92 Michael Catt Quotes on the Keys to Church Revival

92 Michael Catt Quotes on the Keys to Church Revival

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Michael Catt is the Senior Pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church based in Albany, Georgia. He is a man who loves the Lord dearly and is passionate about Church revival.

He is the pastor of the Kendrick Brothers who have described him as a maverick kind of pastor. This is because of his willingness to try new things to bring people into the Kingdom of God.

Because he gave them the green light to get into movie ministry movies like Fireproof have changed the lives of many people. He also served as the Executive Producer of the movie Woodlawn based on a true story.

Here are 92 of his best quotes about how to experience church revival:

  1. “God typically uses the last person that the world would choose. The problem is He also uses the last person that the church would choose.” ~ Michael Catt
  2. “Men have a choice: either feel inadequate or get a lot more creative.” ~ Michael Catt
  3. “We need men in the church to step up. Inside the church I find that godly fathers are an endangered species.” ~ Michael Catt
  4. “The reason we don’t have fireproof lives is because we believe there is middle ground. We have bought the lie that compromise is acceptable. If a person does not make the Word of God his guide, the way of God his aim and the will of God his one desire, he will always be susceptible to failure.” ~ Michael Catt
  5. “A good pastor, coach, teacher, doctor won’t tell you what you want to hear. They’ll tell you what you need to hear.” ~ Michael Catt
  6. “Get up and go to church people. One day you could live in a land where it’s forbidden.” ~ Michael Catt
  7. “Why do we need revival? The world at its worst, needs the Church at her best.” ~ Michael Catt
  8. “The mind that is not renewed day by day will immerse itself in lesser things. It will sink into justifying sin and selfishness, pride and prejudice, darkness and depravity.” ~ Michael Catt
  9. “Christianity is too often defined by the extremes of intellectualism or emotionalism. Blessed are the balanced.” ~ Michael Catt

  10. “Is it just me, or have others started watching a really good TV series and about season 2 or 3, the series becomes about someone’s radical political agenda and you just have to stop watching?” ~ Michael Catt
  11. “The Bible says be slow to speak. It says leaders are doubly accountable. In that light, we should be slow to speak and slow to tweet. From the White House to the church house…1 sign of the fruit of the Spirit is self-control.” ~ Michael Catt
  12. “I’ve met some people who were very proud of their humility.” ~ Michael Catt
  13. “When you kneel in prayer, don’t give God orders, just report to your Commander in Chief for duty.” ~ Michael Catt
  14. “If you want to become humble, the first thing you have to admit is that you are proud.” ~ Michael Catt
  15. “If we are going to worship in Spirit, we must develop a spirit of worship.” ~ Michael Catt
  16. “Without the Cross we have a meaningless and powerless Christianity.” ~ Michael Catt
  17. “We limit God when we say, ‘God these are the parameters of the kind of person that you can use.’” ~ Michael Catt
  18. “It’s only when our hand is forced do we yield, when our back is to the wall and our fleshly attempts at deliverance are all washed away.” ~ Michael Catt
  19. “God is always looking for nobodies who are not in it for themselves, or for their fame their reputation, their agenda. Typically nobodies are people who are desperate- they have come to the end of themselves.” ~ Michael Catt
  20. “When God comes down He always finds someone to send.” ~ Michael Catt

  21. “Our problem is our churches are full of religious moralists that think that politics is going to fix our problems. And what we do is we watch Fox News and yell at the television.” ~ Michael Catt
  22. “It’s easier for us to watch the news and get mad than it is to watch and pray for one hour.” ~ Michael Catt
  23. “Revival is a time when our prayers and God’s timing intersect.” ~ Michael Catt
  24. “When you’re in the presence of God you’re on holy ground.” ~ Michael Catt
  25. “God is looking for somebody that might be the next great revival leader. And we need to be careful that we don’t push them aside because they don’t fit our description or our idea about what a revival leader would look like.” ~ Michael Catt
  26. “At the very moment God’s looking for a man that is over himself enough to be used by God, whose heart is soft toward God, whose heart is tender toward God and broken.” ~ Michael Catt
  27. “God will never use a man who is flippant, and chummy and casual with God.” ~ Michael Catt
  28. “A man of revival knows his place before God.” ~ Michael Catt
  29. “God will use the man in revival who knows how to be on his face before God; who is emptied of self.” ~ Michael Catt
  30. “Too many preachers miss moments when God could work in their lives because they look and say, ‘hmm, they didn’t ask me to speak so I’m not going.’” ~ Michael Catt
  31. “Most of the people that God used didn’t have titles, they didn’t have positions and they didn’t have platforms.” ~ Michael Catt

