86 Mark Kariuki Quotes to Inspire a Life of Righteousness

86 Mark Kariuki Quotes to Inspire a Life of Righteousness

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Bishop Mark Kariuki is the Senior Pastor of Deliverance Church in Nairobi, Kenya. He’s an enthused pastor who preaches with passion and a desire to see the saints living for the Kingdom of God.

As a minister with great influence in Kenya he doesn’t shy away from standing for truth in spite of opposition. It’s always refreshing to have such people around in places of darkness.

He also travels around the world to speak on different platforms to share the the good news of the gospel.

Here are 86 of some his best quotes to inspire righteousness:

  1. “Why should we fear God? Our God is a consuming fire.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  2. “God is sovereign. He does what he wants to do when He wants to do it.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  3. “For us to come out of our situations we must fear God. We must honor him as our father.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  4. “When you fear God you will want to live a Holy life. When you fear God you will want to serve him and live for him.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  5. “The fear of God in you will enable you to honor the authorities he has placed in your life.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  6. “The Word of God is final. It’s to be obeyed and not be submitted for debate.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  7. “When we fear God we live in accordance to His Word.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  8. “The fear of the Lord will cause you to walk away from company that will lead you to sin.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  9. “The fear of the Lord will cause you to avoid places where God is not found (Places where sin is being practiced)” ~ Mark Kariuki

  10. “Keeping Gods commandments will cause you to do what he wants you to do.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  11. “Judging oneself by the word of God enables you to avoid God’s judgment. What the bible calls sin, call it sin.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  12. “What the Word of God says is good, call it good and practice it; when the word says repent, turn a new leaf and repent of your sins.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  13. “God is Sovereign. He knows what you need and He will give it to you without your permission. In His sovereignty He will rescue you.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  14. “When the word says you’re healed, nothing can go against His word. When He says you’ll prosper, poverty cannot claim your life. Why? Because Jesus is alive and he will never change.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  15. “It does not matter what yokes have been holding you or how well the door of your “Tomb” is sealed. The resurrection day is here and the resurrection power is at work.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  16. “The resurrection power is able to break every yoke and bondage in your life.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  17. “You cannot meet with the master and remain the same. Your life changes completely.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  18. “As a family create a way of communication. A way that you can all understand each other.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  19. “When a family is in an agreement, agreement to be united, then they are fulfilling the purpose of God.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  20. “With unity in communication, in participation, in participation, unity of purpose and unity in vision, nothing is impossible.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  21. “Men ought to pray… If they don’t, they will faint. Prayer creates a permanent avenue for God to operate in, in your life.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  22. “Choose to lead a life of prayer. Have an agreement with your family to lead a life of prayer.” ~ Mark Kariuki

  23. “The power of agreement will bring success and prosperity to you. You need to discuss and agree on all your undertakings.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  24. “When a husband and his wife live in agreement, they have the potential to live the life of an answered prayer.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  25. “If what you agree is not in the purpose of God, it is dismantled.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  26. “When you are united, you speak the same language and you accomplish the purposes of God.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  27. “Your languages changes when you understand the power of agreement. It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, through the power of agreement your miracle will manifest.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  28. “There can’t be exchange data between two smart phones without activation of certain software. In the same way, situations cannot turn around without activation of prophetic anointing by connecting to the altar.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  29. “The minute your capacity fills, the oil stops flowing. Therefore ensure that your capacity keeps on growing.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  30. “In whatever you do, let God be in its beginning. Let Him begin your business, marriage, family and all your endeavors.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  31. “What the moon needs is to stand in line with the sun for it to shine bright. Don’t look at yourself, look up to God. Get in line with the Word of God and you will automatically shine.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  32. “We have been made kings. The words of a king become law after they are said.” ~ Mark Kariuki

  33. “Your victory was designed before the foundations of the earth were formed. Walk in that victory.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  34. “Joseph wakes up as a prisoner, walks through the prison hallways a prisoner…. But news come saying that Pharaoh wants to see him. After that his life turns around. There was no post of the prime minister in Israel but the Lord caused it to be created just for Joseph.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  35. “We have a God who will create new opportunities, new ideas for you.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  36. “Rebellion is rejecting the Word of God. When you do not live according to the precepts of the Word of God, you are walking in rebellion.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  37. “Rebellion opens doors for judgment and where the judgment of God is, His wrath is manifested.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  38. “Jesus defeated the enemy in his own territory and He has given you the power over all those principalities He conquered.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  39. “Rebellion attracts rejection. King Saul rebelled when he listened to his followers instead of the voice of God. He spared Agag the king of Amalekites and the best of things from their land when God had ordered everything to be destroyed.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  40. “Woe unto you if you like pleasing people instead of pleasing God. You are walking in rebellion and are ushering rejection.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  41. “Cease pleasing people and start pleasing God.” ~ Mark Kariuki

