. “The problem is that most Christians believe that when they pray they are on a battlefield. They rush into a conflict without securing a verdict from Heaven.” ~ Robert Henderson
  9. “Prayer and warfare should not be a shot in the dark. We should be able to pinpoint the things that need to be dealt with and touch them with accuracy.” ~ Robert Henderson
  10. “What we need is not more effort necessarily, but to learn secrets. Striving produces frustration while the revelation of secrets produces fruit.” ~ Robert Henderson
  11. “Any adversary in the spirit realm that is resisting God’s kingdom purpose for us will bow the knee to verdicts from the court of Heaven.” ~ Robert Henderson
  12. “The more we learn to present our case in the courts of Heaven, the more we get legal precedents in place that allow us victory on the battlefield every time.” ~ Robert Henderson
  13. “Every person ever born has a book written about them. The battle is to get what is in the book to manifest on the earth.” ~ Robert Henderson
  14. “Anything God-ordained is first written in a book or scroll in Heaven. It must be sent out of Heaven and birthed into the earth realm before it can become flesh.” ~ Robert Henderson

  15. “When we prophesy, we are not just speaking to the earthly realm; but we are in fact picking up and discerning the present testimony of Jesus in the courts of heaven.” ~ Robert Henderson
  16. “The Hebrew people believe that before we were on earth we were with God in Heaven. We were spirit beings with God and a part of the counsel of Heaven.” ~ Robert Henderson
  17. “All of us are a product of the counsel of the Lord. The Lord thought about each one of us and wrote a book about our lives out of that counsel.” ~ Robert Henderson
  18. “If you want to discover what is in your book, look in your heart. What are your interests, desires, aspirations, longings and passions?” ~ Robert Henderson
  19. “Once the court is in session and the books are open, cases can be presented, legal precedents set and the dominion rights of principalities removed from nations.” ~ Robert Henderson
  20. “Satan does not want the word made flesh on any level.” ~ Robert Henderson
  21. “In Heaven there are many different courts that operate. Everyone is not recognized or allowed to operate in all courts.” ~ Robert Henderson
  22. “The powers of darkness that occupy these spiritual dimensions called the heavens could not stop Jesus from taking His legal place as High Priest.” ~ Robert Henderson
  23. “We are forgiven and cleansed on the basis of His covenant keeping nature and His justice.” ~ Robert Henderson
  24. “We have been given the right and authority to get things legally in place so that God’s will can come into the earth realm.” ~ Robert Henderson
  25. “The only way the devil can stop us fulfilling what is in the books, is through accusation. This was the tactic he used against Peter. It is the tactic that he used against Job.” ~ Robert Henderson

  26. “How often are we not getting our restoration because we will not forgive and release?” ~ Robert Henderson
  27. “Satan is walking about to seek whom he may devour. Remember, Satan can only devour when he has a legal reason.” ~ Robert Henderson
  28. “Another necessary thing that must be done to secure our futures from the books is to realize that Satan will exploit anything possible.” ~ Robert Henderson
  29. “Most of us have enough personal issues that supply the devil with accusations to last a lifetime.” ~ Robert Henderson
  30. “We must realize that anything in our bloodline can be legal fodder with which Satan can accuse us.” ~ Robert Henderson
  31. “Without a proper knowledge of this system and an adherence to it they cannot function nor gain verdicts from the courts.” ~ Robert Henderson
  32. “If the devil cannot find a legal reason in my own personal life to stop what is in the books about me, he will search my bloodline.” ~ Robert Henderson
  33. “We must know how to cleanse our bloodlines consistently so that we can take up our authority in the courts of Heaven without fear of backlash.” ~ Robert Henderson
  34. “Not only do our individual destinies hang in the balance, but the destinies of nations as well.” ~ Robert Henderson
  35. “When we worship there is to be a rearranging of the heavenly or spiritual realm until Heaven is allowed to enter earth.” ~ Robert Henderson
  36. “When it says the mountain of the Lord’s house is in the top of the mountains, it is saying that the government of God will rule over all other governments.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  37. “There is nothing that cannot be accomplished when we get legal things in place.” ~ Robert_Henderson

  38. “The accuser has no answer for the blood of Jesus. Therefore God the judge of all was granted the legal right to show mercy because of the blood.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  39. “The judgments that come from the throne are always just and in agreement with the testimony presented in the courts.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  40. “We must realize that the cleansing of our bloodline should be done on a regular basis.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  41. “We need to understand how large a sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and what it legally did.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  42. “No amount of binding, loosing, rebuking are decreeing will work until the legal reason they are dominating is taken away.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  43. “Jesus is in the courts of Heaven as our Mediator bringing God and us together so what legally needs to happen can.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  44. “Prophecy isn’t just information in the earth realm. Prophecy is agreeing with the testimony of Jesus in the courts of Heaven.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  45. “God is not waiting on a people just to have peace. He is waiting on a people to enter His position of dominion and rule from that place.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  46. “You can be alive on earth and still be a part of the court system of Heaven. In fact if we do not take our place in the courts of Heaven, God’s plans for the planet cannot come to fruition.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  47. “The word witness in Hebrews 12:1 speaks of those who give judicial testimony. The cloud of witnesses has a voice in the courts of the Lord concerning the kingdom purposes for which they laid down their lives. As we function in the courts from the earthly realm, we are to come into agreement with the intercession of these witnesses.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  48. “The Judge who sits on the throne of the courts of Heaven has the final say.” ~ Robert_Henderson

  49. “God says that if someone who has been granted power through trust uses that to steal away inheritances, a disaster can come upon them that they won’t be able to escape.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  50. “When we cultivate the heart of a worshiper, we will create an atmosphere in the earth that can join with Heaven and see verdicts rendered out of the court system.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  51. “We must be registered in Heaven for the realms in which we are seeking to operate.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  52. “The job of the Ecclesia is to grant God the legal right to fulfill His kingdom passion.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  53. “When Heaven invades earth, wounds are healed and tears dry up.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  54. “Our offering presented with a pure heart after our purging, releases evidence in the courts of heaven that allows God as Judge to deal with every destructive thing touching our society.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  55. “To agree with our adversary simply means that we are quick to repent of anything being used against us in the courts.” ~ Robert_Henderson
  56. “The job of priest is to strategically intercede so that legal things are in place. Once legal positioning is obtained, then kings, from that place in the spirit, can make decrees.” ~ Robert_Henderson

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