9 Powerful Coaching Types You Need to Consider in Life

9 Powerful Coaching Types You Need to Consider in Life

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Different types of coaching can help maximize your life potential. Going through this post you’ll understand why coaching works and why you should consider it for your own life. It’s important to mention that a coach isn’t necessarily an expert but can help you get to a set goal.

With that said coaching for different areas of your life is key to becoming your best version. Without it we become mediocre at best but a coach by nature will draw the best out of you.

Beyond the coaching goal the bigger benefit is the greater sense of fulfillment that comes from becoming a better version of yourself.

Carefully consider the following and common 9 types of coaching:

1. Business Coaching

A business coach guides you in managing your business in a more efficient way than you are. They may advise on your operations, financial management, human resources and/or marketing processes.

These aspects are key in business growth as they help to generate sales. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business after all. Even if you’re just starting out or thinking of getting into business having a coach will make a big difference.

They can shorten your living curve and help minimize common mistakes most people make when starting out. It’s wise to engage one considering that most startup businesses fail in the first few years.

2. Relationship Coaching

Your relationships with other people are crucial in the grand scheme of things as you go through life. I once read a book that alluded to research that was done at a top institution about relationships in the marketplace.

It highlighted that only about 12% of success was attributable to skills and 85% to relationships with others. In other words being intelligent alone without having good relationships with others can only get you to a certain point.

You’ll have different types of relationships as you go through life and coaching in that area is priceless. Establishing good relationships can open doors of opportunity that you may never have been able to access.

3. Wellness Coaching

This type of coaching deals with your health and fitness so that you stay in shape. Sometimes when you get busy it’s easy to neglect taking care of your health. This is true of executives that have tunnel vision and focus or others who don’t think too much about their health.

Taking care of your body is imperative if you want to live long. A wellness coach will help you understand why it’s important to take care of your body. They may also design a program that can help you to remain productive while managing your overall health.

Your life can be cut short if you don’t take of yourself therefore wellness coaching is something to consider.

4. Career Coaching

This type of coaching is geared towards helping you progress in your career life. I certainly could have gotten off to a better start in my career had I had career coaching.

This should start even at high school level to help young people select courses in line with what motivates them. It’s easy to get stuck in a career and can be difficult to break free if not managed properly.

Fortunately even if you’re stuck in a profession you don’t like a career coach can help you make a transition. You spend most of your life working therefore it’s worth sinking your teeth in something you enjoy.

Being in the wrong profession can lead to stress and boredom which can also affect your close relationships.

5. Performance Coaching

This has more to do with tweaking and fine tuning certain aspects of a person’s life, relationships, business, etc. The tweaks may be minor but they make all the difference at the end of the day.

This could mean saving your business money, improving the quality of your relationships or finding your dream job. This is one of the reasons why the coaching process is powerful in life – to unlock what’s already inside of you.

A coach understands more the internal dynamics and process to help bring out the best in you. Depending on what particular area of your life where you need to improve this type of coaching can surely help you.

6. Confidence Coaching

What could you accomplish if you had all the confidence you needed to do what you need to do? A lot I presume. In many cases people don’t fail because they lack ability but they don’t believe in themselves enough to go out and get what they know they deserve.

Confidence grows based on a combination of knowing who you are and consistently getting positive results in your pursuits. If you could get coaching in that area how valuable would that be in your life?

If you struggle for confidence connecting with a coach to help you would be a good starting point.

7. Life Coaching

Life coaching focusses on the various aspects of a person’s life and helping them get clear on their goals. Instead of looking at one area this form of coaching looks at your life from a holistic point of view.

The main objective is to help you become more fulfilled knowing you made the most of your life. You may have had moments in life where you wished you had known certain things sooner rather than later.

Life coaching bridges that gap and this may be one of the most important types of coaching to engage in. It’s more advantageous to plug into at a young age when you have more freedom to experiment.

With the right coaching you can set yourself up for a successful life in the long term.

8. Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching focuses on coaching leaders to have greater influence on their teams. This is a powerful form of coaching because a transformed leader can transform many other people.

Leadership coaches should be among the most valuable coaches there are because of the impact they make. One of the people that come to mind is John C. Maxwell who trains leaders worldwide through his organization, EQUIP.

The world today could do with a lot more sound leadership given the challenges we face. Even if you’re a good leader you can still become better with the help of a leadership coach.

9. Team Coaching

Team coaching is one of the most exciting types I’ve experienced in my own life because of its dynamic. This form of coaching is focused on maximizing a team leader and its members’ potential to achieve a common goal.

A good coach will position the team members where they’ll add the most value. The dynamics of teamwork are such that each member’s input isn’t incremental but has a multiplier effect.

Some say that the entire team contribution is more than the sum of its parts. This is why sports teams or organizations replace the coach more than they do individual team members.

A good coach can turn a team around by putting the different pieces in the right place. This list isn’t exhaustive but I’m sure you realize there’s a number of life benefits to get from coaching.

Imagine if you had a coach for every area of your life, how much better would it be. You can always do better than your greatest achievement as long as you’re alive. Perhaps you can research some more about how a coach can elevate your performance.

Have you experienced other types of coaching in your life? Share with us below:

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