6 Consequences of Not Pursuing Gods Purpose for Your Life

6 Consequences of Not Pursuing Gods Purpose for Your Life

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consequences of not pursuing God's purpose for your life
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When it comes to Gods purpose will for your life there are certainly consequences for not being obedient and carrying out your assignment here on earth. I discovered some truths that woke me up to the importance of obedience to God.

While the Bible is full of promises for great things it also has warnings about what happens when you’re not living your life according to Gods purpose. Let’s have a look at the following points.

1. Jesus will deny you

Reading TC Stallings’ book, “The Pursuit” about living my life on purpose – Gods purpose for that matter – opened my eyes to what I had never thought about seriously.

The world says that you can be anything that you want to be but that’s not at all true. Your pursuit should be to live the life that God Himself created for you to live.

Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in Heaven will enter.” ~ Matthew 7:21

The danger with doing whatever you want to do is that Jesus will deny you on judgment day. This realization hit me hard and I thought to myself that it doesn’t matter what good things I have done for other people. If it wasn’t a part of God’s will it will count for nothing in eternity.

It’s good to be purpose driven in life but you must be careful that it’s Gods purpose that you’re pursuing. That is the ultimate success in life.

2. A lack of peace

Have you ever found yourself doing something and you had internal conflict in your spirit? That’s usually the Holy Spirit telling you that you’re going off course and where you’re headed there’s impending danger. It’s only a fool that will not heed warning signs and suffer the consequences that come as a result.

The late Edwin Louis Cole, founder of the Christian Men’s Network taught that, “Peace is the umpire for doing the will of God”. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be your guide here on earth to lead you in the direction of His purpose for your life. Isaiah 26:3 tells us, “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.

Where there’s no peace you’re most likely headed for danger. If you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you he will keep you from unnecessary trouble. Follow God’s script for your life because He ordained it before you were even born.

3. Lost lives

There are certain people God wants you in particular to minister to and make a difference in their lives. It’s your responsibility to follow through on the promptings He places on your heart to reach out to them. God cares about people and that is why He is long suffering and not willing that anyone perish but that all would come to repentance.

The Bible tells us that we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind. It also tells us to love your neighbour as you love yourself. So if whatever you’re doing with your life has no eternal value on people’s lives then you will be held responsible for not ministering to the people God brought into your life.

Prioritise God’s business above all other personal ambitions and success in life will be guaranteed according to Matthew 7:21. He will not disappoint you as long as you do.

4. Moving around in circles

Moving around circles leads to confusion. When you’re confused you start questioning why things are not working in your life. It’s like trying to place a circle in a square peg. It wasn’t designed to fit in that space.

It’s sad and heartbreaking when you’re working hard and going nowhere including the emotions of frustration and despair that come with it.

It’s like the Israelites who were told to go into the Promised Land and conquer it but had their own ideas. They were subjected to forty years in the wilderness going nowhere with their lives because of their disobedience.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. Being successful is directly related to your level of obedience to pursuing Gods purpose instead of your own. It’s easy to get misled by your own thoughts and emotions of what’s right or wrong. A good idea is not always a God idea so you need wisdom to determine the God ideas.

5. Broken relationships

The people that suffer most when you’re not doing God’s business are your close family. In extreme cases some people divorce when the situation becomes hectic.

Where children are involved they are the ones that suffer that most. Other relationships like friends can also get affected depending on the severity of the consequences of your disobedience.

Understanding how this affects the people in your life should be sobering and cause you to seriously think about how you live your life. It’s a choice between doing what you want to do versus what God wants you to do. Doing God’s will and surrendering yours may be uncomfortable but it is the most rewarding in the long run.

Never let the people you care about be at the mercy of your personal ambitions. They are more important to you than anything you will ever accomplish. Finding your purpose in life as written by God in the books of Heaven and pursuing it will be a blessing to your loved ones.

6. Suicidal thoughts

Most people that don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ see committing suicide as a last resort to get over their misery. If you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ ask Him to come into your life and to be Lord and Saviour of the totality of your life.

When you are not pursuing your goal, you are literally committing spiritual suicide.” ~ Les Brown

Suicide should never cross your mind. Jesus died on the cross for you so that you could have eternal life. Study His word and you will discover that before you were even born He already had a plan for your life. As long as you live out the script written in His book about your life you’re going to live from glory to glory.

The answer to all your problems is found in living out the written script of your life as ordained by God in Heaven. Success in life is guaranteed if you do and even though you encounter challenges along the way ultimately you will find favour with God at judgment day.

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