10 Great Tudor Bismark Quotes You Need to Epitomize

10 Great Tudor Bismark Quotes You Need to Epitomize

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Tudor Bismark quotes
Bishop T. Bismark

Bishop Tudor Bismark is a prominent minister of the Word of God based in Harare, Zimbabwe. He and his wife Chichi Bismark are the founders of Jabula New Life Covenant Church now established in 27 countries.

He has a passion for building people to live according to godly standards and hosts a powerful annual conference. Tudor Bismark’s influence is far reaching including addressing African Union breakfast prayer meetings and Government events.

Despite a difficult upbringing as a child he overcame the odds to become the person God created him to be.

Check out 10 of his famous quotes to inspire you to give life your best:

1. “Dominion isn’t a gift on your life; it has to be taken because the violent take it by force.” ~ Tudor Bismark

Nothing worthwhile in life is ever just handed down, you have to fight for it. I believe that this is so that you value what you get when you fight for it. Most things that you get free and without much effort can easily be abused; so you must earn what you get.

God has given you His word and the grace to take dominion in your sphere of influence. The devil on the other hand will not let you take that dominion without putting up a fight. Fighting for what is yours also builds your strength and prepares you for greater battles ahead.

2. “Listen to your heart. But don’t leave your head behind.” ~ Tudor Bismark

The message of following your heart is one that has caused untold pain in many people’s lives in times past. Certainly the Bible does say that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21). The problem though is that not all our heart’s desires are godly or in line with God’s purposes.

This is where you also need to think about those desires and measure them against the word of God. You might want to take up a certain opportunity yet it might not be God’s plan for you. In some cases, people may have feelings for another person’s spouse and that’s obviously against the word of God.

If your heart is leading you in the wrong direction, you must let go of the thing misleading you.

3. “There is always a second chance. If you make a mistake, be contrite and humble and God will give you a second chance.” ~ Tudor Bismark

As human beings we’re prone to making mistakes, at times mistakes with devastating and long lasting effects. This was the case with King David when he committed adultery with Bathsheba who was another man’s wife at the time. David acknowledged his sin before God and found mercy and his kingdom endured.

So if you’ve messed up your life in one way or another, it doesn’t spell the end of your dreams. All things work together for the good of those who love God, but only if you humble yourself before Him. There are countless examples of people who had terrible starts to their lives but that ended in triumph. God is committed to carrying out His purpose for your life no matter where you’ve been in the past.

4. “Most successful people have a systematic way of doing the same things that created success to, maintain that success.” ~ Tudor Bismark

From my experience, success is a combination of art and science no matter what field of endeavor you pursue. There’s an element of creativity to it as well as fundamental aspects that are essential to your overall success. Becoming successful is therefore not as complicated as it might appear to be at times.

Where some people struggle is having the discipline to do what they are supposed to do. We live in a microwave society where people put more effort in getting quick results and neglecting the fundamentals. By trying to take shortcuts, it takes them longer to reach their desired destination instead.

Choose to be smart and do the daily disciplines, no matter how boring they are. That is a sure way of moving closer to realizing your dreams.

5. “Read and lead go together. Never stop learning and developing. Be a student at all times. Never stop learning.” ~ Tudor Bismark

Since the only constant in life is change, it’s essential to change some of your ways to keep up. This applies to your individual life, and more importantly as a leader in your sphere of influence. Personal development is a top priority for the most influential leaders all over the world. If you don’t already have one, create a personal development plan for the skills you need to develop.

Being armed with new skills give you more power and confidence needed to tackle bigger assignments. If you’re not growing, you’re diminishing and that’s not a good place to be especially for your career development.

6. “Definiteness of purpose, strategic thinking and FOCUS overcomes limitation.” ~ Tudor Bismark

This is a truth that resonates with my own life as I have seen how applicable it has been. Understanding God’s purpose for your life is essential because if you don’t, you’re already doomed to fail. He is the author of your life so you must seek Him to know what your life purpose is.

Knowing your life purpose is a start, and what you need after that is coming up with the right strategy. Again, because God is the author of your life, it’s wise for you to seek Him to receive the strategy. Once you know how to go about it and execute relentlessly, nothing can stop you.

7. “Glory is locked up in pressure if you can’t handle pressure, you’ll never see the glory.” ~ Tudor Bismark

The man who faints in the day of adversity has little strength as the Bible says in Proverbs 24:10. The pressure is a necessary ingredient in getting to the next level of glory as it’s meant to strengthen you. I believe most crumble under pressure because they haven’t mastered their emotions.

It’s not that they aren’t capable of handling the pressure because God doesn’t allow anything beyond our ability to handle it. See the buildup of pressure as a sign that you’re closer to your end goal and get excited instead.

8. “Peace begins with yourself, if you cannot be at peace with yourself, you are not going to be at peace with anyone else.” ~ Tudor Bismark

People that aren’t at peace in their lives most often suffer from an identity crisis but may not realize it. When you’re not secure in who you are, you may end up looking for validation from other people. The problem with this is that everyone is going to have a different standard for you, which leaves you confused.

In this world whose culture is being shaped by various media sources, it’s essential to find your identity in Christ alone. This is how you will be at peace whether or not external factors around you change.

9. “The difference between the average and the successful often comes down to what the average could do but decided not to.” ~ Tudor Bismark

Part of the difference between successful people and average achievers has to do with the standards they uphold. It rarely has to do with superior ability or talent but the level of excellence with which they execute. Successful people do everything with a standard of excellence, including paying attention to the small details.

Average people do just enough to get by but hope to achieve good results at the same time. Many people have said before that hope is not a strategy, and that is why they underachieve. If you want to stand out, you must give your best all the time.

10. “If God gave you the promise you have to wait on him and expect him to show up and show out.” ~ Tudor Bismark

God’s people are to live by faith and not by sight, especially when external factors suggest otherwise. You don’t have control over your environment, but you have control over the effort you put into pursuing your dreams. Keep on executing the strategy God gave you, when you feel good and when you don’t; whether negative voices are discouraging you, or God is encouraging you.

If you can master your emotions and remain consistent, your chances of success will significantly increase. You can be sure that God will bring to pass the good work He begun in you.

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