62 Challenging Vance Havner Quotes to Think About

62 Challenging Vance Havner Quotes to Think About

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Vance Havner was an American and well traveled evangelist who was passionate about the word of God. He had the privilege of growing up in a godly home with a father who was a devout Christian himself.

Having a spiritual legacy like that in a family is one of the best things that can happen to children. Though his father never was a pastor he had an influence on Vance’s life.

Here are 62 of his most memorable quotes you can learn from today:

  1. “Jesus Christ demands more complete allegiance than any dictator who ever lived. The difference is, He has a right to it.” ~ Vance Havner
  2. “Popularity has killed more prophets than persecution.” ~ Vance Havner
  3. “When a man makes alliance with the Almighty, giants look like grasshoppers.” ~ Vance Havner
  4. “A deep and sober concern to please God is the rarest of rarities.” ~ Vance Havner
  5. “What gives the Word of God authority is simply the fact that it is the word of God!” ~ Vance Havner
  6. “No life is great that does not point to Christ.” ~ Vance Havner
  7. “God has a place and purpose for you, somewhere for you to be and something for you to do. You never will be happy elsewhere, nor can you please God anywhere but there.” ~ Vance Havner
  8. “Before we can strengthen believers or win the lost, we must be converted from the self-life to the Christ-life. . . ‘Not I, but Christ.’” ~ Vance Havner
  9. “You have not really learned a commandment until you have obeyed it. The Church suffers today from Christians who know volumes more than they practice.” ~ Vance Havner

  10. “Every Christian is a priest, not offering a sacrifice for sins – since that has been done once and for all – but offering his person, praise and possessions.” ~ Vance Havner
  11. “Too many Christians are stuffing themselves with gospel blessings while millions have never had a taste.” ~ Vance Havner
  12. “A revival is the church falling in love with Jesus Christ all over again.” ~ Vance Havner
  13. “There never has been a culture since this world began in which a New Testament Christian could feel at home.” ~ Vance Havner
  14. “You always enter God’s hospital as a charity patient. You can’t pay your way.” ~ Vance Havner
  15. “More Bibles are bought and fewer read than any other book.” ~ Vance Havner
  16. “We can often do more by doing less. God is not particularly interested in quantity production. That is an American standard, not a Bible standard.” ~ Vance Havner
  17. “In other days people chose a church on the basis of their doctrinal convictions. Now, lacking doctrinal convictions, they choose for social reasons.” ~ Vance Havner
  18. “The alternative to discipline is disaster.” ~ Vance Havner

  19. “Don’t ever come to church without coming as though it were the first time, as though it could be the best time, and as though it could be the last time.” ~ Vance Havner
  20. “If you lack knowledge, go to school, If you lack wisdom, get on your knees.” ~ Vance Havner
  21. “If you are what you’ve always been, you are not a Christian. A Christian is a new creation.” ~ Vance Havner
  22. “If you see a Bible that is falling apart, it probably belongs to someone who isn’t!” ~ Vance Havner
  23. “No nation can last long when it stops praying and takes up playing.” ~ Vance Havner
  24. “Christ is most concerned with the direction in which you habitually are going and not with a spasmodic eruption either good or bad.” ~ Vance Havner
  25. “The man who sets out to live the life worthwhile-to follow his vision and speak his heart-need not look for position, honors, prosperity.” ~ Vance Havner
  26. “Men seek fame and high places only to learn that they were happier in obscurity.” ~ Vance Havner
  27. “Most of the notable turn out to be the not-able. God’s greatest truths still belong to babes.” ~ Vance Havner

