Book Review – Winners Never Quit, Edwin Louis Cole

Book Review – Winners Never Quit, Edwin Louis Cole

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Winners Never Quit
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Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit. It is a captivating book title, isn’t it? As the title implies it is people that choose to press on that win at the end of the day.

In the book of Proverbs the Bible also tells us that a righteous man may fall seven times and yet rise again.

Life can be tough but you should never quit or give up on your God-given dreams. It can get really tough to the point of wanting to give up. Everyone goes through such adversity but the difference between failure and success is how you handle the difficult times.

Crisis is a part of daily life but our confidence should be in Christ; knowing that He dwelling in us is greater than the enemy that is in this world.

Examples of winners and champions abound in our everyday life and when you look through the pages of the Bible. Men and women of great faith who persevere through all obstacles until they see their promises come to pass. The heroes in Hebrews 11 never quit on their calling and they were counted worthy in God’s eyes.

Edwin Cole’s book is a great tool with timeless principles about navigating the crises of life to attain God’s promises over your life. It does not matter what happens to you because you have no control over that. What matters is how you respond to the crises that you encounter. Your greatest tool is the word of God and having faith that He will come through for you when you need Him most.

Here are some of the key principles on why winners never quit:

Failure can be the womb of success

No one ever consciously sets out to fail at anything they endeavor to do but it happens because we live in a less than perfect world. Edwin Louis Cole points out that it is important to not blame God for the failures of your life because He is not the author of failure. Often failure is the result of poor choices and can also be due to forces outside of yourself. God is faithful to make all things work for your good even when you are the author of your own failure.

Other people may mean to do you harm but God makes all things to work for your good. No experience is ever wasted and you must be assured that God is ordering your steps all the time. In John 12 Jesus taught his disciples that before a seed germinates it first dies. This is how our lives operate as well. Failure and success go hand in hand so you cannot have one without the other.

Most people tend to avoid failure at all costs but they delay their success in the process. Embrace failure because it is part of the process in achieving your life’s dreams and goals.

The outcome rests not in the nature of the issue, but in what we do with the crisis

There are times when life gets overwhelming and a deep desire to escape from crisis rises up in our hearts. Regarding crisis Edwin Cole wanted men to understand that crisis is a part of life and is God’s way of taking us to a different place. God used a crisis to get the Israelites from Egypt to the wilderness and ultimately to the Promised Land.

How you handle the crisis determines the outcome of your life. Some of the Israelites perished in the wilderness because they were negative towards their crisis while Joshua and Caleb went on to enjoy the Promised Land because they were of a different spirit and saw the positive side of the crisis and put their faith in God for a positive outcome.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.” ~ Vince Lombardi

Are there crisis situations in your life right now? What must you do to breakthrough to the next level of your life? Realize that whatever you do will determine the outcome of your life. It is best to trust in God in your crisis and stand on His word because He is faithful to perform what He says he will do if you trust Him. You must realize that you are bigger than your obstacles because He that is in you is greater than he that is in this world.

Faithful men are the bedrock of the church

In 2 Timothy 2:2 the Word of God says we are to commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. This section highlights the importance of faithfulness to God and His Kingdom. The error we make as men is a tendency to commit to able men and then try to make them faithful.

This approach tends to have the opposite effect to the desired outcome. Edwin Cole calls this transposition which is a distortion of God’s principles.

Ability is built on talent and practice, but character is built on the cornerstone of faithfulness.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole

Since God is faithful you must be faithful to his Kingdom. When you are faithless He remains faithful nonetheless because He cannot deny Himself. As God is faithful to you be faithful to serve Him wholeheartedly. Be a man that can be counted upon when things need to be done. Faithfulness is synonymous with qualities such as loyalty, constancy and strength. It is a mark of maturity.

There are more than enough unfaithful men today. Choose to be among the few that can be counted upon to make a difference for Christ in this world we live in.

Decisions determine destiny

One of Edwin Cole’s principles is that decisions translate to energy. The decisions you make carry you to a certain place and to your destiny. God wants you to head towards the Promised Land but it depends on the decisions that you make today. Do you have a tendency to disobey God’s direction when he shows you what to do through disbelief? If so your destiny will be similar to the Israelites who had to spend forty years in the wilderness moving around in circles.

Trust God to be faithful to His word and decide to stand on it because He is faithful to perform it. Deuteronomy 28 is clear about what you can expect when you either choose to obey or disobey God’s word. When you obey His word you can expect to experience blessings and if you disobey you invite failure and cursing into your life.

God always thinks in terms of releasing us to something better

While we naturally seek an escape from difficult situations in our lives God wants to provide an escape to a better place. His intentions for us are good and not evil. He uses the crises of our lives to take us to a different place. It is a pattern that you will see in your life if you study it carefully.

He did it for Joseph in Egypt as he took him from one crisis to another until he became the governor of Egypt. When you are going through a crisis it may feel like God has abandoned you but you must have faith that He is working for your highest good.

No experience in your life is ever wasted. The good and the bad all work together for your ultimate good so as long as you stay connected to God the devil will have no power over you. The next time you go through a crisis know that God is getting ready to promote you to another level. Always remember that winners never quit.

From your perspective why should you never quit? Comment below:

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