Book Review: It’s Time to Unleash Your Greatness

Book Review: It’s Time to Unleash Your Greatness

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The Bible talks about being fruitful both in and out of season. What’s amazing is that this book was published at a time when there was a downturn in the economy of Zimbabwe but that did not stop the author from going ahead. The book title also sums it up pretty well. It’s always the right time to make a decision to change your life and act on those decisions.

Milton Kamwendo, the leading pioneer of motivational speaking in Zimbabwe, has demonstrated with his life what is possible when your trust is not in your own strength or environment but in the Lord Almighty. This is the book that ignited within me the passion to inspire other people to achieve their God-given dreams and my life has never been the same since then.

Do you have dreams that seem impossible to accomplish? It may seem justifiable to give up on them because your situation is not looking good. What I have come to realize is that God loves showing Himself mighty on behalf of His children just like He did with Lazarus when he raised him from the dead.

In this book review we are going to give you a couple of insights into the lessons that Milton shares and has applied to his own life. Keep in mind that Zimbabwe is one of the least of all the nations around the world which makes his accomplishments that much more impressive.


You are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most amount of time. This means that you are not an island and that other people contribute to your success or failure in life. A mentor is someone whose advice you’re willing to follow and not just hear.

I like how he illustrates the concept from a Biblical perspective pointing to the many mentoring relationships found there. He goes on to talk about the different types of mentors that you can and should have in your life to maximize your full potential. Milton also walks us through some of the mentors that have shaped his life and what you can do to connect with the mentors that can help elevate your life to a higher level.

The Laws of Money

In this section he talks about the why, what and how about money. Money is an amplifier of who we are as human beings which is seen in what we do with it. Milton also points out some of the beliefs about money that people have and why they are an obstacle to acquiring it.

If you have never really been taught or learned how to manage your money or grow it this particular section will give you some pointers to help you set and achieve financial goals. After all money is a very important part of life and ignoring it will prove very perilous to your ambitions.

Personal development

One of the traits that make Milton Kamwendo so successful is his desire to constantly learn and improve his expertise. It’s so much of a passion for him that part of his business portfolio includes bookshops called ‘Innov8 Bookshop’. In his book he makes reference to some of the books that he has read and whose concepts he has applied to his own life.

A list of many other books is included at the end of the book that you can begin reading today. It is said that leaders are readers. They are constantly learning new things so that they remain relevant to an ever changing world. If you get the chance to meet Milton in person you will understand his passion for constant improvement.

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Search for Milton Kamwendo online and get a copy of his book to begin your journey to greatness today.

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