79 Edwin Cole Quotes on How to Develop Your Potential

79 Edwin Cole Quotes on How to Develop Your Potential

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Ed Cole quotes on how to develop potential
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Potential is only just that until you develop it. It needs the extra element of putting effort and using it to achieve things of significance. Edwin Cole wrote a book called, Power of Potential that brings understanding on how to maximize your God-given potential.

Many people go to their graves not having realized their full potential. This happens for many reasons part of it being unintentional about developing it. The few that develop their potential are no better than those that do. They simply take action more often than not and improve along the way.

Here are 79 powerful Ed Cole quotes to help you develop your potential:

  1. “Dreams are the substance of every great achievement.” ~ Edwin Cole
  2. “Truth and reality are synonymous.” ~ Ed Cole
  3. “Everything God does, He does according to a pattern, based on a principle of His Kingdom.” ~ Ed Cole
  4. “The more we base our lives upon character and less upon personality, the straighter our course will be.” ~ Ed Cole
  5. “God will finish what He authors, but He is not obligated to finish what He has not authored.” ~ Ed Cole
  6. “Without a dream, some are without hope. Without hope, life is hopeless.” ~ Ed Cole
  7. “All testing is based upon resistance. Your ability to resist the devil is proportionate to your submission to God.” ~ Ed Cole
  8. “Men, whether ministers or laymen, have a tendency to be intimidated by other men’s philosophies that are nothing more than rationalizations to justify failures. When you accept such philosophies, you accept the failures upon which they are based.” ~ Ed Cole
  9. “There is a price to pay for leadership. Joseph’s was spending thirteen years in intense confrontation with temptation and accusation.” ~ Ed Cole
  10. “Submitting to God in the morning will give men the ability to resist the devil in the afternoon.” ~ Edwin Cole
  11. “Preparation is the foundation for success.” ~ Ed Cole

  12. “You will always grow only as far as the level of your faith.” ~ Ed Cole
  13. “Flattery is disguised hostility.” ~ Ed Cole
  14. “You are never too young, too old, too poor, or too rich for God to make your dream a reality.” ~ Ed Cole
  15. “Perseverance will always outlast persecution.” ~ Ed Cole
  16. “Some men happen to influence, while others determine to do it.” ~ Ed Cole
  17. “Joseph’s favor with God was evidenced by the fact that everything he did, God made it to prosper.” ~ Ed Cole
  18. “How you leave one area of life determines how you enter another.” ~ Ed Cole
  19. “Meditation in God’s Word is the matrix of creativity.” ~ Ed Cole
  20. “Heroes are men who act from a need greater than themselves.” ~ Ed Cole
  21. “If you want God to develop the potential of your life, you need to give Him your time.” ~ Edwin Cole
  22. “Exchange is the process of life.” ~ Ed Cole
  23. “The true value of anything is internal not external.” ~ Ed Cole

  24. “Jesus came in His righteousness and became identified with our sins so that we, through repentance and faith, could become identified with His righteousness.” ~ Ed Cole
  25. “Successful men start where they are with what they have.” ~ Ed Cole
  26. “Faith and fear both attract. Faith and fear is believing that what you cannot see will come to pass, faith attracts the positive while fear attracts the negative.” ~ Ed Cole
  27. “God ends everything on a positive.” ~ Ed Cole
  28. “Peace is the umpire for doing the Will of God.” ~ Ed Cole
  29. “Everything in life must be converted from negative to positive.” ~ Ed Cole
  30. “The characteristics of the Kingdom emanate from the character of the king.” ~ Ed Cole
  31. “Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles.” ~ Ed Cole

