How to Find Fulfilment in 3 Simple Steps

How to Find Fulfilment in 3 Simple Steps

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find fulfilment with these 3 easy steps
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The world today as we know it is corrupted in so many ways. Economies are failing, there’s an erosion of morality, broken families, poverty, early deaths, etc. You have every reason to become depressed at what’s happening around you. We are truly living in the darkest of days. How then do you find fulfilment in times like these?

In this post, I answer that question to help you get the best out of life. It’s important however to understand the meaning of fulfilment before I go further. Finding fulfilment in life has very little to do with the amount of stuff you can amass for yourself. Neither is it in experiencing the pleasures of life but rather in honoring God and serving others.

One way of describing our world is that it is a Babylonian system. When you read the Bible in the Old Testament you get a picture of what the system looks like. It was an oppressive kingdom that ruled over the nations which is similar to what we are experiencing in the world today. Babylon dominated all other kingdoms at the time and it looked like there would never be any redemption for the oppressed.

However, look at what it says in Daniel 2:44,

And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.

Daniel spoke about the Kingdom of God that would be established by our Lord Jesus Christ in years to come. His Kingdom is not of this world and will last forever whereas the kingdoms or systems of this world are all going to perish eventually. In other words, if you want fulfilment and to experience eternal joy and abundance you have to become a citizen of God’s Kingdom.

Even though you live in this world you do not have to be of this world. In your sphere of influence, you can begin to apply principles of the Kingdom of God and bring about reformation. Jesus in praying for his disciples said,

I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that you should keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” ~ John 17:15-16

Today He is also interceding on your behalf so that the enemy does not disrupt your plan and you can carry out the mandate He has given you. For that plan to manifest you must be willing to submit yourself to God and His ways.

The following are simple steps for how to find fulfilment in this life:

1. Deny yourself

This means you no longer get to do things out of your own will if they are not aligned to God’s will for your life. Denying yourself implies allowing God to lead you and becoming His servant without holding anything back. You completely become His and let go of the ways of the flesh so that you get a clear picture of what His will for your life is. Here are some scriptures that you can make reference to for a deeper understanding – John 12:24, Romans 12:1-2, Matthew 16:24-26.

Doing so comes with a lot of sacrifices but never to kill your joy. His plan for your life is better than the plan you have yourself. You just need to trust Him given that the Bible says that the righteous shall live by faith. It requires separating yourself from the ways of this world and not worrying about what others will think.

2. Obedience

Listen attentively to what God tells you to do, it is for your own good. Just like a parent expects their child to obey their instructions God also expects you to do the same. In the book of Samuel chapter 1, Saul had the kingdom taken away from him because he disobeyed God by not destroying his enemies as he had been instructed to do. Saul thought he would find fulfilment by pleasing the people he led and God condemned him because of that.

God will speak to you through His word, through dreams and other people that He sends your way. He will speak to you in a way that you understand. The Holy Spirit will guide you in knowing the truth. You have to be sensitive when He does speak and listen closely to what He says. Your destiny is shaped by how well you follow His instructions.

His rebellion was equated to the sin of witchcraft. That’s a scary thought when you take time to think about it. It’s good to remember that while God’s love is unconditional, His promises are conditional. For further understanding make reference to Psalm 37:4, John 15:7-8, 1 Samuel 15:22-23.

3. Love your neighbor

The Bible tells us that we cannot say we love God when we don’t love our neighbor. That makes us liars. Loving can be very challenging especially with difficult characters. The only way you can love is by having the love of God in your heart so that you can share it with others. In the Bible, we are told that loving your neighbor is the second greatest commandment after loving God.

You can’t give what you don’t have to someone else. God loves His people and He expresses His love to them through other people, including you and me. Let God infiltrate your life and loving others will become natural since God is love. Further references Jn 13:34-35, Mt 25:37-40

These points may not make sense to a person operating in the flesh but if you begin to apply them God will help you to become the person He created you to be. Thank you for reading this post, and remember to share it on social media.

Any other tips on how to find fulfilment in life? Comment below!

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