How To Build A Vibrant Online Community – KweenSisan

How To Build A Vibrant Online Community – KweenSisan

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KweenSisan Oguoyibo is a young and vibrant leadership coach, media personality, radio host, TV presenter, newscaster, and content creator. She is the founder of the Moments with the Kween podcast, an online community of young people making an impact on the world around them. In this episode I pick her brain to learn her secrets on how she’s experiencing the success she’s having.

What started off as a simple idea of sending daily morning inspirational messages has become a wildfire; and her online community is fast becoming a global sensation. Follow KweenSisan on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to get involved with the work she’s doing to impact the world.

Click Play below to listen to the podcast episode with KweenSisan:

Here are a few of the many lessons she shares:

Overcoming challenges

Life presents us all with challenges no matter where we live in the world. Coming from a place where challenges are bigger than more developed countries, KweenSisan focuses on possible solutions. Instead of being held back by obstacles, she finds solutions to overcome the adversity of everyday life. If she can do it, you can do it too.

Pursuing God’s purpose

As you listen to her share her experience, you’ll realize that she has a servant heart that obeys God’s leading. She advises young people like you and me to not focus on what we want but rather on God’s purpose for our lives. Focusing on personal ambition leads to frustration but pursuing God’s will leads to fulfillment.

Living for eternity

Whatever you do in the present ensure that it has lasting value. To have a real impact, your work today should continue to touch lives even after you’ve left the earth. More than any material gain which is temporary, the lives you touch will bring you the greatest joy.

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