Christian Movie Reviews: Courageous

Christian Movie Reviews: Courageous

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When we get born again we are set apart by God for great and mighty works to bring glory to His Name.

The Word of God says in Romans 8:18-19,

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.

He calls us to take up our cross daily by shunning the ways of this world and bringing light and hope to a lost world. This mission rings true particularly for men because God called them to be leaders in their spheres of influence such as family, marketplace and community.

Fatherhood is a very serious responsibility placed on men by God. It’s very purpose is to portray the heart of our Heavenly Father here on earth. Fatherless homes normally produce children that grow up with problems such as self-esteem and peer pressure that eventually leads them to jail, mediocrity or even death in some cases.

You may have a great relationship with your own earthly father or maybe you don’t. Either way know always that God is ultimately our Father that we all look to for providence and help. If you are a dad you have to reflect the Father heart of God to your children so that they know they are truly special.

In the movie Courageous four police officers deal with so many cases of crime particularly by young people and the trend that is picked up is that most of the perpetrators are from fatherless homes. These men talk about the trend among themselves sharing their own past experiences with their dads.

Each of the police officers has their own story and challenges that they are facing in their daily lives. For the most part they are going through their lives with no real intention about their God-given responsibility of fatherhood.

When tragedy strikes in the family of one of the police officers all four of them are forced to re-evaluate their own priorities with regards their roles as fathers and spiritual leaders in their homes. The incident proves to be a turning point for all four of them. When the dust has settled one of the police officers makes a resolution to become the father and husband God has called him to be.

By so doing he indirectly influences his fellow officers to do the same. They set off on a mission to become the men God created them to be by setting a good example for others to follow.

Men, we cannot take lightly our role as the leaders God has called us to be. The movie Courageous will help you understand the importance of your role in society. Your family needs you, your community needs; your country needs you. Watch this movie with your families and friends. It is a real blessing.

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