91 Kendrick Brothers Quotes from The Resolution for Men

91 Kendrick Brothers Quotes from The Resolution for Men

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Resolution for Men by the Kendrick Brothers
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Alex and Stephen Kendrick are brothers based in Albany, Georgia. The Resolution for Men is a book they wrote as follow up to their movie Courageous about fatherhood.

Together with their older brother Shannon they run Kendrick Brothers Productions making Christian films. Their portfolio includes movies like War Room, Fireproof and Facing the Giants.

In this book you will learn from a Biblical perspective what it means to be a man and father.

Here are 91 powerful quotes from their book, The Resolution for Men:

  1. “God’s Word commands husbands and fathers to lovingly lead their homes.” ~ Kendrick Brothers
  2. “When you get right down to it, the success or failure of fatherhood is the key issue of our generation. Leadership determines direction.”
  3. “This current generation of young men doesn’t know what it means to be a man. Or to be a mature, responsible leader.”
  4. “Regardless of age, everyone wants a good answer to the question, “What does my dad really think about me?”
  5. “The physical absence of fathers is now considered the most significant family and social problem facing America.”
  6. “God created fatherhood with an eternal purpose: to reveal and represent Himself.”
  7. “Our generation desperately needs courageous men to step up. We need men who will not be swayed by the culture or afraid of criticism.”
  8. “The generations of a family will lead one another further and further away from God unless a chain breaker steps up and turns things around.”
  9. “But when a man turns humbly and wholeheartedly to Him for help, the Lord can break the bondage of sin in his life completely.”

  10. “So whether the problem starts with sins you learned from your parents or picked up on your own, it’s time to repent.” ~ Kendrick Brothers
  11. “Unresolved bitterness is sin, and it will distort your own fathering. It will turn you into the very man you don’t want to be.”
  12. “But the truth doesn’t set you free if you only hear it and mentally understand it. You must embrace and believe it in the depths of who you are.”
  13. “So begin asking God to reveal the lies you have believed in the past and help you replace each one with His truth.”
  14. “A chain breaker must learn to become an intercessor—a man who shows his true dependence on God by faithfully fighting battles in prayer, both for himself and his family.”
  15. “To be a man is to fully own your roles as an adult, husband, father, employee, neighbor, and any other role you choose to undertake.”
  16. “We have a generation of men today in their thirties still wondering if they have truly become men yet. And if they were told that they were indeed one, they wouldn’t really know what that means.”
  17. “If men do not develop a sense of their own fortitude, they will never attempt hard things, lead their families, fight for their country, or confront evil.”
  18. “It is a father’s job to call his sons into manhood. He should challenge them to embrace their masculinity, be like Jesus, and become mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially strong.”
  19. “Clinging to childhood while growing into manhood is like trying to run in opposite directions at the same time.”

  20. “Too many men want the freedoms, rewards, and privileges of manhood but only the responsibilities of boyhood.” ~ Kendrick Brothers
  21. “Every man needs to identify and release any leftover childishness from his past. Childhood has come and gone.”
  22. “Men are happiest and at their best when they are responsible—and at their worst when they are not.”
  23. “When a young man is passive and irresponsible, he greatly limits his freedoms, opportunities, and successes.”
  24. “All of life’s privileges, blessings, and freedoms that come with responsibility also come with a counterweight called accountability.”
  25. “Having no accountability always leads to irresponsibility.”
  26. “Very, very rarely will a wife want out of a marriage if her husband is leading her well and loving her unconditionally.”
  27. “The leader serves and protects. The more powerful or influential you are, the more humble, servant-hearted and sacrificial you are to become.”
  28. “Until a man dies, his powerful position as a father and a grandfather still lives on.”
  29. “When you break it all down and track it all back, the key to any man’s success—as a husband, a father, and everything else—is his own personal walk with God.”

  30. “If your kids feel they always get your leftover energy and attention, they will disconnect and struggle with resentment.” ~ Kendrick Brothers
  31. “Your children will not remember what you did for them while you were at work as much as what you did with them.”
  32. “You should not only guard your own heart but your wife’s as well.”
  33. “You are the shepherd of your home, you are the main role model.”
  34. “God created your marriage to be a living portrait on earth to reveal the loving relationship of Jesus Christ with His Bride, the church.”
  35. “God’s calling for you as a husband was not to marry the woman you love, but to love the woman you married.”
  36. “Our daily behavior around our wives cannot be based upon their actions or our feelings, because neither of those is always good.”
  37. “When a man commits adultery, every area of his life—body, soul, and spirit—experiences the harmful consequences.”

  38. “One clearly answered prayer can powerfully instill faith toward God in the heart of your child.” ~ Kendrick Brothers
  39. “Training your children to love God must occur within the context of close relationships.”
  40. “People tend to embrace the teaching and beliefs of those who love them the most. And your children are no different.”
  41. “The key ingredient in raising good children is to get their hearts early, keep their hearts, and be extremely vigilant not to lose your children’s hearts.”
  42. “Both children and adults want the approval and praise from their dads. They want their father’s ‘blessing’ in their lives.”
  43. “Boys who feel loved by their dads are bolder, stronger, kinder to others, and more secure in their manhood.”
  44. “To live with honor means you adopt a higher standard.”
  45. “Honor is attractive. It doesn’t demand respect; it quickly earns it.”
  46. “A loving spanking doesn’t warp a child; it humbles them and helps them behave.”
  47. “Men are wired by God to fight for what is right.”
  48. “But our confrontation of evil and pursuit of justice should originate in our own homes, churches, and neighborhoods.”
  49. “We have an obligation before God to leave for future generations a society that is not riddled with injustice and immorality.”

