57 Edwin Cole Quotes on What Makes a Real Man

57 Edwin Cole Quotes on What Makes a Real Man

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Real Man by Ed Cole focuses on the real character of a man, not what he thinks he is. It’s the kind of book that exposes stereotypes about what manhood is but encourages Christlike manhood.

One of the major lessons is learning to serve at the highest level, giving yourself sacrificially. This is the lifestyle Jesus led and is expected of men today.

This book is one of the toughest in the Majoring in Men curriculum. It will, however, bring about massive growth in your manhood.

Here are 57 challenging quotes to think about:

  1. “The
    essence of real manhood is found not in how a man looks or in what a man does
    but in who a man is.” ~ Edwin Cole
  2. “Real
    manhood is found within the heart of a man, the ‘inner man,’ his moral
    character, the ‘real man’ that exudes beyond all external devices for the rest
    of the world to see.” ~ Edwin Cole
  3. “The
    cheaper the merchandise, the higher the gloss.” ~ Edwin Cole
  4. “Charm
    is the instant and deals with the external. Character is constant and deals
    with the internal.” ~ Edwin Cole
  5. “Substituting
    relative values for absolutes in moral life can be devastating.” ~ Edwin Cole
  6. “Some
    religious people are not necessarily apathetic or lacking in energy—they are
    simply indifferent to the Word of God.” ~ Edwin Cole
  7. “Perhaps
    the greatest substitution error in the Church is substituting God’s
    unconditional love for His conditional promises.” ~ Edwin Cole
  8. “While
    society is hooked on substitutes, real men go for the real
    thing—Christlikeness!” ~ Edwin Cole
  9. “Private
    philosophy determines public performance.” ~ Edwin Cole
  10. “Counsellors
    determine the destiny of kings.” ~ Edwin Cole

  11. “The
    way to resist false images of ourselves is by thinking correctly, which comes
    from “renewing your mind” as the Word of God permeates your thought life and
    the life of Christ permeates your being.” ~ Edwin Cole
  12. “Moral
    character, which denotes real manhood, emanates from the inner core of a man’s
    being, his heart.” ~ Edwin Cole
  13. “Patience
    is the virtue of preparation.” ~ Edwin Cole
  14. “Jesus’
    greatest source of preparation was prayer.” ~ Edwin Cole
  15. “A
    man is only qualified to lead to the degree he is willing to serve.” ~ Edwin
  16. “True
    nobility is realized in true humility.” ~ Edwin Cole
  17. “To
    the Christian, death is only a transition from one state of being to another
    that is higher.” ~ Edwin Cole
  18. “Death
    is only an enemy when it occurs outside of Christ.” ~ Edwin Cole
  19. “Death
    and resurrection go together. The cross and the crown are incomplete without
    one another.” ~ Edwin Cole
  20. “Whoever
    dictates your values becomes your god.” ~ Edwin Cole

  21. “The
    visionary is the vital force behind the vision of any ministry or business.” ~
    Edwin Cole
  22. “Revelation
    inspires change through the expulsive power of a new creation.” ~ Edwin Cole
  23. “Faithfulness
    is the cornerstone of character.” ~ Edwin Cole
  24. “Truth
    is mankind’s greatest discovery in life.” ~ Edwin Cole
  25. “Our
    freedom from wrong believing is dependent upon our discipline to receive truth.”
    ~ Edwin Cole
  26. “The
    reward for being trustworthy is greater trust.” ~ Edwin Cole
  27. “Sins
    can be forgiven immediately, but the consequences can last a lifetime.” ~ Edwin
  28. “Greatness
    comes through serving. The more you serve, the greater you become.” ~ Edwin
  29. “Children
    may not always listen to us, but they will always imitate us.” ~ Edwin Cole
  30. “The
    man who has only earthly wisdom invites the devil and the world to exercise
    dominion over him.” ~ Edwin Cole

  31. “When
    a man cannot provide for himself or his own, he is robbed of his dignity.” ~
    Edwin Cole
  32. “Waste
    is taking the best of what you have, and using it on the devil’s work, then
    giving what you have left to the Lord.” ~ Edwin Cole
  33. “You
    cannot compensate through sacrifice of prayer what you lose through
    disobedience.” ~ Edwin Cole
  34. “God
    puts no limitation on faith; and faith puts no limitations on God.” ~ Edwin
  35. “Christians
    can discover their ministry gifts by serving others.” ~ Edwin Cole
  36. “The
    use of money is the acid test of character in a real man.” ~ Edwin Cole
  37. “Financial
    pressure, like any stress, can drive men to desperation, but needn’t overwhelm
    the real man.” ~ Edwin Cole
  38. “The
    more pressure matter is able to withstand, the more valuable it becomes. It’s
    the same with people.” ~ Edwin Cole
  39. “It
    is the nature of God to change things in our lives for good.” ~ Edwin Cole
  40. “Little
    or no peace comes from negotiated compromise.” ~ Edwin Cole

  41. “The
    peace that this world offers is ephemeral, transitory and without eternal
    substance.” ~ Edwin Cole
  42. “Men
    who live by conviction are strong. Men who live by convenience are weak.” ~
    Edwin Cole
  43. “To
    the degree men yield to temptations, there is a loss of both peace and power.” ~
    Edwin Cole
  44. “Submission
    to the godly will bring resistance to the devilish and power over the flesh.” ~
    Edwin Cole
  45. “The
    capabilities of leadership are inherent in the nature of every man.” ~ Edwin
  46. “A
    man’s reputation is seen in the regard given his name.” ~ Edwin Cole

  47. “Where
    moral absolutes are missing, there is no foundation for ethical behavior.” ~
    Edwin Cole
  48. “A
    real man will value his reputation with his family more than the regard he has
    with his peers.” ~ Edwin Cole
  49. “Men
    often fail to qualify for leadership because of moral cowardice.” ~ Edwin Cole
  50. “A
    temperate man doesn’t make decisions based on the emotion of the moment or on
    the personal gratification he can garner but on the merits of the decision
    itself.” ~ Edwin Cole
  51. “Now
    is the time for men to accept the spiritual and moral leadership of the home,
    church and community.” ~ Edwin Cole
  52. “Habits
    can be developed by default or determination.” ~ Edwin Cole
  53. “Recognition
    of others’ uniqueness demonstrates strength.” ~ Edwin Cole
  54. “The
    legacy of fathers is in their children.” ~ Edwin Cole

  55. “Young
    men must be mentored in the ways of morality, goodness, and righteousness. This
    is the responsibility of older men who have found the answers through Christ.” ~
    Edwin Cole
  56. “Faithful
    friends are life’s greatest treasure. Being a true friend is one of the marks
    of a real man.” ~ Edwin Cole
  57. “To
    walk in God’s will for our lives, as real men, secure in our manhood and our
    relationship with Him, is our highest good.” ~ Edwin Cole

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