Book Review – Sexual Integrity by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

Book Review – Sexual Integrity by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

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book review - sexual integrity

Edwin Louis Cole was a men’s minister who touched many of their lives with his message of Christ like manhood. This post reviews his book called Sexual Integrity.

His message is still alive through the books and material he left behind as a legacy for me and you.

Since the beginning of time sex has been a major downfall of men the world over. It’s a weapon the devil uses to the best of his ability.

The world has corrupted the real meaning and purpose of sex as God intended it to be. As a result it has led to immeasurable pain in young people’s lives all the way into adulthood.

Edwin Cole wrote the book, “Sexual Integrity” to give instruction pertaining to the subject of sex as God sees it. It’s unfortunate that not enough parents, guardians or churches talk about this subject to educate us about it.

This book review highlights some of the key aspects about sex and I hope you find it beneficial to you.

The sign of the covenant

We learn about sex from different sources that give varying explanations. You more than likely learned about sex in school or from friends and the media than from home. Sex almost seems like a dirty topic and may be why you may not have heard it being discussed openly.

You need to know that God created all things good and the devil only perverts God’s creation for evil purposes. God created sex for reproduction between a man and woman joined together in holy matrimony. He also made sex pleasurable to make the reproductive process something to look forward to.

Sex between a man and a woman is the external evidence of the covenant they have already entered into with each other in their hearts.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole

The devil perverted sex by influencing people like you and me to have sex outside marriage which leads to a number of problems. As a result of this perversion they may think that sex is just a physical act yet it is more than that. It’s a sign of a blood covenant which is the highest kind of covenant. Sex between a man and a woman is the external evidence of the covenant they have already entered into with each other in their hearts.

A lack of this understanding can keep you in bondage. When you have sex with another person a blood exchange takes place and a soul tie is created that binds you with the other person in the spirit. Imagine the confusion and pain you experience when you have this experience with multiple sexual partners.

It may seem awkward to openly talk about sex especially in a church setting. That is the best place you can receive your education because you can learn the truth about it from God’s perspective instead of the corrupted perspective of Hollywood and other media with a negative agenda to destroy your life.

Pornography, masturbation, lust

One of Edwin Cole’s most powerful teachings was based on 1 Corinthians 10 which talks about the sins that kept Israel out of the Promised Land. Those are the same sins that have kept men and women today from realizing their full potential. They may be keeping you from becoming all that you know you can become.

The sins include sexual immorality, lust and idolatry all of which are closely related. Everywhere you go you are subtly bombarded with sensual images that may lead to masturbation or having premarital sex. In the case of masturbation it tends to start with an image you see such as sex videos and porn sites which lead to a desire to act on it to satisfy the desire.

All God’s promises are conditional. His love is not conditional, but His promises are.” ~ Edwin Cole

As the desire grows it becomes an idol and replaces God in your life as Lord. You may be a born again Christian but also struggling in this area of sexual purity. With this understanding Edwin Louis Cole points out that God’s love is unconditional but His promises are.

He will never leave you nor forsake you no matter how much you miss the mark but to see His promises over your life come to pass you must get right with him and be freed from the bondage of sin.

This sin affects both men and women but more so men because men are visual by nature. Men are sexually aroused by what they see with their natural eyes.

If you are struggling in this area first ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. He will give you the grace and strength to overcome. You must also then follow through by keeping yourself clear from tempting environments and surround yourself with people that will help you walk the right path.

Receiving the glory of virginity

The devil has perverted sex to the extent that young people today feel the pressure to engage in premarital sex to be accepted in their circles. Losing your virginity has become something to celebrate instead of celebrating having it. If you are in that position know that your virginity is a glory and not something to be mocked. It is God’s plan for your life to maintain until you are joined in holy matrimony to your life partner.

Even though your physical virginity may never be regained, the spirit and glory of your virginity can be restored to you.” ~ Edwin Cole

On the other hand you may have lost your virginity already but there is still hope. While you may have lost your physical virginity which can never be regained the spirit and glory of virginity can be restored to you. You can make the decision today to live a life of integrity and be identified with Christ.

Sexual sins will rob you of your best years and God commands that we walk in sexual integrity to experience the fullness of His blessings. Until you get to that level of sexual integrity you will never know the extent of God’s plan for your life.

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