10 Edwin Cole Quotes on How to Achieve Maximized Manhood

10 Edwin Cole Quotes on How to Achieve Maximized Manhood

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As the founder of the Christian Men’s Network Edwin Cole created a long lasting legacy of ministry to men. His ministry is the creator of the Majoring in Men curriculum that has gone international and continues to transform men’s lives and their families to this day.

I am a beneficiary of this curriculum and it has transformed my life and I have seen others around me transformed into the men God created them to be. He was a man’s man and regarded as one of the greatest men’s ministers to ever live.

Here are 10 Classic Ed Cole Quotes from his book Maximized Manhood:

1. “In the process of psychologizing the Gospel, we eliminate the word sin from our vocabulary.” ~ Edwin Cole

In life, you don’t decline all of a sudden but it’s a gradual process of making one compromise after another. After some time those compromises become a normal part of life and your conscience might become seared as a result.

Until you admit to yourself that you’re in sin, you won’t experience the fullness of God’s power in your life. Learn to call a spade, a spade and by first acknowledging your sin will you be able to overcome it.

2. “Truth and reality are synonymous.” ~ Edwin Cole

Truth and reality are based on the unchanging word of God which is our source of life here on earth. The more you abide by the Word of God, the more progressive your life will be. When you try to live a fantasy lifestyle and make it real, you’re going to be disappointed.

Living in denial of things happening in your life, particularly the ones you don’t like, sets you up for failure. Truth stands forever while fantasies are short lived.

3. “Unforgiveness binds you to the sin of the one who has wronged you.” ~ Edwin Cole

Having a forgiving heart is one of the toughest things to do as a believer when you’re constantly offended. It is, however, a commandment that must be obeyed so that God can forgive you of your sins.

When you refuse to forgive others for the things they’ve done, you become like the people you refuse to forgive. This is how negative tendencies are passed from generation to generation; they must be repented of and released through forgiveness.

4. “No one can be responsible for success until he is willing to accept the responsibility for failures as well.” ~ Edwin Cole

Taking responsibility for your life is an empowering decision unlike what most might feel as though it’s a disempowering situation. When you blame other people for your shortcomings, you’re essentially saying that there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t shift the blame to others and still be successful; it’s an oxymoron.

At first, it might be painful to handle all the things you’re responsible for in your life. Once you get over that hump you’ll gain more confidence to do more you might have thought to be impossible.

5. “Men often judge others by their actions, and themselves by their intentions.” ~ Edwin Cole

This is how easy it is to be hypocritical which makes self-reflection an important part of your daily life. Like what the Bible says, the measure with which you judge others shall be used on you too. This isn’t to say that people shouldn’t confront each other of wrongdoing, but to be aware of it themselves.

On the other hand, the intention to do something isn’t the same as doing it. Life doesn’t recognize people for their potential but rather for what they actually do with their potential. Potential simply means that you’ve done nothing so far.

6. “An ounce of obedience is worth more than a ton of prayer.” ~ Edwin Cole

Prayer will not automatically fix any problems that you’re experiencing in your life as some people think. That’s why the Bible says that obedience is better than sacrifice as that’s what God takes delight in. Even after going through fervent prayer, you might still have the desire to keep indulging in sinful behavior.

Your love for God is demonstrated by keeping His commandments more than other acts such as praise and worship. That’s the best measure of assessing whether or not you’re a true disciple of Christ or a hypocrite.

7. “Men’s three-fold responsibility is to guide, guard and govern.” ~ Edwin Cole

Being the man God created you to be is a tremendous responsibility that can only be done through His grace. The man is the head of his family and must therefore provide direction for his wife and children. It’s his responsibility to lead his family as he is led by God. As a man, you’re to navigate the course and protect your family from harm.

Leadership has a price and while it appears glamorous at times, it certainly isn’t easy to handle. Having the right helper makes it more of a pleasure than a burden as you lead.

8. “One of the greatest thieves of family time is the television.” ~ Edwin Cole

Television in itself isn’t a bad tool because it can be used for good or bad purposes. It poses a danger when it becomes a babysitter for your children or a form of getaway from life’s problems. Instead of spending time together as a family and talking some people resort to television.

Not having one could be a good idea if it forces you to do more things together as a family. On the other hand, you never know the influences that you might be subjecting your family to as well. Be diligent in what you allow into your home through this medium.

9. “When the charm wears off, you have nothing but character left.” ~ Edwin Cole

A lot of men, especially deceitful men, build a persona around them that’s based on charm and charisma. They impress people with their smooth words or flamboyance in some cases but you never get to really know them. Sadly, most people fall prey to such men because they neglect to look at the character of the person they are dealing with.

When that flamboyance and charm are gone, only then do they realize that they have no character. Character is built on a solid foundation of godly principles based on the word of God. Focus more on developing your character than your reputation.

10. “Sweethearts living together out of wedlock are really fornicators.” ~ Edwin Cole

It’s common these days for couples to live together before they are married but even then it’s against God’s commandments. As mentioned earlier, small compromises made over time make you lose a sense of wrong behavior.

I’ve come across people who try to justify this type of behavior to suit their lifestyle which is a sign of error. When their plans don’t go as expected they choose to blame God instead of taking responsibility for their actions. God commands His blessing over our lives when we walk in obedience and repent of our sinful ways.

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