60 Cameron Arnett Quotes for Massive Success as an Actor

60 Cameron Arnett Quotes for Massive Success as an Actor

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Cameron or Camy Arnett is a famous actor whose come a long way in his profession. His story is very inspiring and is an example of how faithfulness to God will reap great rewards. Today he runs his own production company, Camy Arnett Production Studios.

He started out acting in Hollywood in popular films like Star Trek and the TV show Miami Vice. Life was great and there came a point when God called him out of the industry. This happened when he was asked to compromise on his values and he decided to honor God instead.

He then got into ministry for a number of years until God called him to acting again. This time he was now doing it for God’s glory. Some of his popular movies since getting into acting again include Champion, Overcomer and Mattie: The Discovery.

Below are 60 of Camy Arnett’s most inspiring quotes:

  1. “I wake up and look at the mirror and say I’m grateful. I’m just amazed at what God has done in my life and what God is doing. I never thought I’d be acting again.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  2. “When God brought me back into Christian films in 2013 He kinda like dragged me back in because I didn’t wanna go, I was done with it.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  3. “There is a desperate need for what is viable, what is moral, what is good because people have a need within their lives across the board that they want power back in their lives. They want truth, they want the morals, dignity of their families.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  4. “The people in power sometimes have such a greed and such a desire to control the masses. They have the money and they have a loud voice and so people think that’s really what’s going on around the world.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  5. “If you’re a Christian in the entertainment industry there are many things that you’ll come across that will happen in your life; and that you have to make those choices of keeping Christ first.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  6. “Right now God has been exploding His blessing in that area of Christians films so I’m very very appreciative of that.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  7. “I’m mainly concentrating on Christian films. Not that I’m opposed to doing the secular work as long as it honors God and God sends me to do it.” ~ Cameron Arnett

  8. “What’s making our witness be received correctly and more so these days is that Christian film makers have become excellent at what they do.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  9. “It’s not that we have the right answers, it’s not that we have the right person which is Jesus Christ, but now we have the excellence behind how to make the films and represent Him. That allows us in the secular market to be better accepted. Now the message can be seen correctly.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  10. “No matter where you shine that light darkness will not receive you but at the same time it cannot overtake the light. So therefore, as long as we decide to shine then evil has to give way.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  11. “It’s beautiful to watch God take over the industry so that He can take over the hearts of men.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  12. “God is in love with you. If there’s nothing else that you ever receive from anybody or anything, don’t believe the lies. God is passionately in love with you.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  13. “I think we have to get involved with what God is doing whether we like it or not- and actually walk and run after Him.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  14. “Sometimes people think Christian films deal with hitting you over the head and only being for the Christian sector. But the reality is that there’s so much in there for everybody.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  15. “To me there is no other choice when you’re confronted with doing what God says. You have to stand with who He is.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  16. “For me I could not go back, didn’t want to go back, I was extremely happy proclaiming the Word even though I had lost everything.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  17. “As an actor we enjoy the challenges of digging into a character and coming up with the essence and all those things that present itself to portraying the character.” ~ Cameron Arnett

  18. “I have given my life and everything about me to God and I don’t have anything else that I stake my claim as being successful other than my relationship to Christ.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  19. “If nothing else, I want people to know that God is real, that He loves them.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  20. “When I was in the world I was extremely rotten. Now that I am in Christ I believe in righteousness, holiness and faithfulness.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  21. “As Christians, as people, we get our definition of who we are by Christ Himself.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  22. “There’s a certain kind of person that you are meant to be in order to accomplish the things that you’re meant to accomplish.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  23. “Before God can actually do something through you, He wants to do something in you, and He wants to form a kind of man that has never been seen before.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  24. “It’s one thing to make it through obscurity, poverty, rejection and everything else.  But the real test is prosperity, everyone knowing your name, so you have to be able to handle the platform.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  25. “All of us don’t go to the films to see anybody, we go to see Jesus. We are in love with Jesus.” ~ Cameron Arnett

  26. “What keeps me up at night is God’s vision, dreams, purposes, plans and things that I see that I want to do in people’s lives. I know that I’m here to make life better for people.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  27. “Pay attention to your internal acting coach.” ~ Cameron Arnett
  28. “No matter where people have been, or have done He is in love with them and has His arms wide open to them.” ~ Camy Arnett
  29. “Acting is a gift, unwrap it and take the world on a ride.” ~ Camy Arnett
  30. “Breathe in your inspiration, but exhale your own interpretation.” ~ Camy Arnett
  31. “If you don’t act up, you will always be held down.” ~ Camy Arnett
  32. “Unknown people are unknown and so is their God.” ~ Camy Arnett
  33. “Once your why changes so does your way.” ~ Camy Arnett
  34. “He who owns media, defines who has the problem.” ~ Camy Arnett
  35. “You can’t depend on the undependable.” ~ Camy Arnett
  36. “You may gain if you’re selfish, but you will never be blessed.” ~ Camy Arnett

  37. “A job is what you do until you find out who you are.” ~ Camy Arnett
  38. “If you want to know the purpose for which something is created you have to ask the Originator of that thing.” ~ Camy Arnett
  39. “God has no obligation to provide for what He is not doing.” ~ Camy Arnett
  40. “Act grow, repeat, do better the next time, REPEAT again… that’s the way it is.” ~ Camy Arnett
  41. “Being your Christ self, is the ultimate role.” ~ Camy Arnett
  42. “You will keep what you apply, not what you heard.” ~ Camy Arnett
  43. “Where there’s no love, there’s no trust.” ~ Camy Arnett
  44. “The lead has been casted, all other roles are supporting.” ~ Camy Arnett
  45. “Until the final curtain drops, stay in character.” ~ Camy Arnett
  46. “The first duty of acting is to act like the Christ in you, like God’s Word is true.” ~ Camy Arnett

  47. “If no will stop you then just stay in bed.” ~ Camy Arnett
  48. “Being Christ in your skin is the role God gave you.” ~ Camy Arnett
  49. “Don’t cower, by not finding the right way to say the hard thing.” ~ Camy Arnett
  50. “There are many reviews, but only the Author knows if you told His Story.” ~ Camy Arnett
  51. “When applauded, make sure the hands are holy.” ~ Camy Arnett
  52. “If you’re getting stabbed by the world that’s because you’re too close.” ~ Camy Arnett
  53. “When people use your gift, then put you to the side, remember Jesus is still the Master of the Ride.” ~ Camy Arnett
  54. “We are not the ones the Earth is groaning for. We are the ones who cancel out the need for groaning.” ~ Camy Arnett
  55. “The greatest glory you will ever have is becoming a sinless man.” ~ Camy Arnett
  56. “A haphazard Christian is an oxymoron.” ~ Camy Arnett
  57. “The less excellent you are, the less you give God to work with.” ~ Camy Arnett
  58. “Without humility you will always try to force God’s Hand.” ~ Camy Arnett
  59. “You may have authority but you’re not the authority.” ~ Camy Arnett
  60. “You can’t be called out of something and not called into something.” ~ Camy Arnett

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Who is Cameron Arnett? Cameron Arnett is a famous actor whose come a long way in his profession. Some of his popular movies include Champion, Overcomer and Mattie: The Discovery.
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