6 Powerful Reasons You Need to Resist Self Satisfaction

6 Powerful Reasons You Need to Resist Self Satisfaction

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overcome self satisfaction by going the extra mile

Many a man has missed his destiny by having a half-hearted approach to life. It has cost him much success which he has lived to regret in the years since. The opposite of self satisfaction is being diligent and committed to the task at hand.

In this post we will go through some of the dangers that come about by self satisfaction.

1. Missed opportunities

When your guard is down your discernment tends to be low and you may miss opportunities that could work in your favor. Self satisfaction will make you forget that you don’t have a lot of time to do the things you aspire to do in life.

A common form of complacency is procrastination to do things you know you are supposed to do but you put off. In some cases when you come round to doing it you realize that the opportunity is gone to someone else. Missed opportunities always leave you with regret.

2. You stop learning

When you decide to constantly learn and gain new skills and insights it means you are growing. There is always room for improvement no matter how good you become at your profession or other area of your life. It is only when you think that you know it all that the process of decay begins and you lose the sharpness you may have had before.

Every day new knowledge is being discovered so you cannot afford to be comfortable with what you know today. Make it a commitment to learn something new daily.

3. Loss of momentum

High achievers are consistent in their life’s journey even when they come across temporary obstacles. This is down to the systems they have in place to ensure that they are always making progress and having a sense of urgency to pursue their life purpose.

Momentum is a leader’s best friend as I learned from John C Maxwell. When you have momentum challenges do not seem as bad and they are easily overcome. On the other hand when you have little or no momentum even the smallest of challenges look like a huge mountain. You must stay on your toes to build up and maintain your momentum.

4. Dependence on self

While it is important to take full responsibility for your life God never designed you to rely only on yourself. You need people to help you in your life’s journey. It is easy to see everything you do as right in your own eyes when you are wrong.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” ~ Proverbs 16:25

The Kingdom of God operates through relationships and this is a pattern you will see throughout the scriptures. Jesus would not have advanced his ministry without the help of his disciples here on earth. If Jesus needed other people to help him accomplish his earthly purpose how much more do you and I need others to help us do the same?

5. Poor decision making

Closely related to being dependent on yourself is making poor decisions because you do not have people around you that can give you godly counsel. Making wise decisions is aided by understanding the Word of God and listening to people who have walked down the road you are seeking to travel.

Plans fail for lack of counsel but with many advisers they succeed.” ~ Proverbs 15:22

Getting godly counsel from many sources ensures safety. It helps you see potential pitfalls you should avoid or be aware of as you embark on your journey. You also need that agreement with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ because where there is unity God commands a blessing.

6. Good enough is not good enough

In an environment where employers are looking for the best expertise from a pool of thousands upon thousands you must be on top of your game. You must go the extra mile and do the best that you can to stand a chance of getting the best job or business opportunity.

There is little difference between the person that gets a high paying job and the one who gets an average job. It is that little effort that separates the two. This applies not just to a job but in every other area. You are not necessarily competing with other people but more with your own potential. As long as you do your best you will make progress and find opportunities coming your way.

Are there any other reasons you think we may have left out from this post? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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