72 of the Best Power Quotes from the Battle Plan for Prayer

72 of the Best Power Quotes from the Battle Plan for Prayer

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The Battle Plan for Prayer quotes on the power of prayer
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When I think of prayer I realize that there is much power behind it in our every day lives. While it’s not a magic wand to get whatever you want from God responds when we sincerely seek Him.

Sincere prayer and seeking God in spirit and in truth creates an atmosphere of power. That’s the power we get from God to overcome the power of the enemy and prayer is a key factor.

Alex and Stephen Kendrick wrote a book called, The Battle Plan for Prayer, which teaches about the power of prayer. The book is a follow up resource to their movie, War Room, which is about prayer. Prayer is as important to the life of a believer as oxygen to a living organism.

Here are 72 quotes from the book that express the power of prayer:

  1. “Prayer
    can accomplish what a willing God can accomplish. It is a beautiful,
    mysterious, and awe-inspiring gift.”
  2. “There
    is no greater privilege for anyone than being able to personally talk with and
    speak into the ears of Almighty God.”
  3. “We
    have each been given a rich legacy of the power and importance of prayer, both
    in Scripture and throughout Christian history.”
  4. “No
    church program, religious event, political effort, or humanitarian cause can
    trump the awesome power of what God can do in response to the prayers of His
  5. “It
    should not surprise us, then, to discover that the greatest and most
    spiritually successful men and women in the Bible were always people of prayer.”
  6. “Prayer
    is our armored tank. And when put into action by God’s people, “the gates of
    hell shall not prevail against it”
  7. “Prayer
    can do anything. Because with God, ‘all things are possible’”
  8. “Prayer
    means that God’s miracle-working power is always a possible solution to
    whatever challenge stands before us.”
  9. “Prayer
    provides an unlimited spiritual data plan, meaning we never need to worry we’ve
    drifted out of range from the signal tower.”

  10. “So
    in prayer, there’s no need for any secrets. There’s perfect honesty, perfect
    freedom, perfect forgiveness, and perfect confidence.”
  11. “Certainly
    there’s wisdom in working hard and planning and trying to be personally
    responsible. Those are all good ways of attacking life. But without the
    addition of prayer to animate these noble qualities with the might and wisdom
    of God, they don’t do much.”
  12. “Prayer
    is what infuses all our efforts and the genuine concerns of our hearts with
    God’s boundless ability.”
  13. “God
    has strategically chosen to establish and utilize prayer as part of His
    sovereign plan for us. It is like oxygen to our spiritual lives.”
  14. “Prayer
    is simply too wonderful and important not to do it. It’s a big deal to God and
    should be a big deal to us.”
  15. “Jesus
    prioritized prayer above almost everything else. The disciples saw Him
    continually praying in secret and walking with spiritual power publicly.”
  16. “Too
    often, however, we put the cart before the horse by making prayer an add-on. An
    afterthought. A bonus feature to what we’re already doing, placing our own work
    ahead of God’s.”
  17. “God
    never intended for us to live out the Christian life or accomplish His work on
    the earth in our own wisdom or strength.”
  18. “A
    deep devotion to prayer was always connected to the success of the New
    Testament church.”

  19. “Ultimately,
    all prayer is for the glory of God. The best answer He can give to any prayer is
    whatever answer brings Him the most glory.”
  20. “This
    is God’s pattern. He makes His glory known progressively in your life—and
    through your life—from one situation to the next.”
  21. “So
    when God answers prayer, brag on what He’s done and is doing. It gives Him glory.”
  22. “Every
    prayer request (and every scenario that triggers a prayer request) is actually
    an opportunity for us to witness His glory firsthand.”
  23. “’Lord,
    show us Your glory,’ we pray. And we can always be sure He will.”
  24. “Prayer
    is not about prayer . . . just like a cell phone is not about a cell phone. A
    phone’s primary purpose is not for itself but to serve as a conduit to connect
    us in relationships.”
  25. “Prayer,
    at its heart, is communicating with God. Reverently and openly. Sincerely.
    Interacting directly with the magnificent God of the universe who is really
  26. “Knowing
    Him and loving Him leads to worshiping Him.”
  27. “Prayer
    doesn’t merely change things; it will change us. As we pray, God reveals His
    will and ways to us, and then starts to align our hearts and minds with His.”
  28. “When
    we seek first His kingdom, that’s when so many other things fall into place
    (Matt. 6:33).”