  32. “We are to look for character in our leaders, and God will add the ability.” ~ Ed Cole
  33. “The world puts a premium on talent.” ~ Ed Cole
  34. “Crisis takes us from a transient to a permanent situation.” ~ Ed Cole
  35. “God never gives authority without accountability.” ~ Ed Cole
  36. “One of the most powerful things you can do in life is create an image. The next most powerful thing you can do is destroy it.” ~ Ed Cole
  37. “We are motivated to become what we imagine ourselves to be.” ~ Ed Cole
  38. “Counselors tear down old images and reconstruct new ones.” ~ Ed Cole
  39. “Our willingness to serve qualifies us to lead others.” ~ Ed Cole
  40. “The measure of our greatness is seen in how we care for others.” ~ Ed Cole
  41. “Satan’s two major weapons in his arsenal. Temptation and accusation.” ~ Ed Cole
  42. “Every leader is limited by three things in his life: The knowledge of his own mind, worth of his own character, and principles upon which he is building his own life.” ~ Ed Cole

  43. “Preach the Word; practice your consecration.” ~ Ed Cole
  44. “Public denunciation must follow private renunciation.” ~ Ed Cole
  45. “The place of agreement is the place of power.” ~ Ed Cole
  46. “You are committed to what you confess.” ~ Ed Cole
  47. “You can’t do God’s part. God will not do your part.” ~ Ed Cole
  48. “All God’s creative power is in His Word.” ~ Ed Cole
  49. “Life is composed of your choices and constructed by your words.” ~ Ed Cole
  50. “Confession has the potential to do good or harm.” ~ Ed Cole
  51. “We confess out our sin, and confess in our righteousness.” ~ Ed Cole
  52. “Decision always translates into energy.” ~ Ed Cole
  53. “What you believe about God holds the greatest potential for good or harm in life.” ~ Ed Cole
  54. “The difference between men who succeed or fail is their ability to handle pressure.” ~ Ed Cole

  55. Master your passion or your passion will master you.” ~ Ed Cole
  56. “There isn’t anything Satan doesn’t want to spoil because he wants to take the place of God.” ~ Ed Cole
  57. “Courage is exemplified at times by our ability to turn and run.” ~ Ed Cole
  58. “Truth is not an option in life. It is an absolute. Truth will always win.” ~ Ed Cole
  59. “Assuming you know, instead of asking for the truth, is an example of the sin of omission.” ~ Ed Cole
  60. “To love someone is to work for their highest good.” ~ Ed Cole
  61. “Peace at any price” is a bad philosophy.” ~ Ed Cole
  62. “If we will lose our life in Christ, we will save it.” ~ Ed Cole
  63. ““The innocent suffer for the guilty” is a statement that is a principle of the Cross.” ~ Ed Cole
  64. “By not forgiving your parents, you can actually retain their sins in your life.” ~ Ed Cole
  65. “Pressure always magnifies.” ~ Ed Cole
  66. “Men who become heroes and accomplish great things, are men who have a great value system in which their priorities are set correctly.” ~ Ed Cole
  67. “The use of money is a visible expression of faith.” ~ Ed Cole

  68. “What a man does with his money shows what a man does with his life and how much value he places in it.” ~ Ed Cole
  69. “The purpose for money is giving, not getting.” ~ Ed Cole
  70. “Poverty is a bondage.” ~ Ed Cole
  71. “Loving God only for material prosperity is a form of spiritual prostitution.” ~ Ed Cole
  72. “To deny God’s right to prosper you materially through unbelief is to deny God’s right of Lordship to your life.” ~ Ed Cole
  73. “The only morality money has is the morality we give it through our use of it.” ~ Ed Cole
  74. “We cannot gain by sacrifice what we lose through disobedience.” ~ Ed Cole
  75. “Guilt produces fear which produces hiding.” ~ Ed Cole
  76. “Guilt is deadly. It kills relationships.” ~ Ed Cole
  77. “When Jesus Christ forgives us of our sins, they are severed from us, never to be remembered against us again.” ~ Ed Cole
  78. “Conviction of sin in our life is not an evidence of God’s displeasure but of His love.” ~ Ed Cole
  79. “Peace and passivity are not synonymous.” ~ Ed Cole

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