76 Edwin Cole Quotes on How to Achieve Maximized Manhood

76 Edwin Cole Quotes on How to Achieve Maximized Manhood

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As the founder of the Christian Men’s Network Edwin Cole created a long lasting legacy of ministry to men. His ministry is the creator of the Majoring in Men curriculum that has gone international and continues to transform men’s lives and their families to this day.

am a beneficiary of this curriculum and it has transformed my life and I have
seen others around me transformed into the men God created them to be. He was a
man’s man and regarded as one of the greatest men’s ministers to ever live.

Here are 76 Classic Ed Cole Quotes from his book Maximized Manhood:

  1. “In the process of psychologizing the Gospel, we eliminate the word Sin from our vocabulary.” ~ Edwin Cole
  2. “Human sorrow for sin is based on being sorry for being caught, while godly sorrow is based on being sorry for the sin and having a desire to get rid of it.” ~ Ed Cole
  3. “Love centers in the will.” ~ Edwin Cole
  4. “Unconfessed sin is unforgiven sin. Sin can come out of the life only through the mouth.” ~ Ed Cole
  5. “Truth and reality are synonymous.” ~ Edwin Cole
  6. “You’ll never know the joy of graduation until you’ve experienced the sorrow of studying.” ~ Ed Cole
  7. “Unforgiveness binds you to the sin of the one who has wronged you.” ~ Edwin Cole
  8. “Balance is the key to life; therefore, men must learn to be both tender and tough.” ~ Edwin Cole
  9. “Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.” ~ Edwin Cole
  10. “What God expects from men is manhood.” ~ Edwin Cole
  11. “Maturity doesn’t come with age but with acceptance of responsibility.” ~ Edwin Cole

  12. “No one can be responsible for success until he is willing to accept the responsibility for failures as well.” ~ Edwin Cole
  13. “God expects fruitfulness in our lives. One of the principles of the kingdom is, if it isn’t producing lop it off.” ~ Edwin Cole
  14. “Prayer produces intimacy.” ~ Edwin Cole
  15. “Every woman needs to know she is unique to her man.” ~ Edwin Cole
  16. “You are committed to what you confess.” ~ Edwin Cole
  17. “If you do not treat your wife right, your prayers will not get ready answers.” ~ Edwin Cole
  18. “One of the lowest levels of knowledge is assumption.” ~ Edwin Cole
  19. “Self-justification makes you right in your own eyes by placing blame on someone else.” ~ Edwin Cole
  20. “When something appreciates, it gains in value. When something depreciates, it loses in value.” ~ Edwin Cole
  21. “If change doesn’t come from the top, revolution will come from the bottom.” ~ Edwin Cole
  22. “Personnel is always the problem; Personnel is always the solution.” ~ Edwin Cole
  23. “Change isn’t change until it is change.” ~ Edwin Cole
  24. “Men often judge others by their actions, and themselves by their intentions.” ~ Edwin Cole

  25. “An ounce of obedience is worth more than a ton of prayer.” ~ Edwin Cole
  26.  “Some things in life are more important than life itself.” ~ Edwin Cole
  27. “The man is the head of the family.” ~ Edwin Cole
  28.  “Guilt leads to fear which leads to hiding.” ~ Ed Cole
  29. “There are times when silence is golden, other times it is just plain yellow.” ~ Ed Cole
  30. “To reach your family, God looks to you.” ~ Ed Cole
  31. “The most powerful thing that can be done in life is to create an image.” ~ Ed Cole
  32. “The degree of disappointment is found in the difference between the ideal and the real.” ~ Ed Cole
  33. “Men’s three-fold responsibility is to guide, guard and govern.” ~ Ed Cole
  34. “Above all else, the greatest thing a father can do for his children is love their mother.” ~ Ed Cole
  35. “Love is the desire to benefit the one loved even at the expense of self because love desires to give.” ~ Ed Cole
  36. “Men are head-liners; women are fine print people.” ~ Ed Cole
  37. “One of the greatest thieves of family time is the television.” ~ Edwin Cole

