79 Glen McQuirk Quotes for Mapping Out Your Dream Life

79 Glen McQuirk Quotes for Mapping Out Your Dream Life

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Glen McQuirk is the author of a book (or tool rather) called MAP4LIFE. With an engineering background this tool helps you to design your ideal lifestyle. He is of Scottish origin but based in South Africa.

MAP4LIFE is an acronym for My Action Plan for Life. His system of methodical goal setting has seen celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o achieve their dreams. Having used this tool myself for a number of years now I’ve been able to achieve my goals along the way.

Here 79 Glen McQuirk quotes to inspire you to pursue your God-given dreams:

  1. “I too have a dream… the beginning of meaning in anyone’s life.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  2. “A dream can never be stolen, only buried.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  3. “You were created for a purpose that the world cannot do without.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  4. “A dream is an invisible concept with the potential to become a tangible visible entity for all to see.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  5. “A dream hoped for is a dream lived for.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  6. “Dream all the time, it’s what your brain does best, and it costs nothing.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  7. “A harbor is where you find ships. An airport is where you find aeroplanes. Dreams are found in the mind.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  8. “Living people dream, dead people don’t!” ~ Glen McQuirk
  9. “A dream must first be believed before it can be seen.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  10. “Dream without limits.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  11. “Dreams are conceived through all six senses. Explore different environments to stimulate your senses.” ~ Glen McQuirk

  12. “The success of your dream depends on which conversation gets your attention.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  13. “Dreams shared in a creative environment multiply.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  14. “Walking on the moon was impossible until someone dreamed it possible.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  15. “You were born to dream bigger than big. Allow yourself to dream what has never been dreamed before.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  16. “Dreams defined are dreams with destiny.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  17. “An imprisoned dream is not a dead dream.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  18. “Your dream needs a MAP to navigate from where it is to where it was born to be.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  19. “MBA= My Big Advantage.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  20. “Every dream has a gestation period. Don’t abort your dream.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  21. “An announced dream is a proclaimed dream, it’s just a matter of time before you see it fulfilled.” ~ Glen McQuirk

  22. “You have everything you need to take the first step. The first step is the beginning of the wonderful end you have imagined.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  23. “A celebrated dream is an energized dream.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  24. “A dream without a purpose is worthless.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  25. “A visible dream attracts the appropriate resources.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  26. “A dream is easily stolen that is not embraced.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  27. “Your dream is your most prized possession. Own it.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  28. “A loved dream is a wanted and cared for dream.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  29. “Fan the flames of passion into a fire of desire.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  30. “Know your dream inside and out as it will be tested.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  31. “A dream produces fruit to sustain itself first and then to feed you.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  32. “Understanding the interpretation of a dream is vital to carrying it full term.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  33. “A dream dropped is easily shattered.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  34. “Dreams can never be crushed, only the spirit of the dream carrier.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk

  35. “A fulfilled dream reveals the quality of the character of its host.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  36. “You can imprison your dream with a ‘life sentence.’” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  37. “Your dream requires you to be a loving host, not an omnipotent resource.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  38. “Speak life into your dream.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  39. “Your picture is unique; no one else can replicate it.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  40. “Your dream becomes a permanent image in your mind which reveals something about your past, present or future.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  41. “Doubt exposed is doubt deposed.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  42. “Thinking is the spiritual food that converts thought into something physical.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  43. “A job should not be a means to an end, but a means to a beginning.” ~ Glen McQuirk
  44. “The dream is more easily defined than the path to its fulfilment.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  45. “Selfish seed feeds you. Successful seed feeds you and your family. Significant seed feeds the world.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk

  46. “Choose the seed that will produce your chosen harvest.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  47. “Seeds survive well in dark dry and baron environments.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  48. “Seed is given in abundance to the diligent sower. Be a sower of seed.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  49. “Knowledge of the harvest determines the ideal environment for the planting of your seed.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  50. “Dreams conceived are just seeds with potential, nothing more.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  51. “A seed has everything within it to get everything without it to become all that it is purposed to be.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  52. “To be successful you will have to be prepared to do some tasks that you don’t enjoy doing.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  53. “Make a positive difference in the lives of those you encounter.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  54. “The higher you climb the more severe the weather conditions.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  55. “The greater the obstacle overcome, the greater the personal development.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk

  56. “Is this really the best you can do?” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  57. “The strength of a country can best be measured by the strength of the individual family units within that country.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  58. “Be grateful and let your spouse know that you appreciate the things he/she does for you and the family.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  59. “The higher the building being constructed, the bigger and deeper the foundation required.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  60. “When your children see your commitment, they learn from your example.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  61. “Are you your children’s greatest hero?” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  62. “Read the Bible with your children before they go to bed at night and in the morning when they get up. What an investment.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  63. “Moving to another city, country or continent may change your circumstances, but it does not change you.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  64. “Now that you are focused you may be more aware of how many people are on the road to nowhere and don’t even know it.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  65. “I know of no man who can attribute his success to sitting in front of a television.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk

  66. “When you leave your bedroom in the morning, remember it is: LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  67. “Knowing where you are is as important as knowing where you want to be. By knowing both you can work out the best route to get you there.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  68. “You can never really enjoy a bicycle until you take the baby wheels off.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  69. “Risk can also be interpreted as faith-in-action.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  70. “You will only have the money when you learn to control it.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  71. “You have 86400 seconds each day to fulfil your purpose. What did you use them for today?” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  72. “Tackle your struggles head on. The longer you wait to do something you dislike, the more intimidating it becomes. DO IT NOW!” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  73. “Get advice from people that are moving in the same direction that you are and who are preferably further down the road.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  74. “If you want an opinion go to the pub. If you want sound advice go to someone who has succeeded in your chosen endeavor.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk

  75. “The population clock has registered six billion people on planet earth. The amazing thing is that not one of them has your fingerprints.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  76. “Control your money or your money will control you. Have a spending plan.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  77. “Today is the beginning of what you have left. Is it going to take you closer to or further from your goals?” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  78. “You have a Mr Positive and a Mr Negative doing constant battle in your head. Guess who wins? The one you feed the most.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk
  79. “Retired folks do what they want to do when they want to do it and have the money to do it with. Everyone else is on pension.” ~ Glen A. McQuirk

I hope these quotes inspire you to pursue your dreams. If they do leave your comments below:

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