  28. “We are fighting the greatest battle of all time with the most untrained army on earth. If strict discipline is necessary in art and athletics, how can we expect to be advanced Christians and stay in kindergarten?” ~ Vance Havner
  29. “The early Christians condemned false doctrine in a way that sounds almost unchristian today.” ~ Vance Havner
  30. “I’m convinced that a large percentage of people that we call worldly Christians are perhaps not Christian to begin with and that may be the trouble.” ~ Vance Havner
  31. “Our Lord holds the keys to the doors of Christian service. You don’t have to chase ‘key men’ around if you know the Keeper of the keys!” ~ V. Havner
  32. “To some Christianity is an argument. To many it is a performance, to a few, it is experience.” ~ V. Havner
  33. “Life is like a grain of wheat: to plant it is to recognize its value; to keep it is to destroy its value. The ‘planted’ Christian counts life dear not unto himself but unto God.” ~ V. Havner
  34. “Revival precedes evangelism. The church must first repent. This is the blind spot in our eye today.” ~ V. Havner
  35. “To the average professed Christian today, living so far below normal, New Testament Christianity would be a shock.” ~ V. Havner
  36. “It’s hard to be optimistic when you have a misty optic.” ~ Vance Havner

  37. “We must live in all kinds of days, both high days and low days, in simple dependence upon Christ as the branch on the vine. This is the supreme experience.” ~ V. Havner
  38. “One hour in heaven, and we shall be ashamed that we ever grumbled.” ~ V. Havner
  39. “The gospel is for lifeboats, not showboats, and a man must make up his mind which boat he is going to operate.” ~ V. Havner
  40. “If the church would only be the church- if Christians would only be Christians- nothing could halt our onward march.” ~ V. Havner
  41. “I suspect that much of our praying to be used is selfish, and underneath it is the sneaking desire to make our mark and be recognized.” ~ V. Havner
  42. “Most people would not want to live where there are no churches but many people live as though there were no churches.” ~ V. Havner
  43. “The tragedy of today is that the situation is desperate but the saints are not.” ~ V. Havner
  44. “When we sin, we are often upset, not because we have grieved the Spirit but because our pride has been injured.” ~ Vance Havner

  45. “To build character of purpose and integrity is our high mark, and that cannot be done in a world where there are no adverse elements.” ~ V. Havner
  46. “We are challenged these days, but not changed; convicted, but not converted. We hear, but do not; and thereby we deceive ourselves.” ~ V. Havner
  47. “God judges what we tolerate as well as what we practice. Too often we put up with things we ought to put out.” ~ V. Havner
  48. “One of the greatest errors in the church today is the artificial distinction we have created between accepting Christ as Savior and confessing Him as Lord. We have made two experiences of it, but the New Testament makes them one.” ~ V. Havner
  49. “Satan does some of his worst work on exhausted Christians when nerves are frayed and the mind is faint.” ~ V. Havner
  50. “Too many Christians live their Christian lives inside their heads; it never gets out through hands and feet and lips.” ~ V. Havner
  51. “If the devil cannot keep you from being saved, if next he fails to make you backslide, then he undertakes to keep you just an average Christian. Here he succeeds with most believers.” ~ Vance Havner

  52. “No man can be a Christian by knowingly and willfully taking Christ on the installment plan, as Savior now, and Lord later.” ~ V. Havner
  53. “If you are a Christian, you are not a citizen of this world trying to get to heaven; you are a citizen of heaven making your way through this world.” ~ V. Havner
  54. “The world does not hate its own. It does hate our Lord. It hates His followers. Where do you belong in this lineup?” ~ V. Havner
  55. “The middle of the road is a poor place to walk. It is a poor place to drive. It is a poor place to live.” ~ V. Havner
  56. “When the Lord’s white sheep become dirty gray, all black sheep feel more comfortable.” ~ V. Havner
  57. “Real revival does not begin with joyous singing. It begins with conviction and repentance on the part of Christians.” ~ V. Havner
  58. “Christians, like snowflakes, are frail, but when they stick together they can stop traffic.” ~ V. Havner
  59. “Our efficiency without God’s sufficiency is only a deficiency.” ~ V. Havner
  60. “It is not our business to make the message acceptable, but to make it available. We are not to see that they like it, but that they get it.” ~ V. Havner
  61. “The devil is not fighting religion. He´s too smart for that. He is producing a counterfeit Christianity, so much like the real one that good Christians are afraid to speak out against it.” ~ V. Havner
  62. “What our Lord said about cross-bearing and obedience is not in fine type. It is in bold print on the face of the contract.” ~ V. Havner

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