  38. “The absentee father is the curse of our day.” ~ Ed Cole
  39. “Trust funds can never be a substitute for a fund of trust.” ~ Ed Cole
  40. “Listening is ministry.” ~ Ed Cole
  41. “The fine print is part of ministering. To minister to a woman, you must give her some fine print.” ~ Ed Cole
  42. “The sin of omission is the basic sin of humanity.” ~ Ed Cole
  43. “The only reason you do wrong is because you don’t do right.” ~ Ed Cole
  44. “Communication is the basis of life. When communication stops, abnormality sets in. The ultimate end of abnormality is death to the relationship.” ~ Ed Cole
  45. “It’s harder to maintain than it is to obtain.” ~ Ed Cole
  46.  “Marriage can be the closest thing on earth to a heaven or hell that men will ever experience.” ~ Ed Cole
  47. “One major reason for so much counseling today is because of so little prayer.” ~ Ed Cole
  48. “When the charm wears off, you have nothing but character left.” ~ Ed Cole
  49. “Idolatry is a value system in which we esteem something to be more worthy of our devotion than devotion to God.” ~ Edwin Cole

  50. “Lust is the desire to benefit self even at the expense of others because lust desires to get.” ~ Ed Cole
  51. “The solution to sin is repentance, confession and forsaking.” ~ Ed Cole
  52. “We have been seduced into thinking that we have instead of sin.” ~ Ed Cole
  53. “You are God’s friend if you obey Him.” ~ Ed Cole
  54. “Human wisdom will never lead us into our Canaan Land.” ~ Ed Cole
  55. “You can never maximize your potential until you have received God’s wisdom.” ~ Ed Cole
  56. “Sweethearts living together out of wedlock are really fornicators.” ~ Ed Cole
  57. “Human wisdom tries to cover up sin. This keeps men from entering their Canaan Land.” ~ Ed Cole
  58. “When you are given an invitation, you can either accept it or reject it. When you are given a command, you can only obey or rebel.” ~ Ed Cole
  59. “Obedience brings peace. Disobedience shatters it. In its place, it will bring confusion, pain and suffering.” ~ Ed Cole
  60. “God commands confession—confession to get rid of sin; confession to put on righteousness. Repentance from sin and faith toward God is the balance.” ~ Ed Cole
  61. “When a man obeys God, it maximizes his manhood.” ~ Edwin Cole

  62. “The more Word you have in you, the more Word-like, Christ like you become.” ~ Ed Cole
  63. “You become intimate with the one to whom you pray, the one for whom you pray and the one with whom you pray.” ~ Ed Cole
  64. “Men can change habits. Only God can change a nature.” ~ Ed Cole
  65. “You are committed to what you confess.” ~ Ed Cole
  66. “You are only a steward of your wife’s love, not a possessor of it.” ~ Ed Cole
  67. “Everything in life is ministry.” ~ Ed Cole
  68. “Christ provides solutions to the problems of the members of the church. The man prayerfully provides solutions to the problems of his family.” ~ Ed Cole
  69. “Some men think they are punishing their child for correction, when they are really punishing for revenge.” ~ Ed Cole
  70. “God can do nothing for men who say they have no needs.” ~ Ed Cole
  71. “God loves you personally. He has given you the Word and wisdom.” ~ Ed Cole
  72. “Young men and women are motivated greatly by the hero they have in life.” ~ Ed Cole
  73. “Men, families and nations are made great by the wealth of their virtues, not by virtue of their wealth.” ~ Ed Cole
  74. “Men are God’s methods. While men look for better methods, God looks for better men.” ~ Ed Cole
  75. “Men pitch personality, but character must be built.” ~ Ed Cole
  76. “When a man acts like a child, it forces his wife to act like his mother.” ~ Ed Cole

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