Christian Movie Reviews: Flywheel

Christian Movie Reviews: Flywheel

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Jay Austin is a family man with a lovely wife and young boy living in Albany, Georgia. He’s also been running a car dealership for about 2 years with a relatively good level of success. His business dealings lack integrity, however, and his business is in danger of filing bankruptcy. Jay’s lack of character affects his relationship with his wife and son, and his life just seems to be in a state of chaos and he doesn’t know what do.

Flywheel communicates the importance of integrity in everything we do as believers of Jesus Christ. In a less than perfect world it is rare to find many people operating honest businesses and being true to their word to other people. Many of us make empty promises and don’t deliver but don’t bother to make things right with our brothers and sisters. When you choose to do the uncommon thing i.e. being a person of integrity God blesses you with uncommon blessings.

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When the Lord convicts Jay Austin of his unscrupulous practices he makes the decision to dedicate his life to Him. He changes his business practices and deals fairly with his customers even though he doesn’t make as much money as his unscrupulous competitors. God remembers Him and his business experiences a miraculous turnaround just when it seems it’s about to go bankrupt.

The Flywheel film is one of the few movies I have come across that really shares the message of being ethical in everything that we do in life. The thing about ethics is that sometimes you can get away with certain things when other people are not looking or seeing what you do behind closed doors. The test of true character is seen by how you conduct yourself when no one else is watching.

It is one of the family movies that can have an impact on future generations, teaching them from a young age how to conduct themselves. When the young people grow older they will not depart from the principles.

At the beginning of the movie Jay Austin thinks he’s smart because he can get away with murder and that is a sin that can be classified under the pride of life. The Word of God says in James 3:17 that the wisdom of God is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.

His change of fortunes is miraculous when he repents of his ways. God begins to show Himself mighty on his behalf to bring glory to His Name. Are you guilty of being unscrupulous in your dealings with other people? If so, then like this man repent before God and He will have mercy on you and turn your life around. Begin to treat other people as you would like them to treat you too.

This movie will keep you glued to the screen as you learn how to practice honesty and integrity in your everyday life. Don’t just be another person that over-promises and under-delivers. Be true to your word because it gives glory to the Almighty God. If you have not watched the movie get together with some friends and family. You will be glad that you did.

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