63 Ron Dunn Quotes on What it Means to Be A True Believer

63 Ron Dunn Quotes on What it Means to Be A True Believer

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Ron Dunn was a preacher, author and international Bible teacher. He traveled extensively around the United States and other countries like Australia, Canada and Europe.

Even since his passing, his works continue to inspire other ministers of the Word of God. That’s what it means to create a lasting legacy. It’s what you leave behind for others that makes a person great.

Here are 63 of his most memorable and life changing quotes:

  1. “If you are limping around on the crutches of feelings, throw them away and walk on the legs of faith.” ~ Ron Dunn
  2. “Faith is not a means of getting man’s will done in heaven; it is the means of getting God’s will done on earth. Faith does not put God at our beck and call; rather it puts us at his.” ~ Ron Dunn
  3. “Faith is the channel through which all that God has promised becomes ours.” ~ Ron Dunn
  4. “Faith puts man right where God wants him—in the place of total dependence.” ~ Ron Dunn
  5. “True faith is authenticated by its object, and the only valid object is God. The secret of faith is knowing God; and the greater our knowledge of him and his Word, the greater will be our faith.” ~ Ron Dunn
  6. “Everything we get in the Christian life we get by grace through faith. Grace makes it available and faith accepts it.” ~ Ron Dunn
  7. “Everything we get in the Christian life we get by grace through faith. Grace makes it available and faith accepts it.” ~ Ron Dunn
  8. “In the battle of faith, money is usually the last stronghold to fall.” ~ Ron Dunn
  9. “I’m afraid many of us are more interested in the ‘feeling of the Spirit’ than the filling of the Spirit.” ~ Ron Dunn

  10. “For the church, victory always begins with the recognition that God is our Sovereign Lord.” ~ Ron Dunn
  11. “Intercession is not petition. Intercession is position. It is not something we do—it is something we are.” ~ Ron Dunn
  12. “Maybe God planted u where u are b/c He knew a friend in this journey would pass your way – this person is your inescapable responsibility.” ~ Ron Dunn
  13. “Unconcern always finds an excuse, deep concern always finds a way.” ~ Ron Dunn
  14. “Only desperate men and women, propelled by a sense of urgency, truly intercede. Battles are not won by the nonchalant.” ~ Ron Dunn
  15. “The big deal about prayer is not that we get what we ask for, but that God is glorified in our getting it.” ~ Ron Dunn
  16. “If we wait until we understand everything about prayer, we’ll never pray.” ~ Ron Dunn
  17. “An untried faith is a worthless faith. It is the trail that determines the authenticity of our faith.” ~ Ron Dunn

  18. “An inadequate or inaccurate knowledge of God will result in a defective faith.” ~ Ron Dunn
  19. “Faith that pleases God loves Him for Himself and not for what it can get out of Him.” ~ Ron Dunn
  20. “We shouldn’t ask God for additional proof about something He has stated plainly in His Word. Faith is its own fleece.” ~ Ron Dunn
  21. “Reduced to its simplest form, faith is man’s positive response to divine revelation.” ~ Ron Dunn
  22. “Revival has never come because men placed it on a calendar. It has come because God placed it in their hearts.” ~ Ron Dunn
  23. “Triumphant living isn’t getting things from Christ; it is realizing we already have all things in Christ.” ~ Ron Dunn
  24. “The key to the victorious Christian life is the enthroning of Jesus Christ as Lord.” ~ Ron Dunn
  25. “God lets us choose the level of our Christian experience. He forces no one to enter into victory.” ~ Ron Dunn
  26. “The strength and stamina you have in the conflicts of life will be determined by the quality of nourishment you receive from the Lord.” ~ Ron Dunn
  27. “In my own spiritual pilgrimage I am discovering that God gives me only what I am prepared to receive.” ~ Ron Dunn
  28. “Preparation is an act of faith. If we really believe God is going to do something, we get ready for it.” ~ Ron Dunn

