6 Things That Happen When You Do God’s Purpose

6 Things That Happen When You Do God’s Purpose

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letting go to fulfil God's purpose
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It’s in our human nature to want to be in complete control of every aspect of our lives. In a way that leaves no room for God to operate. For God’s purpose to be made manifest in its fullness you must learn to let go. Allow Him not just be your Saviour but also your Lord over everything. When you choose to let go this is what you will experience:

1. It will be painful

Change is a painful process and learning to let go is no different. I guess it lines up with the Bible principle that says that while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest will never cease. What it means is that you have to experience two sides of the same coin. Some people say, ‘no pain, no gain’.

Making the shift from relying on yourself to relying on God is hard and it’s something you have to go through. You can’t avoid it. The assurance is that as you learn to completely rely on Him and nothing else is when God’s purpose will be made manifest in your life. It’s hard but worth it in the long run.

I wish we could avoid pain but this world is corrupted and just as Jesus had to go through the pain of the cross so must we. Keep the end goal in mind to give you the strength to persevere through the pain. You will achieve success in the end.

2. God’s purpose will be humbling

Successful people look all glitz and glam when you see them but it’s good to remember that every one of them has a background story to the lifestyle they live. They didn’t just get up and have life easy all of a sudden. Everyone successful person goes through a phase of trial and tribulation.

Praise yourself and you will be humbled. Humble yourself and you will be praised.” ~ Jesus Christ

If you’re going through a challenging phase today remember that it’s not always because you’ve done something wrong. It’s life’s way of refining you so that you can become the shiny diamond you really are inside. Let go of any prideful attitudes you may have been carrying to this point if you’re going to break through to the next level.

Before Joseph was made governor of Egypt God allowed the experiences in his life to reduce him to one of the lowest points possible before he could elevate him. It’s part and parcel of pursuing success in life.

3. Requires you to reach out for help

There’s a level of pride you may have that says you can do things by yourself but when you decide to let go of your own ways you will realize you can’t go it alone. This is another way of God dealing with pride in your heart. Successful people have learned to ask for help and look at the bigger picture.

They understand that God can sometimes use their foes to help them achieve certain things that no one else may be able to help with. You must let go of the notion that you can only get what you need from close friends.

Of course this does not mean you must form unholy alliances but understand that God can use anyone to take you to the next level. I guess that’s why the Bible says as much as possible live peaceably with all men because you never know whose help you will need tomorrow. Eliminate pride and submit yourself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

4. You’re not in total control

I was listening to a podcast interview not too long ago about David McIntyre. This gentleman told his story about a 66 day challenge he took to survive in the desert and other harsh experiences he had to endure in his life.

One of the main lessons he shared was that when you’re going through tough times you can’t afford to keep doing things your own way. You get to a point where you’re forced to realize that you’re not in total control of your life when life has stripped away all your support structures.

He said that God can’t work with us effectively when we have all the things we need. When you’re down to the bare bones and choose to trust God with all your heart is when he can transform your life for His glory. That’s why you often hear success stories of people that went from rags to riches.

God has to bring you to your lowest level to make you realize that He alone is your source of life. When you accept that He will elevate you to where He desires you to be for His glory.

5. God’s purpose may feel like armageddon

As painful as adversity may be it doesn’t relent and escalates to a point where it feels like death is knocking on the door. Have you ever had such an experience? Again it’s a process you just have to go through. You can’t run away from it. To be a successful person you must live by faith and not by sight.

Letting go is a must and Jesus does understand the agony you go through. Even he felt like backing down from going to the cross because it was a daunting experience. It’s normal to feel that way. Like Jesus persevere through the pain. You may not die a physical death like he did but certain things will die in you before you’re resurrected as a new person.

In other words death leads to a new life. The person you were before could not live at the level you are today. Likewise the person you are today will not be the person who will live at a higher level tomorrow.

6. Forced to be patient

Successful people endure hardship like true soldiers of Christ. In the process they learn that tough times never last and tough people do. You’re not alone in your pursuit of success in life. What you’re going through today others have been through before. You just have to be patient to see your dreams come to pass at God’s perfect timing.

Patience builds character which you need to handle the new levels of success that you’re moving towards in your journey. Great things come to those that are willing to wait. It’s normal to get mad at God for delaying certain things in your life but remember that He makes all things work together for your good.

It may not always feel like but God’s purpose for your life cannot and will not be stopped by Satan or anything else in all creation. You just need to keep trusting and stay connected to Him.

Are you struggling to let go of anything in your life? Our hope is that this information will help you do so.

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