61 Powerful Ed Cole Quotes on Why Winners Never Quit

61 Powerful Ed Cole Quotes on Why Winners Never Quit

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Ed Cole wrote a book particularly for men called Winners Never Quit to encourage perseverance. Life can get tough for men especially when other people are looking to them for solutions.

When life gets tough we’re called upon to be tougher and God has given you the capacity to handle adversity. That capacity is developed by staying connected to God your Creator.

Check out 61 of his best quotes from the above mentioned book:

  1. “Crisis is generally the reason behind feelings of wanting to give up.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  2. “Facing the crisis, then overcoming it, can lead to our greatest success.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  3. “Christians, however, believe that God has the power to do anything. Often they have doubts, not about God’s ability, but His faithfulness.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  4. “Although many believers believe that God is able, they find it difficult to accept that He is faithful and that He will act on their behalf.” ~ Ed Louis Cole
  5. “The victory of the redeemed is not that they transform the world but that they overcome the world by the transforming power of God’s Spirit in them.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  6. “To accuse God of failure is to accuse Him of not being God.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  7. “God takes what is meant for evil and makes it work for our good.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  8. “The day after the battle is more important than the eve.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole

  9. “The basic art of communication is the ability to hear.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  10. “The beauty of the relationship between God and Elijah was not just in Elijah’s willingness to be identified with God, but in God’s willingness to be identified with Elijah.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  11. “God’s power is released in our lives to the degree of our obedience and no more.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  12. “Emotions follow actions.” ~ Ed Louis Cole
  13. “God brings you out only in order to take you in. God takes you from the lesser to the greater. Crisis is only the means of exchange.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  14. “Decisions determine destiny.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  15. “More men miss God’s answers to prayers, fulfillment of dreams and realization of hopes through impatience than through anything else. There is no impatience in God.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  16. “In the moment of your need, your trust must be centered in God alone.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  17. “Prayerlessness is often a form of hiding.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  18. “Everything God does is according to a pattern and based on a principle.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  19. “The seeds we carry for good will produce good wherever we go.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole

  20. “God’s escape pattern is never based on an escape from but an escape to.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  21. “God always thinks in terms of releasing us to something better.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  22. “God’s primary, fundamental goal for our lives is to bring us into a close relationship with Him.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  23. “God is more concerned with where we are going than from where we have come.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  24. “The pattern of the harvest is: Condition the soil, sow the seed, water it, reap the harvest.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  25. “Crisis is normal to life.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  26. “Where you are is not as important as who you are.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  27. “Cause judgments to be based on who you are, not what you were.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  28. “Our financial battle is won on our knees, not at the bank. Not at the mailbox. God is our source!” ~ Ed Louis Cole

  29. “Expecting God to release us instantaneously from a lifetime of error is presumption, not faith.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  30. “Panic and productivity are opposites. Panic is always counterproductive.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  31. “God will work only with what we give Him.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  32. “The approach of ‘middle life’ causes the reflection.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  33. “The result of reflecting back can be powerful or disastrous. At such a time, we need to remember that only God has the true perspective.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  34. “Life’s greatest poverty is not in riches but in spirit. Life’s greatest wealth is not in money but in friendships.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  35. “Failure to prepare is preparation for failure.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  36. “It’s never too late to start over.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  37. “The place of agreement is the place of power. The place of disagreement is the place of powerlessness.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  38. “Experiencing a victory during crisis is great, but continually abiding in Christ is greater.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  39. “Search for God’s knowledge and wisdom, as if you were searching for a hidden treasure that you were sure was there.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  40. “Remember that regardless of how dark things may appear to us here on earth, above the clouds, the sun is always shining.” ~ Ed Louis Cole

  41. “Faith lays hold of truth, and truth will always bring freedom.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  42. “Once we win the victory, we need to know the biblical principles to maintain victorious Christian living and abide in Christ continually.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  43. “God’s pattern for success is a pattern of purification.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  44. “We must be willing to accept responsibility for failure before we are able to accept responsibility for success.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  45. “The fear of failure is based on the fear of death.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  46. “Prosperity is the natural, sequentially-ordered result of righteousness in life.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  47. “You can find God’s basic patterns while listening to a teacher in a crowd. But you will find God’s individual pattern for your life when you are all alone with Him.” ~ Ed Louis Cole
  48. “The confession of Jesus is the rock upon which we stand as Christians.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  49. “Confessing Jesus is necessary to being identified with Him.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  50. “If we will do what Christ says and confess Him in obedience to His Word, we will know that He is God because we’ll see the results.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  51. “The confession of faith in Jesus Christ establishes God’s work in our lives.” ~ Ed Louis Cole

  52. “Confessing Christ is essential to commitment to Christ.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  53. “When we identify with Jesus by confessing Him, we align ourselves with Truth.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  54. “When we claim to be less than we are, we diminish the power of God in our lives.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  55. “God, Creator of the universe, created people to reflect His image.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  56. “By speaking God’s Word, we loose creative power in our circumstances.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  57. “Man is able to influence the outcome of his life with his words.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  58. “When we ‘die to the flesh’ and allow more of the Spirit to indwell us, we have a greater measure of God’s Spirit, but none of us experiences God’s Spirit without measure as Jesus did.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  59. “As we begin to think God’s thoughts, we will begin to speak God’s words.” ~ Ed Louis Cole
  60. “Speak words of faith, not fear, and see what God will do!” ~ Edwin Louis Cole
  61. “Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit. Never quit!” ~ Edwin Louis Cole

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