6 Crazy Expressions of Having Massive Faith in God

6 Crazy Expressions of Having Massive Faith in God

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The people that transform the world are the ones who are crazy enough to believe that they can. While most others make fun of them their lives are more productive and bless the people around them. Are you stagnant in your life today? Maybe you have lost your faith in God but want to achieve success. Let’s look at the traits you must cultivate to give yourself a chance at being successful in your life’s pursuit.

1. Faith in God means growing your wings on the way down

Growing your wings on the way down is an expression used to describe getting into something you’re not accustomed to. It carries a sense of danger too given that if you don’t achieve success you will crash and burn. Successful people are accustomed to being uncomfortable and do such things.

Young eagles are trained in a similar way so I’ve heard. When they have developed a certain amount of strength they are pushed out of their nest. They get forced to spread their wings and learn to fly themselves.

Are there areas in your life where you feel God has called you to explore but you’re hesitant? It’s normal to feel that way. It means that you have capacity to grow your skill set and do more for God’s Kingdom. God won’t let you down when you step out in faith though I appreciate it can be a scary experience.

2. Letting go and trusting God

When God wants to do a great work in your life He will normally put you in a tough situation. A situation where you just have to look to Him. It’s natural to get accustomed to what you’re used to as a way of pursuing success in life but there will come times when all those doors will get shut. You will have a choice between holding on to your own ways or surrendering to God.

It’s our tendency as human beings to want to be in control of every aspect of our lives but God is sovereign and should be in control of your whole life. This was the case with Abraham whom God called to leave the land of his fathers to go to a land he didn’t know and God prospered him abundantly.

You may be living in an environment like where I’m from where the economic situation doesn’t make for good reading. It can be depressing but when you have faith in God and not man God can turn your situation around in ways you never expected. That is the meaning of being led to green pastures in a dry and desert land.

3. Doing the unusual

Uncommon blessings tend to come from doing uncommon things. Some of the most successful people around the world were thought to be crazy before they experienced massive breakthroughs in their lives. One of the common examples is that of the Wright brothers that came up with the concept of travelling by air.

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~ Martin Luther King Jnr.

Such people show the rest of the world that there are different ways to be successful in life and they’re not afraid of other people’s opinions. They take action and do what their instincts are telling them. Average people remain average partly because they’re too afraid to follow their intuition. It’s not that successful people don’t have their fears. They do but they choose to be bold enough to act in spite of the fear and succeed anyway.

If you’re not getting the results you want you might want to consider if there are things you are shying away from doing. Your breakthrough may be found in following through on them.

4. Asking for the impossible

The Bible tells us that we don’t have because we don’t ask for what we desire. God is a big God who wants to show Himself mighty on your behalf. You may know what you want but feel as though it’s impossible to obtain it when you look at your situation.

Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession.” ~ Psalm 2:8

Psalm 24:1 says, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof; the world and those who were dwell therein.” God owns everything and as your Heavenly Father He wants to bless you more than you know. It can be hard to comprehend this if you’re accustomed to lack but it’s the truth nonetheless.

Let God know what it is that you desire and leave the how up to Him. Don’t spend time worrying how He’s going to do it. To become a successful person you must get accustomed to thinking big and asking big. You have a big God who is more than able to match your requests.

5. A win or perish mentality

Have you ever seen people that are almost obsessed with something that they leave no room for any other option. That’s one of the traits of being successful in this life. Ancient history teaches us about Alexander the Great who conquered an island with his army after commanding that they burn their boats.

When his army realized that there was no backup plan they were forced to do whatever it took to conquer that island and take it over. You may come across such situations today though in a different context and be forced to decide to win or let life run you over.

As long as you’re in God’s’ purpose and move forward in faith while giving your best He will help you overcome. One of the key success factors in life is learning to be decisive in anything that you do. A double minded person does not achieve anything as the Bible tells us in the book of James.

6. Pressing through adversity

One of the things that can be confusing to average people is seeing successful people persist in their endeavors when the obvious signs are saying that they are chasing a lost cause. When you trust in God it doesn’t matter what external circumstances may be suggesting. God is faithful to fulfil His promises if you persevere.

There are numerous success stories that you can point to. Joseph had a dream that one day he would be a leader when he was 17 years old but it became a reality when he turned 30 years. The same applies to David who was anointed King at a tender age and only assumed the throne at 30 years.

In modern day history we have the likes of Strive Masiyiwa the founder of Econet Wireless whose business has blessed countless people around the world. Did you know that it took about 5 years for him to get the company to take off after facing political and legal battles in court? Sometimes you have to ignore the external circumstances and hold on until at God’s perfect timing He brings His promises to pass.

Do you have your own success stories about crazy faith in God? Share with us in the comments below.

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