  29. “It is His presence that gives you the courage to obey, even when faced with unbelievable problems and insurmountable obstacles.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  30. “Disobedience is an assault on the character of God; it is saying, ‘God, You can’t be trusted.’” ~ Ronald Dunn
  31. “It’s not enough to read your Bible regularly, memorize it, and mediate on it; you must obey it.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  32. “The Word of God is to be like a tune you can’t get out of your head; it is to permeate your life and be absorbed into your system.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  33. “Regardless of natural talent or ability, only disciplined devotion to God’s Word can equip us to do God’s will.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  34. “The quickest route to defeat is to concentrate on your circumstances.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  35. “Every circumstance, under the control of our sovereign Lord, only serves to further His redemptive purposes.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  36. “We entered the Christian life by responding in faith to Jesus Christ and we go on in the Christian life by continuing to respond in faith to Jesus.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  37. “It’s not special or super faith that overcomes the world. It’s not how much faith you have, but what you have faith in.” ~ Ron Dunn

  38. “Every Christian doesn’t automatically experience victory in Christ. We must appropriate what God has made available.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  39. “Obedience to God’s directions is an evidence of our faith, and without it there can be no victorious life.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  40. “The life of victory means that I no longer labor according to my strength but His. My ability is no longer measured by my power but by His.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  41. “Anything less than always triumphing in Christ is less than God’s desire for you.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  42. “God’s goal in saving us is not just to get us out of hell and into heaven, but for us to experience all that He has promised us in Christ.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  43. “Too many Christians are struggling to win a victory that has already been won!” ~ Ronald Dunn
  44. “Faith is the seed, and obedience is the flower that springs from it. Faith is the root; obedience is the fruit.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  45. “When a person does not believe that God can and will do what He says, he limits God to his own ability and thinks he must help God out.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  46. “Some of us pray as though God had just declared bankruptcy, but I believe He is honored and glorified when we ask for bigger things of Him.” ~ Ron Dunn

  47. “The Holy Spirit won’t convict us of sin God has already forgiven. The devil dredges up past sin but if we’ve confessed, God has forgiven.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  48. “If we say that nothing in our lives needs to be adjusted, it’s a sure sign that we’re walking in darkness.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  49. “The most helpless condition that we can get into is when we say we have no need to draw close to God.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  50. “God’s call is our assurance that we can become holy. His call to be holy includes the power to become holy.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  51. “God did not save us just so we can go to heaven. Heaven is a bonus. The real purpose behind God’s saving grace is holiness, not heaven.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  52. “Our relationship with God is not just to be the means for getting an injection of new strength so we can go out and serve Him in some way.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  53. “Knowing precedes asking.  We can’t pray effectively unless we know God adequately. This may well be the answer to much unanswered prayer.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  54. “When a situation gets desperate we don’t need more effort but deepening communion with Him, more intense concentration of worship/fellowship.” ~ Ron Dunn

  55. “The confidence in our confession comes from two places: the authority of Scripture, and the advocacy of the Savior.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  56. “God is not my responsibility. I am His responsibility. My relationship with Him comes first, my family comes second, my ministry third.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  57. “God is as much in the ordinary as He is in the extraordinary. The same God who raised Jesus from the grave raises the sun every morning.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  58. “Unless we are willing to be instruments of the Spirit’s purpose, it is useless to pray for His help.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  59. “When our different concerns are thrust aside and hearts flow into one main stream, God’s presence is manifest and people know He’s taken the field.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  60. “We do always have the presence of God. What we do not always have, however, is the awareness of His presence.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  61. “The early church didn’t have enough influence or prestige to get Peter out of prison, but they had enough power to pray him out.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  62. “Instead of casting prayer as a polite nod to tradition, a piece of pietistic irrelevance, we must see it as the true power of the Church.” ~ Ronald Dunn
  63. “To the degree we (the Church) have lost our distinctiveness, we have lost our influence for Christ in the world.” ~ Ronald Dunn

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  1. “The triumph of evil over good is only apparent. It doesn’t really win.” Ron Dunn

    1. Amen to that. Thanks for sharing, John

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