71 Great Tudor Bismark Quotes You Need to Epitomize

71 Great Tudor Bismark Quotes You Need to Epitomize

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Tudor Bismark quotes
Bishop T. Bismark

Bishop Tudor Bismark is a prominent minister of the Word of God based in Harare, Zimbabwe. He and his wife Chichi Bismark are the founders of Jabula New Life Covenant Church now established in 27 countries.

He has a passion for building people to live according to godly standards and hosts a powerful annual conference. Tudor Bismark’s influence is far reaching including addressing African Union breakfast prayer meetings and Government events.

Despite a difficult upbringing as a child he overcame the odds to become the person God created him to be.

Check out 71 of his famous quotes to inspire you to give life your best:

  1. “When an individual has no vision: Life goes in circles.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  2. “One of the greatest challenges humans have is ‘following’.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  3. “You have to fight for your dominion. The blessing of dominion is on your life!” ~ Tudor Bismark
  4. “Dominion isn’t a gift on your life; it has to be taken because the violent take it by force.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  5. “Your gift will bring you before great men, but will not teach you how to behave when you come before a great man.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  6. “Sleep is built into the system. Don’t sleep when there’s a window of opportunity.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  7. “When you are uncompromisingly focused, you will get to your place of dominion.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  8. “A leader of tomorrow leads 3 years ahead, while a leader of the future leads 10 years ahead.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  9. “Possessive. Take responsibility of your domain and things you are trusted with.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  10. “You are going to go further, you are going to go faster, using less energy.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  11. “Listen to your heart. But don’t leave your head behind.” ~ Tudor Bismark

  12. “Be patient, especially with those who have struggles.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  13. “Indecision and procrastination have robbed so many of the blessing.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  14. “There is always a second chance. If you make a mistake, be contrite and humble and God will give you a second chance.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  15. “Excellence pays you off dividends in life that money can’t buy, neither can it compare to. Insisting on professionalism, benchmarking, with a ‘not less than this standard’ brings you to the for-front of life itself.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  16. “We generally can only work with the people we have. I’ve learned through years that showing appreciation to all for what they do goes a really long way. Being thankful is not an event, it is a way of life.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  17. “Dominion in your field come through innovation and creativity.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  18. “Maintaining physical fitness through exercise is necessary, especially when one has a grueling schedule. Our bodies are a gift and we must maintain and keep it well.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  19. “Develop a war chest of knowledge and information through study.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  20. “Allocating time deliberately for specific legitimate functions guarantees results and good success.” ~ Tudor Bismark

  21. “Set aside time for deliberate thinking and creating ideas.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  22. “I’ve learned that giving creates huge opportunities for promotion and elevation.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  23. “Most successful people have a systematic way of doing the same things that created success to, maintain that success.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  24. “Staying in control of all ones faculties is more important than we realize. Losing your mind, or having an emotional breakdown can happen, but stay in control of your faculties.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  25. “Don’t compromise your integrity.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  26. “Have an ideas book and a dream book where you record thoughts, dreams and ideas.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  27. “Every person needs key relationship to take them higher. Every man in ministry needs multilevel and multidimensional relationship.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  28. “Knowing your Bible is paramount to success in ministry.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  29. “Prayer is the engine for any ministry. Prayer is the life blood of persons’ anointing.” ~ Tudor Bismark

  30. “When you raise your family with your spouse, it is essential that you create a culture that establishes spirituality and success.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  31. “Read and lead go together. Never stop learning and developing. Be a student at all times. Never stop learning.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  32. “If you can’t deal with pressure you will never be able to be significant in the Kingdom of God.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  33. “Glory is locked up in pressure if you can’t handle pressure. You’ll never see the glory.” ~ Tudor Bismark
  34. “If you can’t handle pressure you’re not going anywhere.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  35. “For every man and every woman that is going to go into ministry there’s an extremely heavy price that has to be paid for that.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  36. “When building a team: look for passion.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  37. “Take time for prayer and meditation.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  38. “You cannot turn a big ship like you are turning a speedboat. As a single man, it’s easy to turn but when you get married your ship is bigger. You can’t just make a decision and turn because it’s going to take a while to turn.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  39. “Take time to write deep thoughts, ideas and journal them.” ~ Tudor Bismark

  40. “Take time for relaxation, winding down and fun.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  41. “It is needful to create purpose and find strategies in coping with and dealing with limitations in your life, business and ministry.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  42. “The top one percent of human beings that are successful in their field are highly driven and uncompromisingly focused.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  43. “Definiteness of purpose, strategic thinking and FOCUS overcomes limitation.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  44. “Take time for your business management team, for implementation of vision and strategies their wellbeing as individuals.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  45. “God’s grace on your life by virtue of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ has ushered you into your day of lifting. You are in the place of increase, power and influence.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  46. “Your business or organization is only as competent as the people you employ.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  47. “Connect with the Holy Ghost to break away the things you think you need that you actually do not need.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  48. “The fact that you cannot see the breakthrough doesn’t mean it’s not there.” ~ Bishop Tudor

  49. “They call me names but Jesus calls me anointing. You may be going through a hard time but you must prophesy. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  50. “The law of endurance – You must be prepared to wait patiently until God’s time and purposes are fulfilled. Faith hangs in there.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  51. “Holding ourselves to certain standards is essential for success.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  52. “You must have a standard by which you live, for marriage, for family, for Church, for study, for education, for relationship, for your products.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  53. “No matter the obstacles that come your way, there is a blessing of dominion coming upon you. No challenge can stop the touch of God upon your life. God has imparted His ability in you and you are empowered to do Greater Works. Everywhere you go miracles, signs and wonders will follow you.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  54. “Keep on praying, keep on pushing. What you will be known for is what you are pushing for in the spirit.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  55. “Some wisdom comes through life experience you learn as you grow.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  56. “The place of your greatest temptation become the place of your greatest release.” ~ Bishop Tudor

  57. “Commit to knowledge, commit to excellence. When you are building your life you can go as high as you want but it all depends on how deep you want to go in building the foundation.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  58. “Birthday gifts can get broken or lost, but your priceless words will remain close to my heart for eternity.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  59. “The Kingdom of God is not in Word but in Demonstration. So you can say you are something, but you must have results towards that. And that’s where ASSIGNMENT will help accelerate the demonstration of what you confess you are.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  60. “Peace begins with yourself, if you cannot be at peace with yourself, you are not going to be at peace with anyone else.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  61. “Just because you have prayed and God has not YET answered you does not mean that He is not going to. Keep on praying, keep on believing.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  62. “God’s perfect will is that we align ourselves in spirit according to what God does, but that cannot happen until the mind is renewed.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  63. “Your breakthrough is an object of your faith.” ~ Bishop Tudor

  64. “Patience is the key. Patience produces results.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  65. “Regardless of how long it has been since God gave you that promise, don’t stagger; wait on Him. He will make a way.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  66. “Don’t let your assignment die in the wilderness.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  67. “Don’t allow the simple things of the world to destroy the quality of your spirit.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  68. “Keys are important. They have just enough power to close doors as they have to open some doors.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  69. “Sometimes your problem is not faith, sometimes your problem is making a decision. It’s time to make a decision.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  70. “The difference between the average and the successful often comes down to what the average could do but decided not to.” ~ Bishop Tudor
  71. “If God gave you the promise you have to wait on him and expect him to show up and show out.” ~ Bishop Tudor

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