How to Become a Distinctive Chef with Chefbrey | Motivation Podcast

How to Become a Distinctive Chef with Chefbrey | Motivation Podcast

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Motivation podcast with Chefbrey
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One of the great things I love doing is hearing other people’s success stories. I’ve learned over the years that while facts may tell, stories sell.

In this motivation podcast we’re featuring a great friend of mine who’s had great success as a chef.

Aubrey Bvumbe aka Chefbrey is a master chef who’s going places with his life. You’d think he started his profession at a young age yet he started a little later in life.


He’s won numerous awards for his outstanding work and managed three establishments as the Head Chef. He’s a great example that it’s never too late to get started pursuing your dreams.

His talent and faithfulness have taken him abroad to have the opportunity to rub shoulders with other great people. Where the Bible says, “A man’s gift will make room for him and bring him before great men” it’s true of Chefbrey.

This motivation podcast is an interview I conducted with Chefbrey to share his experiences and overall journey. You may be aspiring to be a chef or you know someone who does so the interview will be insightful.

Chefbrey talks about how it all started including how it became so clear to him when nothing else made sense. Many times we’ve heard how people were forced to win at something because they had no other option. Chefbrey’s story is similar but special in its own unique way.

Lessons learned

He also dives into the challenges
that anyone will face getting into the industry but shouldn’t despair. It’s a
competitive industry as you may know but a key element has been pivotal to what
he’s accomplished nonetheless. So to face huge odds and still manage to excel
at a high level is something special as you’ll discover.

More than just hearing his story
you’ll be inspired to pursue the dreams God has for your life. It’s one thing
to learn the tactics and skills about winning in life; it’s another matter
altogether to hear how other people have successfully applied them.

Be sure to tune in to the end and
take time to reflect on your own life. God has great plans for you which can
come to pass if you submit yourself to His will.

To stay in touch with Chefbrey’s
work be sure to follow him online on the following links:

Facebook Page: Chefbrey

Instagram: @iamchefbrey

What inspired you the most about
his story? Comment below:

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