Book Review: Building People Building Dreams, Tom Deuschle

Book Review: Building People Building Dreams, Tom Deuschle

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From my own life experiences I have come to realize that it’s really a minority that understands what it means to live a life of faith. While it may be scary it is also a very fulfilling journey that helps you to learn and experience things that you may not have learned otherwise. The book, “Building People Building Dreams” is the story of Tom Deuschle, a man from the United States whom God called to a nation called Rhodesia at the time. Rhodesia is now known in the present day as Zimbabwe.

God’s call to ministry

A Bible scholar in his homeland he was raised in a Catholic family and God used him to minister to people leading them to Jesus Christ. He was enrolled at the University of Northern Colorado when he felt a constant conviction in his heart that he should go to a land called Rhodesia that he had only heard about a few years earlier. While at university doing ministry as a campus leader he did well but was somewhat insecure about himself given that he was still developing. You can imagine the thoughts that ran through his mind when God constantly kept impressing upon him to go and minister to this land he had never been to. As some of his close friends began to confirm what God was already telling him he dropped everything and in faith left the United States for Rhodesia. Prophetic dreams are birthed through a word that God speaks to each of us as His children.

Total surrender to God

What He did not know at the time is that Rhodesia was a land in the middle of a civil war! Imagine the shock and fear that he must have experienced upon his arrival. It would have been very easy to make a U-turn and return to his homeland but he chose to remain obedient to the Lord and follow His lead. When He got to Rhodesia in February 1979 all he had was a suitcase, a backpack, a guitar, $700 and return airfare. Fast forward three decades later and his ministry, Celebration Ministries International is transforming lives all around the world from a nation that is regarded as one of the least.

Any vision that is worthy of heaven will suffer an attack from hell.” ~ Tom Deuschle

Many people have received salvation, a generation of ethical business leaders has emerged and keeps growing, street people and orphans have been reached with the love of God some of whom have great destinies that have been birthed. There’s no way Tom Deuschle would have ever imagined accomplishing such great things but it all happened because of his faith in God and being obedient to Him. In spite of all the hardships he faced along the way God has touched so many lives through the work that Tom has done and keeps doing to build people and build dreams.

What this means for you

Dreams and visions that are God inspired will always go through fierce opposition because Satan knows that if they come to pass they will do damage to his plans to destroy mankind. Do you have dreams and visions that God wants you to pursue but you are unsure about? Take it to the Lord in prayer, meditate upon it and listen to His still small voice. Your dream could be the answer to so many other people’s problems so it is your responsibility to nurture that dream for the glory of God. Realizing your dreams will not be a walk in the park; that is guaranteed. You can trust in God’s faithfulness nonetheless because He is the author and finisher of your faith. Get yourself a copy of this book and read Tom Deuschle’s story. Not only will it inspire you to take action on your dreams but it will show you the faithfulness of God in your life when you choose to put your trust in Him.

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