  50. “We can influence people, including nonbelievers, on matters of justice and human decency.” ~ Kendrick Brothers
  51. “Many of us have forgotten what our forefathers knew—that adversity and persecution is normal for Christians.”
  52. “Prayer is our lifeline to spiritual health. To a man in need of God, it becomes as necessary as breathing.”
  53. “Committing to prayer is vitally important. You need it. God wants it.”
  54. “As we learn to pray more effectively, we will realize that one of the kindest actions we can do for others is to pray for them.”
  55. “Demonstrating love often means doing something hard and uncomfortable if it’s what’s best for a friend.”
  56. “Our love should know no bounds. Christ was a friend to sinners, died for all, and still shows no favoritism.”
  57. “Blessed are the breadwinners. As men, we should consider it an honor to embrace our role as the primary providers of our families.”
  58. “While many wives sacrificially help their families financially, husbands should always see themselves as the primary providers as shepherds over their homes.”
  59. “A man of lazy habits, transformed by God into a man of labor and faithfulness, can change the course of his family for generations.”

  60. “Christian men who worry at night about their job or not having their needs met do so in vain.”
  61. “But if a man is not grateful for what God provides through reasonable, honest work, he will never be happy no matter how much he works and earns and accumulates.”
  62. “Many claim that they aren’t making it financially, but what they really mean is that they lack the money to keep up with their appetites.”
  63. “Many claim that they aren’t making it financially, but what they really mean is that they lack the money to keep up with their appetites.”
  64. “Your motivation to work is actually a test of who you are serving. If you are serving money, you can expect to feel anger and frustration anytime things don’t go as planned.”
  65. “You must stay active in church, for example, rather than letting work continually interfere with your regular involvement.”
  66. “Many men need to pray for a new boss or a new job. But they should not keep sacrificing their lives and families for people who won’t cry at their funeral.”
  67. “Bitterness can hold any good man down. Guilt can turn the mightiest men into cowards.”
  68. “To be a reconciler is our calling as Christian men. To actually live it out calls for men of resolution.”

  69. “Forgiveness doesn’t mean not confronting others about what they’ve done.”
  70. “When true forgiveness takes place, you’ll begin to experience a clear breakthrough.”
  71. “Any unconfessed sin will continue to trip us up and prevent us from moving forward in life.”
  72. “But where learning from mistakes requires a change of mind-set, repenting of sins requires a change of heart.”
  73. “Repentance is a beautiful, violent assault on sin. It puts Christ back in the driver’s seat where He belongs.”
  74. “Regret and tears don’t mean repentance; change does.”
  75. “Any individual has the capacity to commit any sin if he gets out of fellowship with God long enough.”
  76. “There is a cry for integrity in our land. We desperately need men who will keep their word in leading our churches, our businesses, and our government.”
  77. “Even when a man of integrity sins, he doesn’t deny it, cover up, or hide it. His mode of operation is to confess it, learn from it, and move on, seeking to avoid it in the future.”
  78. “So if you see a man of impeccable integrity in his old age, you can be sure he made his character a priority over the years.”

  79. “There is too much at stake for us not to take integrity seriously.”
  80. “The Bible says that God despises pride but gives grace to the humble. He intentionally works in a way “so that no man may boast before God.”
  81. “Don’t settle for the approval of men when you could gain the approval of God. You have one life to live. And living it for yourself is futile.”
  82. “The church needs you, and you need them. God designed it so that as Christians, we multiply one another’s joy and divide one another’s sorrows.”
  83. “God will match and exceed your faithfulness to the church with His faithful love.”
  84. “Every father is first to be a faithful follower of Christ, second a faithful husband, third a faithful father, and then a strong spiritual leader in this world.”
  85. “If we are faithful at home, then we can be strong influencers in our cities and nations for Christ.”
  86. “Becoming ‘poor in spirit’ is a key to living the Christian life daily and fulfilling this Resolution long-term.”
  87. “The decisions of our lives each day could impact eternity one way or another. We will miss the eternity-wrapped moment of “now” if we are not abiding in Christ.”
  88. “Jesus wants us to give Him all that we are and all that we have for all of our lives. He is not a halfhearted God who is pleased with a halfhearted sacrifice.”
  89. “When He is Lord, your time, talents, and possessions quit possessing you but start being utilized for God’s glory rather than being wasted.”
  90. “The greatest love ever demonstrated toward you was not your mom birthing you or your wife marrying you, but rather from Jesus Christ.”
  91. “We need an army of men like Nehemiah who will see the desperate needs of the nation and call the men of God to rise up and fight for their marriages, their children, and the next generation.”

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