Christian Movie Reviews: Son of God

Christian Movie Reviews: Son of God

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Over the last few days it has been a time to celebrate the death of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ during this Easter period. We celebrate the fact that He died for you and me so that we wouldn’t have to pay the penalty for our sinful nature. That is something we should all be grateful for because you and I have been given a chance to have fellowship with Him and God Almighty.

At this special time I am reminded of the movie, Son of God that tells the story of the life of Jesus Christ and what He accomplished for us through the life He lived and His eventual crucifixion. Reading the Bible is definitely a good thing as you learn the Word of God and grow in your spiritual life.

Watching the Bible in action through films has a greater impact and the lessons you pick up tend to stay with you forever. I have had such experiences myself and I’m sure you have to when you have watched films. Son of God chronicles the life of Jesus Christ from birth to crucifixion and watching it will remind you of the price he paid so that you would live.

As a believer you have the mandate of seeking lost souls and drawing them to the Kingdom of God in spite of all other things pertaining to your life.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” ~ John 3:16

I know that you may be more concerned about whether or not you’re going to achieve your life goals. People seem very busy these days especially with all the technology that’s available to us. What matters at the end of the day, however, is your salvation. Are you confident that if you die today you will go to heaven?

Just as importantly is the need to tell others about Jesus. Your lifestyle is the best testimony that you can share with other people though it is also important to speak about what the Lord has done for you and your neighbor.

Your soul and that of everyone else is eternal and everything else on the earth is temporary. Ambition is not at all a bad thing, it’s good. Having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest investment you can ever make in your life, nonetheless.

So remember to reflect on what He has done for you and share the good news with others that do not know him. Be sure to watch the movie Son of God and determine to live a life that honors God and shines the light of the gospel in this dark world. Your life will truly never be the same when you align yourself with the Lord and His Word.

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