How I made $980 from $40 in 2.5 months

How I made $980 from $40 in 2.5 months

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Making money gives you options to do so much more in life. I have a mentor that has quite a fascinating saying when it comes to having multiple income streams,

“It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

That statement is so profound especially as we are experiencing a global economic crisis. All people are affected but the most affected are the poor and middle class. In fact in many parts of the world particularly Africa the middle class is becoming non-existent leaving the rich and the poor.

Times like these really force us to do something different to ensure that we have financial security in the future. It’s in these times that opportunities also abound to make money nonetheless. There are many ways to make money and it takes some thinking to identify the ones that will work best for you.

I remember one such experience when I was in college that illustrates my point. My friend and I were staying on our college campus and we really wanted to do some kind of business to supplement the income we were getting from our homes. We put our heads together and figured out how to earn money from the students on campus starting with a mere $40 between us.

We learned that some students weren’t happy with the food they were getting from the college cafeteria and would look for alternatives. The other reason was that their budgets would not permit them to go to the cafeteria three times a day and so my friend and I had an idea of what to do.

We decided we would buy and sell low cost bread to the students out of our rooms and it started off really well. The profits were coming in little by little but the major key for us was pushing volumes. My friend made an arrangement with some guys from the local bakery to deliver the bread to us daily instead of us going to buy it ourselves.

With time we also started selling tinned foods along with the bread and that increased our profits significantly. What started out as just a business to make some extra money to supplement our income turned out to be big.

This went on for about 2.5 months which was almost the entire college semester and at the end of the semester we looked at our accounts and realized we had made a gross income of approximately US$980; we just fell short of making it to the $1000 mark. We were very impressed with ourselves and it made us realize that there are so many ways to make money if we only take the time to pursue different avenues.

The key lessons I picked up from that experience are:

Strategic partnerships

You can always achieve more when you work with other people. Had I gone the journey alone I was never going to make that much money like we did. My friend’s contacts from the bakery were a big part of our success in saving us time and money in going up and down to get the bread by ourselves.

There’s a proverb that says,

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Some people by default do things by themselves, myself included, but by learning to lean on others together they can achieve more than they thought possible. Always be on the look out for potential partnerships you can leverage to create win-win situations.

Tithing and giving

Tithing our profits played a huge part in the growth of our business. We realized this when we saw how loyal our customers were even when at times we had run out of stocks. They would wait on us to get our orders and come back to us. We were awe struck and praised the Lord.

On campus we also attended a campus ministry and we would give offerings too. We really could not explain it ourselves the massive growth of our business in such a short period of time, only God could. It was His favour that made a big difference.

So, there you have it. That is how my friend and I made $980 in 2.5 months. That experience serves as a reminder that ways to make money abound. If they are committed to the Lord they shall surely prosper through both good and tough times.

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