  32. “God can equip the called to do what He calls them to do. God’s power will be evident in his life.” ~ Michael Catt
  33. “You know who the person God’s going to use in revival? They are faithful, they are available and they are teachable.” ~ Michael Catt
  34. “The man that God calls to lead revival will be a reluctant leader because they will know their own unworthiness.” ~ Michael Catt
  35. “You don’t have to chase key people, you don’t have to kiss up to people. You just get with God and God will open the doors that He wants to open for you.” ~ Michael Catt
  36. “The man of God that is used in revival is a shaken man, a sanctified man and a sent man. He is shaken by the awareness of the call and the presence of God. He is sanctified by the burning of the Holy Spirit in his heart and he is sent in the power of the Holy Spirit to do the job.” ~ Michael Catt
  37. “Satan’s like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Too many of us are butting heads over theological preferences rather than rallying around the Cross. Satan is ripping us up, one at a time. Don’t be ignorant of his devices.” ~ Michael Catt
  38. “If we don’t read and study the ministry/preaching of those who’ve gone before us, we limit ourselves to those who may or may not finish the course!” ~ Michael Catt

  39. “If a Shepherd leaves a church because he can’t deal with some howling the wolves, then he’s a hireling. Nobody ever said it would be easy. Shepherds who run love self more than sheep. Guard the sheepfold!” ~ Michael Catt
  40. “The greatest miracle Jesus offers isn’t healing, it’s forgiveness of sin. With a word or a touch he can heal. It took death on the Cross to save us.” ~ Michael Catt
  41. “Read your Bible first. It will throw a lot of light on the day’s news.” ~ Michael Catt
  42. “We’ve accepted a non-discipleship Christianity which is why we aren’t seeing life transformation and Gospel penetration of the culture.” ~ Michael Catt
  43. “My mentors taught to listen to older men/read older books. 1. They were further down the road. 2. They’d gained more wisdom 3. They’d be less competitive. 4. Many would love investing in a younger minister. I still have 3 men in their 80’s I seek counsel from.” ~ Michael Catt
  44. “If you only hang out with folks who look, act, dress, preach like you, you’re not learning. You need older to stretch you, ask you hard questions your peers won’t ask.” ~ Michael Catt
  45. “We must engage the next generation. We must love them where they are and pray diligently.” ~ Michael Catt

  46. “Who speaks into your life, who can tell you what you need to hear, who can ask you hard questions, who loves you unconditionally? Who would walk in the room and sit w/ you if everyone else walked out? That’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” ~ Michael Catt
  47. “Revival is a season when God gets so tired of being misrepresented that He comes down and takes over. We need revival. We can’t win the battle for the heart and soul of our nation apart from an undeniable move of God.” ~ Michael Catt
  48. “Your ministry must be biblically-rooted, Christ-centered, and Spirit-empowered.” ~ Michael Catt
  49. “The truth will set you free. The best thing the cultural elite can do is keep up the rhetoric. It just fuels ticket sales. Thanks to the elite for the ‘free publicity.’” ~ Michael Catt
  50. “Church is a closed group IF – it’s about YOUR parking space, YOUR class or pew, YOUR style or preferences. It’s supposed to be about HIM and open for the ‘whosoever will’ to come.” ~ Michael Catt
  51. “God’s Grace never leads us to think we are better than those who don’t know Christ. Grace compels us to offer grace.” ~ Michael Catt
  52. “I do not want to identify with a political party (that might use me for their agenda), I don’t want to identify with man-made labels or even my job. I want to identify as a follower of Jesus Christ. That’s the only label that lasts for eternity.” ~ Michael Catt
  53. “Never be jealous or fearful of powerful preachers filling your pulpit. It says you aren’t competing or insecure. It feeds the flock.” ~ Michael Catt

  54. “Notre Dame took 200 years to build and stood for 800 years. Those who built it knew they’d never see it completed. They worked with a vision in mind. What are we building that will be talked about 800 years from now? The cross still stands.” ~ Michael Catt
  55. “Regimes, governments, terrorists and hate groups around the world seek to silence the church. Buildings burned, pastors locked in prison. We must always remember the church is ultimately the body of Christ, not the building. We gather to prepare to go into the world.” ~ Michael Catt
  56. “Leaders who seek others that look/think like us, are custodians of the ministry, not game changers. We ministry Mavericks who keep the message but look to effectively communicate it across the board, get out of the box and reach beyond the obvious.” ~ Michael Catt
  57. “CRISIS: a time when you run from or run to Christ. A season when you look for pity or put on the armor of God. A moment when you reveal if all your faith is real or just religious talk.” ~ Michael Catt
  58. “When we play out our personal drama on social media it is a revelation that we don’t really believe the power of the Empty tomb. Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.” ~ Michael Catt
  59. “I remember, what Manley Beasley said in my library one day, ‘Read dead authors. They’ve finished their race. You don’t know about current authors. They haven’t completed their race yet.’ Sobering thought – as an author and a reader.” ~ Michael Catt
  60. “Historically prayer leads to revival and revival leads to awakening which changes the spiritual landscape of a nation. May it be so today.” ~ Michael Catt

