3 Life Lessons from Desmond T Doss

Image Credit: Desmond T Doss, born February 7 1919 in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States and died March 23 2006, was a conscientious objector in World War 2. ...
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4 Reasons Why Tom Deuschle is Successful

  Tom Deuschle is the Senior Pastor of Celebration Ministries International which has 100+ churches all over the world. If you have never heard his story be sure ...
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4 Reasons Why John C Maxwell is Very Successful

  I remember a lesson I got from one of Edwin Cole’s books that says, “Fame can come in a moment but greatness comes with longevity.” This is ...
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3 Reasons Why the Kendrick Brothers Are Successful

Alex and Stephen Kendrick are the founders of the Christian film making company, Kendrick Brothers based in the United States. From very humble beginnings they have gone from ...
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4 Lessons You Can Learn from Angus Buchan

I came to know about Angus Buchan from the movies that are based on his life experiences. Those movies are, “Faith like Potatoes” and “Ordinary People”. Movies based ...
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4 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Priscilla Shirer

There’s not many people that can greatly inspire others to become better versions of themselves. They are few and far between, more so those that can inspire both ...
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