  29. “Prayer
    allows us the priceless privilege to not only know Almighty God better, but to
    join Him in what He is already doing among the nations for His glory.”
  30. “Again,
    prayer is not about prayer. It is about a Person—God Himself. When it becomes
    merely about accessing the provision or protection of God rather than knowing
    and pleasing the Person of God, then we are getting off track.”
  31. “Jesus
    praised His heavenly Father in prayer and presented praise as a first priority
    of our prayers.”
  32. “Every
    one of us is wired to worship. And we will give our hearts, attention, money,
    time, and service to whatever we value the most.”
  33. “When
    we pray in adoration, we stop focusing on ourselves and our storms, and start
    fixing our eyes on the only One who is fully able to handle any situation or
  34. “Just
    as parents delight in grateful children, we should ‘magnify Him with thanksgiving,’
    knowing our heartfelt gratitude greatly pleases our heavenly Father.”
  35. “Interceding
    is one of the most loving things you can do for others.”
  36. “Unthankful
    people are consistently sour in almost all circumstances. That’s why developing
    a grateful heart is a major part of God’s agenda.”
  37. “God
    answers prayer. That’s not just a slogan. ‘Everyone who asks receives,’ Jesus
    said (Matt. 7:8)”
  38. “God
    is simply not bound by time. He may start answering a request ten years before
    you pray it.”
  39. “A
    delay should not be interpreted as a denial. If a nine-year-old girl asks her
    mom for a wedding dress she saw, the answer to her request might sound like a

  40. “We
    are much better off trusting Him to give us what we need, when we need it, and
    when we’re ready for it.”
  41. “If
    lust, greed, bitterness, or pride is at the heart of a request, God may veto an
    answer in order to guard us from the hurt or idolatry that could result from
    the toxic request.”
  42. “We’re
    allowed to pray big prayers, realizing that in asking for things over our
    heads, God may just choose to totally amaze us even further.”
  43. “The
    job you want can pass you by. Your desire to marry someone or have kids may
    never come to fruition. Until an answer is final, keep asking in faith.”
  44. “Prayer
    should also be something that’s part of your daily schedule.”
  45. “Whether
    you’re the CEO of a business or between jobs, you should still prioritize
    prayer as a necessity in your schedule each day.”
  46. “When
    we schedule something, we’re less likely to forget it or treat it as something
    we’ll ‘get around to later.’”
  47. “Anything
    important enough to us will be something we make time for. Even when we’re
    extremely busy. But remember, Jesus was busier than all of us, and He
    prioritized daily prayer.”
  48. “So
    determine today that prayer will be the priority God wants it to be in your
    life. Choose to start each day in prayer.”
  49. “When
    prayer becomes your immediate reflex instead of your last resort, the whole
    battlefield begins to tilt in your direction.”

  50. “Take
    time to pray whenever you begin something new.”
  51. “Whenever
    you discover a physical, emotional, or spiritual need, you should allow that
    need to prompt you to pray.”
  52. “As
    God provides, protects, forgives, and guides you . . . thank Him! Don’t let the
    routine blessings you receive each day be taken for granted.”
  53. “Let
    any burden prompt you to pray to the One who loves you and can make it lighter.”
  54. “When
    worry washes over you, turn it into prayer.”
  55. “Anything
    related to sin should prompt us to pray. Whether we’re being tempted or have
    already crossed the line, we should immediately turn to the Lord.”
  56. “Prayer
    is not dependent on certain decibel levels or body positions. God’s clear
    emphasis is not on externals but on the heart.”
  57. “Yet
    just as prayer often drives us lower to the ground in bowed surrender, it also
    pulls us up, raising us from our earthbound existence.”

  58. “Beyond
    physical postures, what we do with our voices in prayer is also important.
    Sometimes the best thing we can do in prayer is be still and know that He is
    God . . . without saying a word (Ps. 46:10).”
  59. “Accessing
    God through prayer is not meant to be like cracking a safe. He hasn’t hidden
    the combination so that all we can do is hope to land on the right
    coordinates—otherwise we’re blocked out.”
  60. “Just
    as people who don’t share much common ground in their relationship have a hard
    time keeping conversation going, those who haven’t believed in God for the forgiveness
    of their sins cannot expect God to feel obligated to respond.”
  61. “People
    who pray merely to impress others had better enjoy those people’s ‘amens’ and
    compliments while they last. Because according to Jesus, that’s the full extent
    of the reward.”
  62. “One
    thing that makes our praying land with a thud of wasted words is when we’re
    talking and talking but aren’t even listening to what we’re saying.”
  63. “Like
    a wise parent with a pushy child, God knows what to give us for our good . . .
    and what not to give us for our good as well.”
  64. “How
    can we expect to be at peace with God in prayer when we are sowing disunity in
    our own homes?”

  65. “When
    you show compassion to those in need, God shows favor on your requests. But the
    opposite is true as well.”
  66. “Lukewarm
    belief is the weakest form of praying. Doubt locks us out of our own prayer
  67. “One
    of the most astonishing keys of effective prayer is to not hold back in our
    asking—and to keep asking, persistently, day after day.”
  68. “To
    pray for show is sowing to the flesh, but to pray in secret is to approach God
    with greater focus and humility.”
  69. “The
    power and beauty of united prayer is a gift we too often leave untouched and
  70. “Fasting
    opens up your spirit to God when you would otherwise be feeding your flesh. It
    clears the air of distraction.”
  71. “When
    praying from an obedient heart, we can freely make requests without shame.
    Working with Him instead of working against Him.”
  72. “When
    God becomes your greatest delight and first love above all else, then you are
    in a position for Him to bless you with your heart’s desires.”

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