  42. “When the light of the Word of God shines upon you, every foreign thing in your life departs and restoration takes place.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  43. “When you walk in the light of the Word of God, you will not be afraid of what people say about you.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  44. “If we are not getting in the power of oneness we don’t get in the power and authority God has given us.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  45. “Through faith Abraham inherited the promises of God. Faith causes you to possess the promises of God.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  46. “The word of God works which effectively works in you is there to bring God’s word to fulfillment.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  47. “Avoid describing your situation, instead address it. When you describe it, you have soothed it and it might stay in your life consistently.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  48. “If a fish is separated from its origin, it dies. If vegetation is separated from its origin (uprooted), it dies. And in the same way, when a man is separated from his origin, God, he dies.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  49. “When God created man, he gave him dominion, authority, government, and jurisdiction over all creation.” ~ Mark Kariuki
  50. “There is no instance where God called forth one thing and another came forth. He was specific when He was calling things forth. You got to be specific with what you are calling.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  51. “Be specific in your prayers. Allow God to arise in you and what you call will come forth.” ~ Mark Kariuki

  52. “Being born again is not a religious function or ceremony. It is a life experience that every person should experience.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  53. “Temptation is not a sin. Falling into the temptation is the sin.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  54. “God is love and when you love you are manifesting that love.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  55. “The valley isn’t a permanent place. It isn’t a dwelling place but a place you go through. And anytime you go through, you come out better.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  56. “When the king calls for you, your life changes. All those names you have been carrying with you change. Maybe you have been carrying the name poor, sick, lame, barren, or whichever name you have been answering to. The King of Kings is calling you. And that name will be no more.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  57. “We have been made able ministers; ministers unto the Lord and to His people.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  58. “Ministering unto the Lord means serving Him. And you cannot serve Him and remain the same. You cannot remain average.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  59. “There are many today that have committed themselves to serving to wealth and the zeal for ministry for the Lord disappears.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  60. “Keep the fire of the ministry unto the Lord burning in your life. This way the Lord is able to manifest in your life.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  61. “Purpose to minister to the Lord with all your means and in everything you do.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  62. “There are benefits that come when we minister to the Lord. The ministry provokes Him to work and fight the battles in our lives.” ~ Mark Kariuki

  63. “Honor the Lord with your substance. When you do, He will appear in several ways. Your bags will be full and your bottles shall overflow.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  64. “When the Lord speaks, He doesn’t give full details but as you move everything falls into place. So, get moving.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  65. “When God speaks, everything changes. Blind Bartimaeus faced opposition when he called out to Jesus but when Jesus spoke, his situation changed.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  66. “A son will always listen to the words of the mother and take up the actions of the father. Therefore it is important for the man to ensure he is not a non-resident father.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  67. “Every time you have an opportunity to listen to the Word of God, raise your expectation that you will hear the voice of God.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  68. “When you decide to go where the Master has sent you may encounter a storm. But you’ll come out stronger due to the unshakable kingdom in you.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  69. “When you develop a taste for God’s glory, you become addicted to His presence, where there is fullness of joy.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  70. “Watch what you do with your inheritance. Do not let your inheritance take you away from worship. Do not let it stop you from hearing the word of God or going to the house of God. Let your inheritance bring you closer to God.” ~ Bishop Kariuki

  71. “The central focus of the kingdom of God is not miracles, healing or going to heaven. The central focus is God’s will be done (Establishing the heavenly kingdom in our midst.)” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  72. “Our obedience however will be tested, and the trials might come when we least expect them but you have to conquer. The power to conquer any test or trial is within you.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  73. “One of the keys that will help us manifest the kingdom here on earth, is The Key of Obedience. Jesus tells us to bring the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth wherever we go.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  74. “Abraham obeyed and went where God sent him without hesitation & without knowing where he was going. In obedience, you have to obey without understanding. Go with the confidence that you’re under the wings of the King.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  75. “All it takes is obedience to the word of the Lord and these blessings start flowing in your life. It is by obedience that you unlock your miracle.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  76. “You never know the kind of miracles and blessings you are blocking from your life by disobeying. It could be financial breakthrough, spiritual healing, physical healing or promotions.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  77. “You cannot be abandoned or forsaken, being forsaken is not your portion; but because you belong to a Kingdom, you have the privilege of provision.” ~ Bishop Kariuki

  78. “An ambassador has got personal audience/access to his king. We are on this earth representing our Heavenly Father. When we approach Him, we ought to approach Him with boldness and confidence, and make our petitions known to Him.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  79. “As long as you are in the Kingdom, the King ensures that you have access to everything within it. The King does it, not for the sake of the Kingdom, but at the expense of His own name.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  80. “Do not be stagnant, don’t be motionless. Unless you move, everything will stagnate. Don’t be motionless, don’t settle for less, you’ve got to move.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  81. “Once you know you are a king, then you know there is a Kingdom established for you.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  82. “When the fullness of time was come, God sent His son to restore that which was lost. May everything that was lost be restored to you!” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  83. “The king’s authority is absolute. He doesn’t need to consult with anybody. Today, Jehovah has decided to bless you.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  84. “Jesus lived and performed miracles by the Grace of God. The Grace that was full in Him is full in you. Don’t compare or compete with others. Operate according to the Grace bestowed upon you. May the Grace that is already within you be stirred up today!” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  85. “In all situations, be thankful to God. Do not lean on your own understanding but in all your ways, acknowledge Him. Give Him praise.” ~ Bishop Kariuki
  86. “Hard times have not come to finish you, they have come to give you opportunity. Hard times come so that God’s glory can be seen in your life.” ~ Bishop Kariuki

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