60 Stand Out Quotes from Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

60 Stand Out Quotes from Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

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Rich Dad's Guide to Investing

Becoming a financial success requires meticulous financial planning and sticking to the plan. Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote a book called, Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing with extensive knowledge on the subject.

Not many people I know have this level of investing knowledge so his book is a great guide. He will guide and help you understand the essence of investing and different types of investors.

He’s one of the best experts on the subject of money and how to become financially free. Him and his wife Kim Kiyosaki established the Rich Dad company, a financial education organization to educate the masses worldwide.

The following are 60 memorable quotes from Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing:

  1. “Years ago, I asked my rich dad, ‘What advice would you give to the average investor?’ His reply was, ‘Don’t be average.’”
  2. “I realized that my rich dad had a thinking pattern that was almost exactly opposite and often contradicted the thinking of my real dad.”
  3. “What we ultimately invest in is a business. If you invest in stocks, you are investing in a business. If you buy a piece of real estate, such as an apartment building, that building is also a business.”
  4. “In order to be a good investor, you first need to be good at business.”
  5. “The best way to invest is to have your business buy your investments for you. The worst way to invest is to invest as an individual.”
  6. “Most people are not investors. Most people are speculators or gamblers, most people have the ‘buy, hold, and pray’ mentality.”
  7. “The reason we have billionaires who are still in their twenties is not because they bought investments. They created investments, called businesses that millions of people want to buy.”
  8. “A true investor makes money regardless of whether the market is going up or crashing down.”
  9. “One of the reasons so many people go broke after making a lot of money is that they do not know how to handle the problem of too much money.”
  10. “The average investor has a job. The rich investor creates jobs.”

  11. “One of the reasons so few people become rich is that they become set in one way of thinking. They think there is only one way to think or do something.”
  12. “The only reason you build a business is so that your business can buy your assets.”
  13. “Without my businesses, I could not afford to invest in the investments of the rich.”
  14. “Most investments are too expensive when you purchase them as an employee. But they are much more affordable if my business buys them for me.”
  15. “Learn to build businesses and invest through your businesses.”
  16. “All investors learn how to have their money work hard for them.”
  17. “When it comes to money and investing, people have three fundamental reasons or choices for investing- to be secure, comfortable, or rich. All three choices are important. The difference in one’s life occurs when the choices are prioritized.”
  18. “Most people dream of becoming rich, but it is not their first choice. Only three out of a hundred people in America are rich because of this priority of choices.”
  19. “One of the most startling differences between my rich dad and poor dad was the kind of world they saw. My poor dad always saw a world of financial scarcity.”
  20. “Since money is only an idea, if your idea is that there is not enough money, then that is what your reality will be.”
  21. “Whatever your reality is about money inside of you is the reality of money outside of you.”

  22. “You cannot change your outside reality until you first change your inside reality about money.”
  23. “The more security you need, the more scarcity there is in your life.”
  24. “The more competitive you are, the more scarcity there is in your life. That is why people compete for jobs and promotions at work and compete for grades in school.”
  25. “People who are creative, cooperative, and have good financial and business skills often have lives of increasing financial abundance.”
  26. “There are two kinds of money problems. One problem is not enough money and the other is too much money. Which one do I want?”
  27. “Security and scarcity go hand in hand.”
  28. “The more a person seeks security, the less they can see of the opportunities that abound. They see only one side of the coin and never see the other side.”
  29. “Most people are so security conscious that they live their entire lives avoiding striking out just once.”
  30. “Investing means different things to different people.”
  31. “There is no one person who can possibly be an expert at the entire subject.”
  32. “The problem with investing in something because it’s popular or rated as the number-one fund for the past two years is that real investors have already made their money in that investment.”
  33. “Investing is a plan, not a product or procedure.”

  34. “An investment product or vehicle simply takes you from where you are financially to where you want to be sometime in the future, financially.”
  35. “Most people are trying to make money by what they think is investing. But trading is not investing.”
  36. “A true investor has a plan and has multiple options for different investment vehicles and procedures.”
  37. “Don’t invest until you have a plan.”
  38. “The difference between a rich person and a poor person is the person’s vocabulary.”
  39. “If people want to begin increasing their financial success, it begins with increasing their vocabulary in a certain subject.”
  40. “A financial plan is important before someone begins to invest because it needs to take into consideration many different financial needs.”
  41. “It is imperative that our schools begin to teach young people to invest for their long-term health and financial well-being.”
  42. “It is important to plan as early in life as possible.”
  43. “The problem with being young is that you don’t know what it feels like to be old. If you knew what being old felt like, you would plan your financial life differently.”

  44. “Your first goal could be to learn one new financial word a week. Simply find a financial word, look it up in the dictionary, find more than one definition for the word, and make ax mental note to use the word in a sentence that week.”
  45. “Investing is simply a plan, made up of formulas and strategies, a system for getting rich—almost guaranteed.”
  46. “Find a formula that will make you rich, and follow it.”
  47. “The problem when it comes to money, however, is that a little discipline is often a rare commodity.”
  48. “Insurance is a very important product in anyone’s life plan. The trouble with insurance is that you can never buy it when you need it.”
  49. “Regardless of whether or not you have money, find an advisor you like and who is willing to work with you.”
  50. “You find your own plan first by taking action. Begin by calling a professional and set realistic goals, knowing the goals will change as you change—but stick to the plan.”
  51. “Financial intelligence helps you know when to do things on your own and when to ask for help.”
  52. “Regardless of whether you work for someone else or for yourself, if you want to be rich, you’ve got to mind your own business.”

  53. “When it comes to investing, I learned more from my bad investments, investments where I lost money, than I learned from the investments that went smoothly.”
  54. “The key to staying young is to decide what you want to be when you grow up, and then keep growing up.”
  55. “If our maker has created a life of unlimited abundance, why should you plan on limiting yourself to having less?”
  56. “If you want to be rich, you will need all three plans—a plan to be secure, a plan to be comfortable, and a plan to be rich.”
  57. “The moment you begin to think of time as precious and that it has a price, the richer you will become.”
  58. “In many cases, the poor and middle class struggle because they place far too much importance on money itself.”
  59. “Many people want to get rich or invest in the investments the rich invest in, but most are not willing to invest the time.”
  60. “You can invest to be secure and comfortable using an automatic system or plan.”

Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing is a must-read if you want to know more about the subject.

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