57 Building People Building Dreams Quotes by Tom Deuschle

57 Building People Building Dreams Quotes by Tom Deuschle

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Building People Building Dreams

Building People, Building Dreams was authored by Tom Deuschle. It’s an account of his life story on how he started Celebration Ministries International in Zimbabwe.

Tom and Bonnie Deuschle are the senior pastors of Celebration Church based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Their journey is a source of inspiration for you and I that God is faithful. If He gives you a dream He is faithful to bring it to pass.

The Deuschle family includes Tom, Bonnie, five children and four grandchildren.

Here are 57 Tom Deuschle quotes from this book:

  1. “Everyone
    kept telling me I should be going to Africa, but I did not have a clue how to
    do it, or even why I should.”
  2. “Faith,
    activated by hope, done in love, will produce a miracle.”
  3. “When
    I arrived in Rhodesia, I took over the rent on their house. God was already
    restoring what I had given away when I left Denver.”
  4. “Sometimes
    it seemed as if it did little good because I was so fearful, but I kept
    speaking God’s Word.”
  5. “God
    also seemed to be saying if I would make my needs known to Him and trust Him
    for my finances, He would provide.”
  6. “God
    pointedly told me that He was not interested in what I could do for Him. He
    wanted to minister to others through me, and it was important to Him what I
    became in the process of teaching His truths.”
  7. “But
    any nation that thinks it will be blessed because of its own sovereignty is
    mistaken. God has no obligation to a country- only to His Word.”

  8. “God
    will teach us His lessons, and we will learn them regardless of the geographical
    location where we move ourselves.”
  9. “Any
    vision that is worthy of heaven will suffer an attack from hell.”
  10. “Sometimes
    the attack comes from those we do not expect, and it wounds deeply when it
    comes from within the body of Christ.”
  11. “Perseverance
    will always outlast persecution.”
  12. “Unless
    you see the ultimate, you will always be enslaved by the immediate.”
  13. “No
    ministry or ministry opportunity is more important than our marriage covenant
    and our family.”
  14. “The
    kingdom of God is where reformation takes place, and God began to show us that
    the church could bring reformation to society.”
  15. “Renaissance
    cannot happen without reformation.”
  16. “The
    role of the church and gospel of Jesus Christ is to bring the much-needed
    message that can effect this reformation in the nations.”
  17. “The
    kingdom of God is based on transparency and trust.”

  18. “The
    basis of the kingdom of God is not only that God can be relied upon, but also
    that those who are His representatives on earth can be relied upon.”
  19. “The
    kingdom of God exhibits a value for life.”
  20. “What
    one judges as being valuable or important in life is based on the principles
    and standards one chooses to uphold.”
  21. “Without
    kingdom standards set in place, values simply revert to the lowest common
    denominator, and man begins to operate by the law of the jungle- the law of
    survival of the fittest.”
  22. “The
    kingdom of God is established on an attitude of faith toward wealth.”
  23. “A
    Kingdom culture believes that wealth consists of what does not yet exist.”
  24. “Non-progressive
    cultures, on the other hand, believe that wealth consists of what exists.”
  25. “The
    kingdom of God leaves an inheritance for future generations.”
  26. “To
    expect a harvest with no seed in the ground is an attempt to operate God’s
    principle illegally.”

  27. “The
    kingdom of God teaches the value of a proper relationship to authority.”
  28. “Individuals
    who take responsibility for governing themselves under the rulership of God
    (self-control) can change (or reform) the second institution of authority-
  29. “The
    kingdom of God exhibits intentionality- intentionally making room for people of
    all ‘nations, tribes, and languages.’”
  30. “The
    kingdom of God gives man dominion over the earth.”
  31. “So
    many African people are waiting for life to happen to them, but God designed
    man to be the protagonist and make life happen.”
  32. “We
    have tried to instill in our church members the important fact that the church
    belongs to Jesus, and we allow Him to build it the way He chooses.”
  33. “We
    emphasize the kingdom of God, and the expression of that Kingdom in the earth
    is the local church.”
  34. “We
    constantly keep our vision in front of our members.”
  35. “Only
    as we see the invisible can we attempt the impossible.”

  36. “As
    much as we believe in the church as the vehicle through which the family of God
    is established, God uses people as His instruments to do this.”
  37. “We
    teach people that their Christian walk will deepen only after ‘identification,
    involvement and investment.’”
  38. “We
    also teach people that there is a difference between being a church member and
    a church partner.”
  39. “We
    emphasize living a life of faith, trusting in a God who is faithful, and
    expecting Him to be exactly who He says He is.”
  40. “Cell
    groups are a lifestyle.”
  41. “If
    your dreams don’t scare you, you are dreaming too small.”
  42. “Seeds
    can either germinate and become something fruitful, or they can lie dormant- in
    some cases for hundreds of years.”

  43. “Unless
    a seed is put into the right environment, it can lay dormant forever.”
  44. “Big
    dreams need a big God.”
  45. “He
    will give us the desires of our heart: dreams and visions worth living for.”
  46. “The
    economy of the world doesn’t have any bearing on Kingdom citizens.”
  47. “When
    you are sure of your dream and your vision, it doesn’t matter what everybody
    else is doing.”
  48. “If
    you have not written down your vision, then you do not have a vision; you are just
    playing games.”
  49. “If
    you have a vision, nothing can stop you, but if you are always worried about
    your comfort, you will never get to your vision.”
  50. “If
    you got your vision from God, it is worth sharing and worth giving your life
  51. “A
    person without a vision is a person without a future.”
  52. “Our
    purpose is the same, but the manifestation of that purpose is different for
    each individual.”
  53. “During
    time of preparation, God is not making you wait; He is making you ready.”

  54. “Just
    because you get a call from God does not mean you abandon reality. This is
    where so many people in the body of Christ miss God’s kairos timing.”
  55. “When
    you are separated for a purpose, it says to God, ‘I will fulfil this, even if I
    have to stand alone.’”
  56. “God
    is concerned not only with your life in eternity, but also your life here on
  57. “Your
    consistency will take you further than your qualifications and your training.”

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