Powerful Ways to Be Successful in the Face of Adversity

Powerful Ways to Be Successful in the Face of Adversity

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achieve success by overcoming adversity

If I am to define adversity this would be it – challenges and obstacles that arise to intentionally keep you from achieving your goals and objectives. Success in life is based largely on how well you respond in the face of adversity.

Jesus Christ faced the toughest challenge known to mankind by dying for us on the cross. Without his sacrifice we would not have the opportunity to experience eternal life.

Esther the Queen in the book of Esther had a difficult situation to contend with. She could either be self preserving and let the Jews be killed or stand in the gap for them. Her bravery saved an entire nation after risking her life to see her people rescued from annihilation.

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Every great accomplishment ever made by anyone came with its fair share of challenges that had to be overcome. Great nations had to fight for their independence, great companies had to build teams over a long period of time and work themselves out of debt to survive, or great sports professionals that had to overcome multiple injuries and heartbreaks at losing.

When you’re going through the fire it feels as though your world is falling apart. It is however a setup for a breakthrough that will change the rest of your life. Think of the times when it looked like you were at the end of your rope and suddenly things changed.

For the most part you just need to go an extra mile. Most people give up when they are a few steps away. When it’s the toughest is when you must push on to the end.

How do you define adversity and how do you handle it when it comes your way? In this podcast we look at how you can use adversity to learn how to be successful and achieve at a much higher level than expected. Be sure to leave your comments below.

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