Book Review: The Business of the 21st Century

Book Review: The Business of the 21st Century

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I recall the lyrics to a song that go something like, “In a world full of people only some want to fly, isn’t that crazy?” The world today has room for anyone to take advantage of the massive opportunity that multi level marketing presents as discussed in a previous post about the industry. Robert Kiyosaki, a world-renowned financial expert shares his views in one of his books.


In, “The Business of the 21st Century” he answers the question, “what is network marketing?” and shares the benefits of getting involved in a multi level marketing company to build the skills of becoming a business owner.

Business is really more than just about making money. It also has to do with developing the right mindset to help you handle the challenges of becoming a business owner as well as managing the success that comes your way. Robert Kiyosaki teaches about the value of your network of contacts and leverage of their time to make an infinite amount of money.

When working in a formal job there’s only so much you can do and earn while with a network marketing business you can earn exponentially. This book is definitely a great read if you are considering starting a network marketing business. Creating a valuable business like this one is creating an income stream that pays you over and over for generations to come.

There is no better business model than this one to my knowledge and it can set you financially free giving you the opportunity to live the life God created for you. Robert Kiyosaki’s mission in life has been and continues to be educating the masses about what it takes to be financially successful in an ever changing economic environment. This book is maybe one of his best when it comes to giving the average person insights into wealth creation.

Some of the other major benefits you will learn about this business model are:

  • Creating a circle of friends who share your dreams and values
  • Following a profitable path of personal development
  • Having a mechanism for genuine wealth creation
  • Getting a real-world business education
  • And more…

Given that we are now in the Information Age network marketing is the best opportunity that the average person has at their disposal to generate passive residual income that they can also will to their children. Does this opportunity appeal to you? If it does it would be a good idea to consider finding a company that you love with a product that you believe in and get started.

Should you need any further clarification about the business model feel free to send us an email through our contact form and we can set up an appointment to talk more. Be sure to get your own copy of, “The Business of the 21st Century” nonetheless.

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