How to Improve Communication Skills

How to Improve Communication Skills

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It is a bit hilarious, but sad at the same time, when a person thinks they are communicating when they are in actual fact they are not. Human beings are very interesting creatures and how we relate with one another plays a big part in how society grows.

Contrary to what most people think communication is (one person speaking while the other just takes what they say) it is a process where two or more parties involved are both listening to each other. If we all mastered communication we would have far less problems in the world than we have today.

Some of the conflicts that we have as people come are a result of a breakdown in communication especially in the area of relationships and marriage. The concept does apply to all other forms of communication such as between parents and children, bosses and employees, among siblings, friends, etc.

Two Communication devices

The two devices that are involved in communication are the ears and mouth. Notice that we were created with two ears and one mouth. Perhaps it was God’s way of saying we should listen twice as much as we speak.

If I had to name a single all-purpose instrument of leadership, it would be communication.” ~ John W. Gardner

Great leaders understand that listening is a great part of leading people and not just talking. Listening carefully helps you understand a person’s thoughts and emotions. So when you connect with them at that level they become more open to listening to you when you eventually speak.

If more couples took the time to listen to each other there would be less divorce cases especially when you learn that many divorce over silly reasons.

Listening is a game changer

Many of us have come to know salespeople as slick and deceptive, after your money type characters that promise you the world yet deliver poor service. They talk to impress the customer so they look good.

Professional salespeople are the exact opposite. To quote the words of Eben Pagan, “They enter a conversation that potential customers are already having in their heads.” Professional selling is really about helping a customer make a decision about what they want to buy. And how do you get to know what they want to buy? Listening intently and then speaking to them using their language.

Improving Communication Skills

In a team set up it is the responsibility of the leader to initiate that culture of communicating. Constant communication creates synergy and keeps everyone connected and on the same page. It also eliminates assumptions because making assumptions usually causes problems.

There is no problem with over communicating. In other words leave no stone unturned and keep doing what needs to be done. Teams that constantly communicate perform well while those that do not perform at less than an optimum level.

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