  61. “In a nation filled with angst, anger, hatred, prejudice, racism, trafficking, abortion, polarization and division, the theme of the National Day of Prayer couldn’t have come at a better time.” ~ Michael Catt
  62. “A society built on the 10 commandments is bent on a society with no rule of law. We need repentance and revival in the land.” ~ Michael Catt
  63. “The fruit of the Spirit will never trend on Twitter among believers. Unfortunately the works of the flesh trend with every post. We need to be salt and light, not mud slingers.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  64. “One of the sad realities of our ‘what’s next’ world is we forget we didn’t get here by ourselves. We stand on the shoulders of giants. When we fail to remember the legends, we have no standard to discover who a legacy leader really is.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  65. “Apparently words like edify, encourage and strengthen or thoughts like the benefit of the doubt and other noble ideas are now endangered in this caustic Christian pointing fingers and putting down twitter world. Jesus must be weeping.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  66. “When believers use erasers where the Bible uses permanent ink, we get blurred lines, blurred theology and errant application.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  67. “This world is lost and headed for a Christless hell. Yet, believers would rather strain at gnats than share the good news of Jesus and His saving grace.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  68. “While I’m grateful for technology and Bible apps, I miss the sound of pages turning when I mention a text. I miss seeing worn out Bibles marked up w/ notes and highlights.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  69. I’d rather have the blessings of God than the applause of the politically correct and morally corrupt.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  70. “Every time you move a fence to accommodate someone, you actually compromise. Once moved or taken down, the landscape changes.” ~ Michael C. Catt

  71. “Real revival always leads to evangelism. True awakening always leads to significant changes in culture and countless numbers swept into the Kingdom.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  72. “If we loved the world the way God loves it, we wouldn’t love it the way we shouldn’t love it.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  73. “The danger of much that is being taught today is it is ‘almost true.’” ~ Michael C. Catt
  74. “All I’m going to say about this insane firestorm. Paul said pray for those in authority. It would have included a godless Emperor and Roman Senate. We are now so carnal/political we fight about whether we should pray for those in authority. God weeps. Scripture is not political.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  75. “We fight and fuss and wonder why the world laughs at us. We need revival, we must make Jesus central and humble ourselves at the foot of the cross.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  76. “Every father should seek to be a good pastor and shepherd to his family. Guard the flock entrusted to you.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  77. “Just thinking: What if our proximity to Jesus in glory was in direct proportion to how close we wanted to be to the platform/pulpit – worship – in church?” ~ Michael C. Catt
  78. “We must reach this next generation with the hope of the Gospel.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  79. “How many have started off well but stumbled at the end? We seldom remember the start, we usually remember the stumble.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  80. “If we will preach Jesus without apology God will show up.” ~ Michael C. Catt

  81. “We are clueless about the persecuted church. We whine about first world problems while many suffer.” ~ MichaelC. Catt
  82. “Humility demonstrates a healthy respect for who God is and who we are because of what God did on our behalf.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  83. “Ultimately the choice we make on a daily basis is between serving others and serving self- between playing first and second fiddle.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  84. “The purpose of the local church is not to compete with or compare herself to other churches. Our purpose is to humble ourselves and serve the Lord with gladness.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  85. “The great commission to reach, teach, and disciple is not optional, nor is it limited to preachers. It’s an all call.” ~ Michael C. Catt

  86. “To know the God of the Bible intimately requires discipleship- recognizing Jesus as Lord and following Him as Lord.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  87. “Purposeful people live in the real world. They know it’s not fair. They know life will throw you a curve when you least expect it. Therefore, they learn to live by faith. They understand that life goes on even when it seems the whole world has come to an end.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  88. “If you’re going to be purposeful, you’ve got to find out why God placed you here.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  89. “God expects the children of the Kingdom to invest in the expansion of the Kingdom.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  90. “If you ever change anything that has been done more than once in a church, you’ll find out who feels entitled. Change the teacher of a class and you’ll find out if the teacher or the class feels entitled. Any evidence of change will cause the spirit of entitlement to raise its ugly head.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  91. “In our weakness, God displays His power. In our inability, God reveals His ability.” ~ Michael C. Catt
  92. “Are we too cool or too cold to share our faith? The early church died for a faith we take for granted.” ~ Michael C. Catt

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