Proven Tips You Need to Know on How to Switch Careers – Munya Muzanenhamo

Proven Tips You Need to Know on How to Switch Careers – Munya Muzanenhamo

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how to switch careers with Munya Muzanenhamo

Would you like to learn how to successfully switch careers? Munya Muzanenhamo is an entrepreneur running a software development firm and competing successfully against more established companies. He has an extensive background in management in fields that include insurance, financial planning, manufacturing and telecommunications.

His ability to switch from one career to another is simply remarkable.
In this Motivated2Inspire Podcast episode, Munya shares how to switch careers from one to another the right way.

His lessons are especially valuable during this Covid-19 era, where many have lost their jobs and need to consider other avenues.
You can find him and follow his work online on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Here is the audio podcast:

Give your best

In a world that’s very competitive, you can’t afford to give anything less than your best. Sustained effort over a period of time beats talent and opens doors you may never have expected. Munya’s level of faithfulness with small assignments opened doors to handling greater assignments.

Don’t cut corners

One of the main reasons he’s excelled at a high level was by doing everything above board. Most people in the pursuit of quick success, tend to cut corners and short change themselves in the long-term. This includes doing the right things versus having to bribe your way to the top; it also has to do with pursuing long-term wealth for your loved versus quick riches that end with you.

You only grow outside your comfort zone

His big breakthroughs came by getting out of his comfort zone and trusting the Lord to back him up. Yes, he was tempted to turn back at times but by staying the course, he broke through to the next level. Try out different things even if you’re not familiar with them because it will stretch you and help you grow.

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