7 Powerful Motivations You Need to Get Teens on Life Coaching

7 Powerful Motivations You Need to Get Teens on Life Coaching

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The global pandemic has been a real eye opener for everyone around the world and caused us to rethink our lives. It’s sad to think about the lives that have been lost and households left devastated from losing their jobs. Most of the traditional advice that has long been taught became invalidated over a few months. Young teens can learn from this year’s events by engaging in some form of coaching to avoid being in similar positions later in life.

Teens in the past followed a path that perhaps worked at the time but things have now changed. I personally wish I could have gone through some coaching at that stage of my life. I would be in a better position today but failures are part of the journey nonetheless. Making certain decisions early in life, however, sets you up for greater success.

Here are seven reasons why life coaching for teens can improve the quality of their lives:

1. Reduced learning curve

Do you know one session of life coaching can save you years of heartache and mistakes? Some people go far in life mainly because they’ve been able to stand on the shoulders who’ve gone before them. Teens, however, tend to have a ‘know-it-all’ type of attitude that can become detrimental in the long term if nothing is done about it. 

As a teen there’s so much about life that you don’t understand even when you feel like you do. Having great people around you or a coach clarifies your vision for life and what you want to accomplish. Learning from them puts you in a position to achieve more in a shorter period of time.

If young people are the future of tomorrow and go through coaching how amazing would that be! Learn from your coach and apply what you’re taught. It will set you up for a great future.

2. Keeping focused 

One of the best things about coaching is that it helps you stay focused in life which applies to teens. There are not many teens I’ve come across who are focused about what they want in life. To most of them life is just one big party that never ends and not having a care in the world. More often than not those same people will have regrets later in their lives.

Oftentimes most teenagers’ behavior is influenced through peer pressure and wanting to fit in with others. Some peers can have positive influence yet more often than not the peer pressure is rather negative. Without a sense of identity about who they are it becomes easy to fall for anything that can give them validation.

Staying focused enables you to maximize the potential inside of you and working with a coach can help you do so.

3. Setting up a solid foundation

After watching the highly anticipated documentary, The Last Dance of the Chicago Bulls I had a greater appreciation of coaching. If you haven’t seen the documentary it chronicles the life of Michael Jordan who’s highly regarded as one of the best basketball players ever. 

From a young age he was taught the right values and principles by his parents to be successful in life. He was privileged to be coached by great coaches in his teens, not just about basketball but life as well. By the time he got into the NBA he made an instant impact and his career only got better with time.

He’s a great example of the impact life coaching can have on teens and a great encouragement for them too. Without a solid foundation you’ll always be building on shaky ground which doesn’t lead to any meaningful success long-term.

4. Clarity of purpose

This aspect tends to be dealt with through career life coaching that helps you understand what you were born to do. Since your career takes up most of your working life it only makes sense to align it to your life purpose. I’ve personally been through phases during my teens when I wondered about what to do with my life.

I did pretty well in school, not so much of an A student but above average though. There have been times when I wished that I could have had some form of career guidance at that time. I feel like I would have chosen my majors a little differently but anyway, all things work together for the good of those that love God.

In coaching, a good coach will normally help you analyze your wheel of life and help you make sound and informed decisions. Young teenagers need that help to fully understand who they are and their role in the world. Teens are never too young to make meaningful contributions to the world around them; all they need is the right guidance.

5. Wealth 

Wealth creation should start at an early age and shouldn’t be delayed for whatever reason. As young people we don’t always have a good grasp on the importance of financial freedom. Only later in life when there are more responsibilities do we realize choices that should have been made earlier.

Imagine being in a position of financial freedom when you’re in your twenties! It would be great indeed and give you options instead of being stifled by lack of resources. Teens could benefit from working with a good coach to plan their finances so as to have financial freedom in life.

Life should certainly be enjoyed and not endured and money plays a crucial role in making that happen. Any strategy whether in life or business requires sufficient resources to make it a reality otherwise it remains a pipe dream.

6. Health

Poor health is tied to various factors such as the quality of food we eat and levels of stress. Lack of exercise and taking care of your body are other common factors that contribute toward poor health. Without peace of mind as well your health can deteriorate. 

As mentioned in the previous point, having sufficient resources helps to alleviate some of the problems present in our lives. More often than not people dealing with stress are thinking about how to make more money to make ends meet. Over time it takes a toll and most will cease to think about taking care of their bodies and staying in good shape.

Your health is one of your most valuable assets and if you get it right at a young age you put yourself in a great position. Recovering good health later in life may not always be easy so the sooner the better.

7. Happiness

The byproduct of all of the above is a life of fulfillment and happiness. You get to live a life filled with joy knowing that you’ve accomplished your goals. The greatest part comes from having the ability to bless other people in the process which is the whole duty of men.

Life is meant to be lived to the full and enjoyed. It all starts from making the right choices at an early age by working with a coach or mentor. 

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