The Importance of Effective Communication Skills

The Importance of Effective Communication Skills

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“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” ~ Proverbs 15:1

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ~ John C. Maxwell

Dealing with people is probably one of the toughest things to do in any setting be it in business, family and even our social circles. On a larger scale it affects to a greater extent international relations around the world because we fail to understand one another. I think most of the problems in the world would be significantly minimized if we all learned this important skill.

What you need to know about people

Research done several years ago at the Carnegie Institute of Technology revealed that in the work environment about 15% of one’s financial success is due to one’s technical knowledge and about 85% is due to skill in human engineering-to personality and the ability to lead people. This is a profound truth especially in this day and age. Having good relations with people sets you up for success in any area that you would like to endeavor. Knowledge you have today may not be useful tomorrow but you’re always going to have relationships with people.

Most relationship problems are a result of failing to understand one another to a greater extent. This is partly because we are all designed with differing personality traits. These problems are evident in the home environment, work place, church, communities, etc Let’s say you speak English and you travel to a non-English speaking country, say France, where they speak French. Imagine what would transpire if you tried to communicate with the people there by speaking English. There would be commotion, right? Not because there’s anything wrong with any of you but it’s only because of the communication method that you tried to use.

Communication breakdown

This breakdown in communication is one of the major reasons why the divorce rates are so high all around the world and families fall apart as a result. On a much larger scale it is partly why there are poor international relations around the world. So how do we handle this problem, you may be asking. The key is to seek first to understand before seeking to be understood. Instead of our differences being a dividing factor they should be a unifying factor. If we were all the same life wouldn’t be fun. Our diversity as human beings is something to be celebrated and makes life worth living.

Over the next few weeks we are going to look at the different personality types which I was taught by my mentor. Knowing this information has had a dramatic impact on my life and relationships at large. Whether we realize it or not, one of our yearnings as human beings is for other people to like us. For people to buy into you they have to like you and trust you and the key to making that happen is learning to understand other people and relating to them accordingly.

My mentor breaks down the personality types in a way that is easy to understand by categorizing them into colours. These are Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. In the articles that follow we are going to look at each of the personality types and go into learning how to identify them as well as how to relate to them. If you master this skill you will experience so much more success at everything you do in life.

Please leave your comments below and share your thoughts about communication and how we can better relate to one another as people.

Be all you can be!

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