11 of the Best Power Quotes from the Battle Plan for Prayer

11 of the Best Power Quotes from the Battle Plan for Prayer

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The Battle Plan for Prayer quotes on the power of prayer
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When I think of prayer I realize that there is much power behind it in our everyday lives. While it’s not a magic wand to get whatever you want from God responds when we sincerely seek Him.

Sincere prayer and seeking God in spirit and in truth create an atmosphere of power. That’s the power we get from God to overcome the power of the enemy and prayer is a key factor.

Alex and Stephen Kendrick wrote a book called, The Battle Plan for Prayer, which teaches about the power of prayer. The book is a follow-up resource to their movie, War Room, which is about prayer. Prayer is as important to the life of a believer as oxygen to a living organism.

Here are 11 quotes from the book that explain the power of prayer:

1. Prayer is what infuses all our efforts and the genuine concerns of our hearts with God’s boundless ability.

In life, you’ll often have a picture of what you want but lack the needed impetus to make it happen. Whether it’s for the salvation of a family member or a particular goal, there’s something needed to see it through. Part of that gap is the need for constant and diligent prayer on your part.

Pray for all the things that you’re working on from the onset until they come to fruition. Prayer is a powerful weapon that most people don’t realize how effective it is to achieve God’s purposes. It energizes you when you feel weak and gives you the insights you need to make certain things happen.

2. “So when God answers prayer, brag on what He’s done and is doing. It gives Him glory.

When your prayers are finally answered, it would be remiss of you to keep the news to yourself. It’s an opportunity to show other people how great and wonderful the Lord is for His glory. Revelation 12:11 tells us that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony.

Your testimony could be the key to encourage someone to believe in God for their own breakthrough. So when you keep your testimonies to yourself, you do a disservice to other people who might be losing hope. Let the world know about the good things God has done for you.

3. “Prayer, at its heart, is communicating with God. Reverently and openly. Sincerely. Interacting directly with the magnificent God of the universe who is really there.

When you come before God in prayer, it’s not about rehearsing the words you say and how you say them. Although He is your heavenly Father, He wants to have an open relationship with you where you can share everything. He wants you to be open with him as you would with your close friend.

The more open you are with God, the more you realize how loving He is and desires to help you. So whether it’s a bedtime prayer, or praying while you work the essence of prayer is communication with God. Your relationship will only grow through consistent prayer.

4. “When we seek first His kingdom, that’s when so many other things fall into place.

On a personal note, I’ve come to realize how powerful this lesson is as I apply it in my life. It’s a simple yet profound Kingdom principle that leads to God’s blessing and favor on your life. In some cases, it’s not always that we don’t know God’s will, but we choose to ignore it when He calls.

That calling will be different for everyone and to see progress in your life, humble yourself before Him. When you try to do things your way you become frustrated and miserable at the end of it all. At times you have to give up your old dreams to receive new ones from God.

5. “Interceding is one of the most loving things you can do for others.

Intercessory prayer demonstrates to God that you care about other people and not just your own interests. I’ve learned that prayer produces intimacy and leads you to the desire for God to touch their lives. Maybe that’s why Jesus told us to love our enemies so that He can work in them through us.

That is what intercessory prayer entails in a nutshell. The benefit on your part is that it takes your mind off stressing about what you want. At some point, God will meet your needs as you do the same for others through prayer and acts of love.

6. “We are much better off trusting Him to give us what we need when we need it, and when we’re ready for it.

If God answered all your prayers at once, you wouldn’t be able to handle the associated blessing and responsibilities. Just as you wouldn’t give a ten-year-old their own car, God won’t give you something before it’s time. It takes patience to wait on God and trust the process He’s taking you through.

When the time comes for the thing you’ve been praying for, it’s a beautiful sight to behold. In most cases you’ll find that it’s not because of your own effort, but because of God’s ordained plan.

7. “We’re allowed to pray big prayers, realizing that in asking for things over our heads, God may just choose to totally amaze us even further.

Ephesians chapter 3:20 says that God is able to do abundantly above all we can ask or think. Imagine something that you think would be amazing for you, and then realize that God can do better than that. He always wants to outdo Himself and do beyond what we think is possible in our lives.

Some prayer requests are not answered because they are amiss, but some are prayers you’ve never prayed before. If you asked God, if it’s according to His word most importantly, you’d be surprised at what He does. So sometimes all you have to do is ask to see God do amazing things in your life.

8. “Whether you’re the CEO of a business or between jobs, you should still prioritize prayer as a necessity in your schedule each day.

The good thing about scheduling your prayer time is that it becomes easier to make it a habit. The more you practice something habitually, the easier it is to keep doing it over time. Find a time that works for you whether that’s in the morning, afternoon, or later in the evening.

I’ve found that this draws me closer to God and to see things the way He sees them. You receive additional insight that ordinarily you might not have received, as the case is with close friends. There are some things that your close friend will tell you that they might not tell other people.

9. “When prayer becomes your immediate reflex instead of your last resort, the whole battlefield begins to tilt in your direction.

This is one of the major lessons I learned from the Kendrick brothers and it pays off immensely. Instead of prayer being an afterthought when all else has failed, make it a starting point for everything you do. Getting to that level also comes through prayer and fasting as you become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

It’s the reason why the Kendrick brothers’ movie ministry has been a major success since they started. Take a leaf from that, apply the same lesson and watch the mighty things God can do through you. If He can do it for others, He can do it for you too.

10. “The power and beauty of united prayer is a gift we too often leave untouched and unopened.

If you ever watched the movie Woodlawn, you’ll understand how powerful unity of purpose can be. There are some things that can’t happen until people come together with one voice to do God’s will. In the 1970s the state of Alabama was transformed when people that despised each other decided to love each other.

It started with one person sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with a football team and it spread from there. You’d need to watch the movie to understand what I’m talking about, but that’s what happens when God shows up. He shows up in a big way when people come together with unity of purpose.

11. “Fasting opens up your spirit to God when you would otherwise be feeding your flesh. It clears the air of distraction.

Fasting and prayer go hand in hand, and that combination helps you be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. The more sensitive you are to the Holy Spirit, the easier you see things that weren’t so apparent before. You’ll see danger coming before a disaster happens and you might also see opportunities that you hadn’t noticed as well.

Making fasting and prayer a regular thing is good for your spiritual growth and one I’d encourage you to do. Our warfare is not carnal but spiritual in nature so the more spiritually sound you are, the better.

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