68 Encouraging David Divelbiss Quotes to Inspire You

68 Encouraging David Divelbiss Quotes to Inspire You

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David Divelbiss quotes
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David Divelbiss is the former senior pastor of Living Word Worship Center in Minden, Louisiana. He has a huge passion for teaching the Word of God to the nations.

His twenty plus years of ministry have made him an accomplished speaker, mentor and encourager of the saints. With a heart of compassion and great leadership capacity he continues to touch the lives of many to this day.

Here are 68 of his inspiring quotes to bless your soul:

  1. “You can pursue your dream no matter where you are today. What happened in the past is not as important as what lies ahead in the future.” ~ David Divelbiss
  2. “What happens to you isn’t half as important as how you respond to what happens to you.” ~ David Divelbiss
  3. “Attitude is more important than reality because attitude can change reality!” ~ David Divelbiss
  4. “God’s love is unconditional. Since we didn’t do anything to earn it, He doesn’t withdraw His love when we don’t deserve it.” ~ David Divelbiss
  5. “If our words are not building each other up, we ought to keep our mouths shut!” ~ David Divelbiss
  6. “Our victories come out of relationship with the Lord.” ~ David Divelbiss
  7. “Don’t wait to get happy when you reach your dream, enjoy the journey to your dream!” ~ David Divelbiss
  8. “You might not be where you want to be, but thank God you’re not where you used to be!” ~ David Divelbiss
  9. “Choose to be positive no matter what. Be a person who can see good and not evil. Life is not fair, but God is good! Look for good in everything.” ~ David Divelbiss
  10. “The path of obedience is where God reveals His glory and your strength is renewed day by day.” ~ David Divelbiss
  11. “God’s timing is always perfect. Trust Him, He will bring your desires to pass right on time!” ~ David Divelbiss

  12. “Whatever you do in life, is a reflection of your relationship with God. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart!” ~ David Divelbiss
  13. “Don’t be so busy ‘serving God’ that you don’t have time to serve people.” ~ David Divelbiss
  14. “A diligent person is not a workaholic, a diligent person works smart!” ~ David Divelbiss
  15. “Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight.” ~ David Divelbiss
  16. “God can never bless us when we are being hard-hearted, critical, or unforgiving. These things will hinder faith quicker than anything.” ~ David Divelbiss
  17. “People don’t expect to see signs and wonders today. Has God changed, or has our faith diminished so that we are not EXPECTING what Jesus promised?” ~ David Divelbiss
  18. “All our victories are won before we go into the fight. They are won as we pray.” ~ David Divelbiss
  19. “Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes are worn out. What separates the developer of a successful dream from a mere dreamer is action.” ~ David Divelbiss
  20. “Words kill, words give life, they are either poison or fruit, you choose. Lord, set a watch before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.” ~ David Divelbiss
  21. “The path of Wisdom leads to prosperity and health, keep your eyes on Jesus (The Word) not on worldly things.” ~ David Divelbiss
  22. “As believers we are not to be in competition with each other. We are in competition with our own potential.” ~ David Divelbiss

  23. “You don’t have any more faith than you have patience, when your patience runs out so does your faith. Let’s exercise great patience today!” ~ David Divelbiss
  24. “The best place to be, is to be in your place.” ~ David Divelbiss
  25. “What happens next depends on what happens now.” ~ David Divelbiss
  26. “Attitude is more important than talent, a bad attitude will neutralize your talents.” ~ David Divelbiss
  27. “People that are committed to a cause or a person are the happiest most fulfilled people on the planet.” ~ David Divelbiss
  28. “There is satisfaction in being committed to something that is bigger than yourself.” ~ David Divelbiss
  29. “It’s not what you say that determines your walk with God, it’s how you live.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  30. “It’s not about how much you know, but what you do with what you know.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  31. “Between you and the will of God is a sea of trouble. You will pass over to the other side!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  32. “Your words and your confessions actually shape and determine what you are and what you will become.” ~ David Divelbiss

  33. “The only time God will lead us into tests (hard places) is when promotion is in the works.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  34. “Who you love is more important than what you know. Knowledge puffs up, love builds up!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  35. “No one ever received an award for how they began. It’s how we finish that makes us great in life! Let’s finish our course with joy!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  36. “Thank God that things are as good as they are. Thanksgiving takes our attention off the negative, and causes us to think on the positive!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  37. “A person who chooses to operate in thanksgiving and praise is forced to take their mind off the problem and to put it on the answer.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  38. “Whenever a negative circumstance starts speaking to you today, talk back to it in faith and watch the situation change.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  39. “If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  40. “His grace has brought you this far, his grace will bring you home. What He has begun in your life, He will bring to a fine finish!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  41. “The key to having strong faith is having weak doubts. We can starve our doubts by only thinking on God’s word. GOD WILL PROVIDE!” ~ David Divelbiss

  42. “God wants us to prosper (3 John 2), but our maturity dictates the timing.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  43. “There comes a time when you just have to cut the cord and go for it. At some point, you must launch out into the deep! The just shall live by faith!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  44. “Thinking ‘what if’ is a faith killer. Don’t look back, look forward to the things God has promised us. Positive thoughts bring great hope.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  45. “Sacrifice is the language of the spirit realm. Sacrifice with praise, and heaven will move on your behalf.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  46. “If you knew what was on the other side of your mountain, you would move it! Speak to it, and you will get through it.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  47. “Faith always comes with a sound, a voice, and a word.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  48. “Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Fight until you win!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  49. “Thankfulness constantly reminds us that God is our source.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  50. “The mark of a Spirit filled life is HUMILITY.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  51. “Grace is God’s grip on you, and faith is your grip on God. God’s grip on you is stronger than your grip on Him!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  52. “You don’t have to make it happen; you let it happen. That is why the person who believes has entered into rest (Hebrews 4:3).” ~ D. Divelbiss
  53. “You will have challenges in life, but you are not the challenger, you are the champion.” ~ David Divelbiss

  54. “You can’t control the wind, but you can control the rudder.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  55. “Your growth stops when you stop. Keep moving toward your goal!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  56. “Your attitude not your talent will enable you for greatness in life.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  57. “Humility is the path to divine promotion.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  58. “Do not confuse sensitive with touchy. Sensitive people are spiritual; touchy people are ruled by their emotions and the opinions of others.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  59. “JUST GET OVER IT! Life is too short to be bitter, let’s get better!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  60. “There is no situation in your life that takes God by surprise. His divine power has been given to us to provide everything we will ever need!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  61. “Thinking about God’s greatness and faithfulness builds faith. Put your mind on the answer and not on the problem. Your faith will grow!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  62. “Many times doors will not open until you make the effort to go through them.” ~ David Divelbiss

  63. “There is creative power in your words. Speaking what you believe can change your circumstances. Speaking what you have makes you a victim.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  64. “Keep your eyes on the spoils of war. Champions always focus more on the spoils of war than on the conflict. Keep focused. You have a reward.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  65. “Obedience means you are doing the right thing, but honor means you have the right attitude about it.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  66. “Faith is spiritual energy. With it, we are strong. Without it, we are weak. Seek The Lord with all your heart today and be energized!” ~ D. Divelbiss
  67. “Living a life style of love is essential if you want to maintain vital contact with God.” ~ D. Divelbiss
  68. “Every step in love is a step towards God and every step out of love draws you away.” ~ D. Divelbiss

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