10 Great Dwight Moody Quotes on Living in Righteousness

10 Great Dwight Moody Quotes on Living in Righteousness

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Dwight Moody was a prominent American evangelist in the nineteenth century. He was born in 1837 and died at the age of 62 in 1899. He also published some books to teach people about the Word of God.

His father died when he was still young and was raised by his mother as one of nine children. He founded two schools for boys and girls in 1879 and 1881 among other great things he did.

Here are 10 of Dwight L. Moody’s quotes about life as a believer:

1. “Walk circumspectly, because you don’t know who will be influenced by your words and actions.” ~ DL Moody

This is particularly important if you’re a person of great influence with many people around you. That’s why a righteous man may pray each day for God’s guidance in everything that he does. Sometimes you may not realize how much of an impact you have on others so being kind is a good thing.

The easiest way to do this is by being authentic such that you’re the same person in public and in private. It’s hard to live with a double standard as it seems to be a lot of work to manage.

2. “Men may measure with their own rule; but bear in mind that God looks at the world and man with different eyes.” ~ DL Moody

Some people believe that because of their good works they qualify to go to heaven without accepting Christ. Good works are part of righteous living but confession of Jesus Christ as Savior is the main thing. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and we can’t go to the Father without going through Him.

It is righteousness by faith that brings you into a right relationship with God which is what people must know. While the world has its own standard of righteousness, God’s standard is the true measure of righteousness.

3. “I have noticed that when a man does begin to pick the Bible to pieces, it doesn’t take him long to tear it all to pieces.” ~ DL Moody

One of the many signs of error regarding God’s word is when you try to make it conform to your lifestyle. Bear in mind that it’s a gradual process of compromise whose impact you won’t see until you reflect. When you compromise once, it becomes easier and easier to compromise again.

It becomes easy to justify certain practices when you twist God’s word to fit your personal lifestyle. You’ll find, however, that you won’t experience the fullness of God’s power working in your life. When you find yourself in that position, begin to meditate on righteousness scriptures to conform to God’s standard.

4. “Every temptation you overcome makes you stronger to overcome others, while every temptation that defeats you makes you weaker.” ~ DL Moody

The devil never stops tempting God’s children but the more equipped you are with scripture, the easier it is to resist. Make it a daily practice to study the word of God and to spend time in prayer and worship. It’s good to remember that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much.

When you overcome temptation once, it gives you the confidence and strength to resist when it comes again. The opposite is also true in that when you first succumb, it will require effort to overcome it next time. The Apostle James encouraged the saints to resist the devil so that he would flee.

5. “Until conviction of sin brings us down on both knees, until we are completely humbled, until we have no hope in ourselves left, we cannot find the Savior.” ~ DL Moody

My senior pastor once shared that until God has dominion over your life, you won’t have dominion over the earth. What keeps most people from realizing their full potential is the spirit of pride which is sad. It’s always better to humble yourself instead of getting to a point where God humbles you.

Either way, hitting rock bottom tends to be a good thing because it makes you begin trusting in God. While the experience is painful it has led to greater things in my life and other people I know. When God has dominion over you, you’ll have dominion in your life.

6. “I am one of those who believe that there is a good deal of repentance to be done by the Church before much good will be accomplished in the world.” ~ DL Moody

One of the reasons some people shun Christianity is because of the hypocrisy they see in believers of Christ. These are the people that preach one thing and live another like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. For most people the only Bible they may ever read is you and how you live your life.

When Christ is living in you people see Him working in your life and are drawn to that. Where you find yourself stumbling, repent before God and continue to model righteousness to win more souls for Christ. Only when the church humble themselves before God will He do mighty things.

7. “I have great respect for a man who can stand up for what he believes is right against all the world. He who can stand alone is a hero.” ~ DL Moody

Holding onto convictions is a trademark of true believers who don’t worry about what other people think about them. It’s a lonely position that they find themselves but God always vindicates those who stand for truth. There are more that enough examples of this that have been demonstrated throughout history.

One of my favorite is the story of the late Desmond Doss, who was a World War 2 hero. He was raised in a Christian home where he was taught that life was precious and to never kill. Desmond signed up for the war as a conscientious objector but they tried to force him to carry arms. He suffered persecution for his resistance but he was the ultimate hero when he saved many of his fellow soldiers.

8. “A disciple in the world is all right, but the world in a disciple is all wrong.” ~ DL Moody

Since we live in a corrupted world it’s impossible to distance ourselves from its corrupt ways. However, even though you live in the world, you don’t have to succumb to its wicked ways as some do. Your role as a righteous man or woman is to be salt and light in the dark places.

It becomes a problem when the ways of the world creep into your life and you become corrupted as well. By all means get involved in the lives of worldly people but be the one to influence their lives.

9. “God never turns a deaf ear to the cry of a contrite heart.” ~ DL Moody

When you come humbly before God in sincerity, He hears the cries of your heart in times of distress. The scriptures say that the prayer of the righteous avails much so be assured that He’ll answer when you call. God loves you more than you may realize even when you feel unworthy of His love.

The parable of the prodigal son is a good example of that love in action. When you are at your lowest point, God still loves you and that will never change. The prodigal son had to come in repentance for him to be restored to his place in his father’s house.

10. “A good way to forget your trouble is to go and help someone else who is carrying a heavier burden than yourself.” ~ DL Moody

It’s easy to get stressed when you focus on your own struggles and forget about other people. Man is self-centered as a result of our sinful nature and thinking of others is an antidote for that. You’ll find that when you help other people carry their burden, God will send someone to help carry yours.

I believe it’s His way of getting us to love other people instead of only looking out for own interests. Helping other people leads to greater joy and happiness even when things aren’t working out for you personally. God is faithful, however, and will always reward you for the good deeds you do for others.

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